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Resep Bakaran Angkringan – One of Yogyakarta’s tourist attractions is cheap food. You can find this food in angkringan, one of them is Angkringan Pak Jabrik.

Angkringan Pak Jabrik is one of the favorite angkringan in Yogyakarta (Jogja). This angkringan is also often called Angkringan KR because of its location in front of the Kedaulatan Rakyat Daily Office or often abbreviated as KR.

Resep Bakaran Angkringan

Resep Bakaran Angkringan

Angkringan Pak Jabrik is not only a place to eat cheaply, but is fast growing into a tourist destination. Many members of the community use this angkringan as a place for “ground coffee” or just to keep in touch with each other.

Nih 7 Angkringan Di Jakarta Dengan Menu Merakyat

“Its location is really strategic, it’s easy for out-of-town friends. From Tugu Pal Putih, it’s enough to go south,” says Julian Siswandaru, a member of the auto industry who regularly invites out-of-town colleagues to meet at Angkringan Pak Jabrik, met last Thursday (17/9/2021).

He said besides being strategically located and easy to find, this angkringan on Jalan Margomulyo or Jalan P Mangkubumi has a popular price. “Fits into the contents of the bag like me and friends,” he explained.

The owner, Pak Jabrik, explained about the menu here. There is cat rice with a menu of rica rica, Lombok Ijo, Oseng Seri, Oseng Tarm, Mercon Kikil Rice, Cob Sambal, Shredded Chicken and Uduk Rice.

He added that the price of drinks was the same as other angkring. From IDR 3 thousand to IDR 12 thousand, depending on the menu ordered.

Waroeng Klangenan Jogja, Nostalgia Di Angkringan Kekinian

“As for satay, there are different varieties. From satay with chicken intestines, dry sausage, sempol, to conch satay. Prices range from IDR 3,000 to IDR 9,000,” he added.

Oh yes, the special Jogja angkringan menu, namely Kopi Jos, is also available here. Visitors to Angkringan Pak Jabrik can enjoy the delicious sensation of this delicious combination of black coffee, sweetened condensed milk and hot charcoal.

Angkringan, which was initially a hangout for KR employees and the businesses around it, is growing rapidly. The cheap price and the intimate atmosphere it offers make people from different backgrounds enjoy eating this ang kringan.

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Resep Bakaran Angkringan

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Angkringan Khas Jogja Semar, Bogor Barat, Bogor

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Bakaran Paha/sayap Ayam

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Resep Bakaran Angkringan

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Resep Bumbu Bakaran Angkringan Jogja Enak Dan Mudah

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Resep Bumbu Bakaran Angkringan Enak Dan Mudah

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Resep Bakaran Angkringan

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I just came to go here with my bestie, because it’s near the hotel where we stayed. It was a Saturday night and it was raining, it was quite crowded, almost full with seats, but there was still room and there was plenty of seating for young people to eat with friends. There’s music too, like vibes that hang out.

Even vegetable satay is also available and it is grilled almost perfectly. Quick service, sat sat sat sat. You will definitely not be upset because you are waiting for hunger.

Jenis Sate Khas Angkringan Yang Paling Sering Ditemui

Got here just after 8pm and some of the satay was already ready. This time I tried cat rice with clam sauce, intestine satay, clam satay, mealy squid satay, fried indomie and plain tea. The total meal for two is only around 58k. I think the seasoning tastes really good! My favorite is the fried squid baked in flour, it’s really good, it’s hard to explain. Highly recommended if you are confused which dinner in Bandung!

I really miss Yogya and all the memories, especially since it’s been a long time since I was there.

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