Resep Ayam Woku Manado

Resep Ayam Woku Manado – Woku chicken with sweet and spicy yellow spices can be included in this lunch menu. Woku chicken can be found in many Manado restaurants in Jakarta.

Woku chicken is a traditional food of Manado. In the case of chicken cooked with spices, turmeric, chilies and various spices fresh leaves. It is called a wok because the chicken is cooked in a pot or pan.

Resep Ayam Woku Manado

Resep Ayam Woku Manado

Even without the coconut, it tastes delicious. The addition of basil leaves gives it a nice and fresh smell. Enjoy the delicious wok chicken combined with the spicy corn bakwan.

Bosen Masak Ayam Goreng, Cobain Resep Ayam Woku Dengan Cita Rasa Pedas Khas Manado

Dapur Sedap NR offers a wok chicken rice box (Rp. 25,000) which is perfect for lunch.. Photo Credit: iStock

In Tebet area, South Jakarta, there is a place to eat delicious ayamwoku. The name of the place is Dapur Sedap NR which is famous for the delicious ayamwoku there.

Dapur Sedap NR offers a wok chicken rice box (Rp. 25,000) that is perfect for lunch. The wok chicken is prepared with good spices. The addition of basil leaves enhances the flavor.

Besides wok chicken, this restaurant also offers other Manadonese specialties. Start from skipjack tuna to Manado porridge which is no less enjoyable.

Resep Ayam Woku Kemangi, Cocok Disantap Bersama Keluarga

But in Tebet, South Jakarta, there is also a restaurant that offers an ayamwoku menu. You can stop by a restaurant called RasaManado. Here there are many options of Ayamwoku packages.

One of the main items here is the chicken wok and corn bakwan package (IDR 28,000). The wok chicken has lots of flavor and a mild texture. Delicious with hot rice.

Corn fritters are also thick. Apart from that, Rasa Manado also offers other traditional Manado menus. Like fried chicken in chicken Rica that can be served with bakwan or shrimp crackers, chicken dishes are available everywhere, including Manado. . However, Manado is famous for its dishes that have a unique taste and aroma. Most of the food is boiled and served in a wok. Usually, this recipe uses fish or lean meat. But it is not common to use this spice to cook chicken dishes. At first, there were two ways to cook woku, the woku belanga, which was cooked using the pan to make Manado woku’s chicken recipe. Another type is steamed or steamed while wrapped in a wok leaf, a type of leaf used to wrap rice, such as bebe. On the other hand, after steaming, it can also be baked again.

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Resep Ayam Woku Manado

Woku chicken is not a foreign food in Manado. Woku chicken is famous for its delicate flavor and subtle use of spices such as herbs, basil and turmeric. Therefore, to give it, these three things are encouraged to have its unique taste. The thick sauce and strong flavor make this dish unique and different from other chicken dishes such as chicken rica-rica. You can try to make it yourself at home and you can eat it anytime.

Resep Ayam Woku Ala Chef Juna: Cita Rasa Khas Manado Yang Menggoda

Chicken Woku Manado usually tastes better served with hot rice. Because of its unique taste, it is almost guaranteed that you will not be satisfied with just one serving. So, if you want to taste Manadonese dishes, you can start with this dish. In one cooking, depending on how you prepare and the size of the chicken, this dish can be more than six parts.

One of the main attractions of this dish is the sauce. This wok Manado chicken is very popular among spicy food lovers. Want to know the recipe? Let’s look at the sections below.

If you want to serve a chicken dish, of course the main thing is the chicken. But Manado woku chicken is tastier if you use chicken cut into small pieces. For this dish, you only need one chicken, unless you want to serve it to many people.

For the rest, you need 5 basil leaves, 5 lime leaves, 1 young thyme leaf, 4 bay leaves, 1 red tomato, and 2 green onions. Yes, don’t forget 1 teaspoon of chicken feed. , 2 teaspoons of salt, ½ teaspoon of sugar, 3 tablespoons of cooking oil for frying, and about 400 ml of water.

Resep Ayam Woku Kemangi Pedas Yang Pasti Enak

Now, for the spices of the earth to strengthen the taste of the dish and better taste, what you need is not difficult to find. The ingredients you need include 6 shallots, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 red chillies, 4 cayenne red chillies, 4 cm of turmeric, 3 cm of ginger and 3 candlenuts. How much you need can be adjusted to taste, so don’t hesitate to be creative, especially if you want your wok chicken to be spicy. But in general, there are only so many things that are needed as mentioned.

