Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

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Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap – Bugis chicken palekko is famous for its savory and spicy taste. The combination of spices used to make Palekko typical of Bugis can make anyone addicted when tasting the typical cuisine of this Sidrap regency.

First, Nasu Palekko preparation, typical of Bugis, is made from duck or duck. However, in the development of this cuisine is also processed using the basic ingredients of chicken meat.

Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

The taste of palekko chicken is slightly different, because chicken has a thicker and softer meat texture and fewer bones than duck. However, both have their own fans.

Nasu Palekko, Masakan Legendaris Dari Kota Sidrap

Palekko Chicken Seasoning is no different from the duck version that uses a lot of spices. But it turns out that in the early history of its manufacture, palekko preparations used simple spices.

Humanist Bugis-Makassar Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Dr. Firman Saleh, explained that the duck breeder from Sidrap originally prepared the typical Bugis palekko product as a form of gratitude to the owner of the breeding land. Because it is made in the field, the materials used are very limited.

“In the past, I was in the field, yes, it was very simple, as needed. The important thing is salt, galangal, tamarind, turmeric, and lemongrass,” said Firman to South Sulawesi, Sunday (25/2). 9/2022).

“But in the shop, it’s not (simple), there’s a lot of spices. It’s mixed with onions, there’s galangal, there’s lemongrass, there’s chili, there’s hazelnuts, there’s lemongrass, it’s complete,” he said. added.

Resep Ayam Palekko Khas Bugis, Pedas Gurih Bikin Nagih

Firman said, the duck farmers then used water from the drains of the fields to make palekko. It is said that rice drain water has a unique taste.

“If it’s true, I use drain water. So he said it’s better, he’s already tried it,” said Firman.

It is different from the current processed duck or palekko chicken that uses cooking oil. However, duck farmers then used heated duck skin to produce oil for frying ingredients.

Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

“And for palekko, original palekko, we don’t use (frying) oil. So we breed, the skin of the duck is opened, and we cook it first to turn it into oil,” he said. PALEKKO, what is called this food in the land of Bugis – Makassar is quite familiar. Food that is identical to the taste of pepper is not only delicious on the tongue and filling, but also makes you miss the taste.

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Kuliner Pedas Andalan Netizen Bugis Sinjai

From the variety of typical food in the land of Bugis-Makassar then present in a number of restaurants, Palekko has its own place among culinary hunters, especially for me. Exploration of the spicy taste that is the cause of the food that is said to come from Pinrang-Sidrap, felt again and again without getting bored.

Bugis usually call Palekko by the name Nasu Palekko. In Bugis literacy, the two syllable name of this food is nasu which means food and palekko which means a wok made of soil.

From the stories passed down from generation to generation among the Bugis community, it is said that this culinary originated from farmers who farmed pet ducks in the fields for lunch. Due to limited equipment, this food is only prepared with simple ingredients and methods.

So, Nasu Palekko means to cook using a pot made of soil. Because Bugis used to cook Nasu Palekko using earthen pots.

Makanan Khas Bone

“Nasu palekko has its own characteristics. The taste of pepper is different, it’s not only spicy but it has a savory taste. When you eat it, you don’t want to stop, even though it feels very spicy,” he said. Palekko co-founder Andi, Inda Purnama, in Makassar when I met him, to buy Palekko.

According to Inda, the spicy taste is one of Palekko’s attractions. Although in Makassar there are many restaurants with Palekko main dishes, connoisseurs always have a different judgment every time they like Palekko dishes in different places.

“In general, the recipe and the method of processing are almost the same, because the recipe for this dish has been handed down from generation to generation and is almost the same. But there is usually an additional touch to the recipe. The point is the correct processing. duck or chicken and the right spicy flavor is the main thing,” said Inda.

Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

In the beginning, Nasu Palekko is a typical Bugis culinary dish prepared from minced young duck meat, or served in small pieces of meat. The type of duck that is the basic ingredient must be young duck. Because it will affect the tenderness of the meat when eaten.

Serupa Tapi Tak Sama, Ini Perbedaan Dangkot Dan Nasu Palekko

While talking with Inda, I just learned that the combination of spices consisting of chili, red onion, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, salt, and other spices creates a distinctive spicy taste.

To bring out the savory flavor of this young duck, it is recommended that the cooking process is not too long. Because it will remove the savory taste of the young duck and make the duck meat taste sticky when consumed.

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One of those who serve this delicious food is Palekko Andi which is located at Jalan Daeng Tata I, Blok 4 Number 75. The price starts from Rp. 28,000 per portion, this is a delicious food with a distinctive spicy taste that can be enjoyed.

At first, I got a friend’s recommendation about making good palekko. According to him, the spicy taste is best enjoyed with warm rice. Based on that recommendation, I finally tried to taste palekko from Palekko Andi.