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After getting these things, you can start cooking and the process of cooking is very easy. It takes about 40 minutes to cook this dish.

First, you start by preparing the spices, such as shallots, garlic, large red chilies, cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger and candlenuts. You can grind it yourself or use a mixer.

Resep Ayam Woku Manado

Pour and heat some oil in a frying pan. When it starts to heat up, add the spice mixture to the pan. Then, deep-fry until fragrant. Then pour the bay leaves, lime leaves and bay leaves into the pan along with the spice mix. Repeat the process, stir-fry until fragrant.

Jual Ayam Woku

The next step is to cook the chicken. Make sure you cut the chicken into pieces. Then pour the chicken into the pan and mix with the spices until they are evenly distributed. Make sure all parts of the chicken are covered in spices. While boiling, pour in the water until the spices dissolve. Usually, wok chicken is served with a sauce that is quite thick and slightly reduced.

When you feel the fry start to boil, add salt, sugar and chicken powder. You can add more to suit your taste. Cook together until you feel the sauce according to your taste. Continue cooking the chicken until the meat is tender and cooked through.

Once the cooking starts, the last thing you need to do is to add chopped tomatoes, basil leaves and spring onions as additions to make your wok chicken dish beautiful, colorful and refined. its smell. If you want to be creative with the taste of the sauce, you can also cook tomatoes first with a mixture of spices and chicken. Once done, the Manado woku chicken is ready to eat and eat.

Woku chicken is very common in Manado, however, this dish itself has many variations that are worth trying and maybe you can cook it yourself at home. First up is a simple wok chicken thigh. As the name suggests, this dish uses chicken thighs as ingredients.

Foto Resep Ayam Woku Kemangi Pedas Khas Manado

Woku Manado also has chicken egg that uses egg whites, other than using chicken, it also makes you feel nice and soft. the eggs in the bowl. The cooking method is not much different, the only difference is a few ingredients. Apart from chicken and eggs, you also need palm sugar, onion and lemongrass. To get the best flavor from this egg wok chicken, the chopped chicken and the egg white should be cooked at the same time so that all the spices are mixed in the chicken and egg. This chicken egg wok is equally sweet and savory due to the presence of galangal and coconut milk in the sauce.

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Any type of chicken can be used in different dishes. In addition to its nutritional value, free-range chicken is high in protein, low in fat, usually sweet, and easily tender when cooked. Therefore, you should look for good and healthy chickens.

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Resep Ayam Woku Manado

Please contact us to get the best offer for healthy, clean and nutritious chicken eggs. Happy cooking!

Resep Ayam Woku Khas Manado Yang Kaya Rempah Dan Segar

Welcome to the Natural-Poulty.Com website (since 2007) || Safe to eat — Usually sweet — Low in fat & high in protein — Quick softening — Not runny — Does not smell fishy. Organic chicken products are available in almost all supermarkets and are delivered throughout Indonesia *until confirmed* || Nunuk comes from Solo, the royal capital and cultural center of Java, Indonesia. She has been cooking since she was 12 years old, and has also taught Javanese dance. His dream is to eventually write his own Indonesian cookbook.

A favorite dish from Manado, North Sulawesi. The star here is the chicken, cooked with herbs and chili. The name of the dish comes from the wok leaf (Livistona altissima, a type of palm) used during cooking. Woka trees thrive in Sulawesi and the leaves are often used as food wrappers, something unique to Manado. The Manadonese say that food wrapped in wok leaves will be tastier, and obviously more appealing to the eye.

It doesn’t have to be limited to chickens or chickens. Other meats such as beef, pork and fish can also be used. Please feel free to substitute your choice of meat or fish for this recipe.

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Resep Ayam Woku Ala Ala Enak Dan Mudah

The Woku dish uses a blend of fresh herbs to create the perfect aroma. The ginger and chilli add some heat and the tomatoes keep the dish light and fresh. Usually, after putting all the spices and cooking the meat in a pot, wrap it in your wok, then roast it before serving. But since it is difficult to find the leaves outside of Sulawesi, we will stop the cooking process

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