Nasu Pallekko, Sensasi Pedas Olahan Bebek Khas Pinrang

There are two meat options for the dish, duck and chicken. At a glance, Palekko Andi is not much different from the presentation of palekko in general, duck or duck meat makes it easier to consume.

The meat used is soft after going through the boiling process. Palekko spices cover all parts of the meat, bringing out the fragrant smell of spices. The delicious taste of chicken or duck meat itself is mixed with various spices to create the right taste. There is a warmth that rises in the neck while eating it.

When eating palekko from Palekko Andi, don’t forget the chili sauce mix. If it is classified in numbers from one to 10, then the spicy value for Sambal in Palekko Andi is at level seven. Enough to make the tongue tingle with pepper.

Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

There are quite a lot of pieces of meat in one portion of Palekko Andi. Up to dozens of chopped chicken or duck meat. The number of pieces is enough when enjoyed with warm rice.

Resep Bebek Palekko Khas Bugis, Rasakan Sensasi Pedasnya

Only, if you order palekko rice at Palekko Andi, you should probably order extra rice. Because one portion of rice is a little less for adult consumption.

This delicious food from Palekko Andi restaurant can be ordered online. In addition to being more practical, you can also enjoy many promos and price discounts prepared by the application provider.

# Palekko’s delicious chicken and duck can be made through the GoFood application service with the name of the Palekko Andi restaurant and the GrabFood Palekko Andi Parangtambung application.

Therefore, if you are in Makassar, please make Palekko Andi, a delicious dish with a typical spicy taste, as one of your choices.

Rumah Makan Palekko Populer Di Sidrap Raup Rp 50 Juta Per Hari

Sharing information on food reviews and recommendations for cool places to eat and drink in various cities from various sources.

If you visit Tana Toraja, don’t forget to stop for a while at Sidrap to taste palekko nasu. According to local residents, nasu palekko is a legendary culinary menu whose recipe has been made since ancient times, and is still popular today.

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Nasu palekko contains minced duck meat which usually contains pieces of neck, meat and offal. Minced meat is cooked with typical Makassar spices and mixed with spices that have a spicy taste such as chili, onion, ginger and lemongrass. The result is palekko nasu with a distinctive spicy taste.

Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

Arriving in Sidrap, it is not difficult to find a restaurant that serves the nasu palekko menu. Restaurants that sell palekko nasu can be identified by looking ahead. If there is a cage filled with poultry in front of you, you can be sure that the restaurant provides nasu palekko. Sometimes, visitors can also see first-hand the processing of chicken from cutting to making delicious dishes.

Tepi Sawah Sidrap Kini Jual Menu “bebek Betutu”, Harganya Bikin Kaget !

Some restaurants in Sidrap only make palekko nasu based on orders. This means that new ducks will be cut and processed only if there is an order. This makes the palekko nasu served taste special and fresh. A portion of this dish is sold at an affordable price. For only Rp 20,000, we can enjoy this legendary culinary menu complete with a plate of warm rice.

The spicy sensation felt after eating this dish is undeniable. For this reason, usually restaurant managers also provide sweet bananas as an antidote to the spicy taste. The sensation of tasting nasu palekko is an extraordinary experience. Palekko is one of the typical culinary specialties of the Bugis community that is still preserved today. It is made from stir-fried duck or chicken with special spices, it has a spicy and savory taste.

In Bugis, “nasu” means cooking, while “palekko” is a clay pot. Although palekko is rarely used, this meat dish still survives.

Palekko said he came from Pinrang and Sidrap districts. But now it can be found anywhere. Best served with warm rice.

Resep Ayam Palekko Khas Bugis, Pedas Dan Gurihnya Menggugah Selera

If it is generally made from duck meat, this time we share a palekko recipe with chicken meat. For those of you who want to try it at home, check out the ingredients and how to make it!

Separate the chicken feathers that have been cut into small pieces, then wash them until they are clean. After that soak using tamarind, turmeric, salt to taste.

For spices such as (red onion, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, red pepper) can be ground using a blender or other spice grinder.

Resep Ayam Palekko Sidrap

Heat about 2-3 tablespoons of cooking oil, then fry the ground herbs. Leave it until the spices are fragrant.

Bebek Gazebo, Merasakan Sensasi Pedas Bebek Palekko Khas Makassar

When the stir is half cooked, add the prepared chicken. Don’t forget to stir. Add brown sugar, pepper, salt, and broth powder. Add orange grass, basil, and lemon juice to taste. Stir again until all the spices are mixed.

Chicken Palekko is ready to eat with warm rice. Oh yes, adding cucumber can also be more delicious.

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform for writing. All written works are fully the responsibility of the author. Nasu palekko is one of the typical foods of the people of Sidrap Regency,

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