Resep Ayam Padang

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Resep Ayam Padang – Gulai is a popular dish in Indonesia and Malaysia. Although it has spread to various regions, this food is said to have originated in Sumatra.

Produce , fish meat , There are many foods that can be cooked and served, from curry to curry. Gulai in Sumatra and Java have variations. In Sumatra the curry has a thick texture, while in Java it has a watery texture.

Resep Ayam Padang

Resep Ayam Padang

We will talk about chicken curry which can be easily found in Padang restaurants. If you are bored with chicken curry, you can substitute chicken curry early in the morning. The thing to watch out for when cooking chicken curry is the tenderness of the chicken, which does not get scarred or lose flavor due to long cooking.

Tiga Langkah Membuat Ayam Goreng Gurih Dan Enak Nggak Ketulungan

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Pour thick coconut milk. Season with salt and sugar. After stirring well, cook until the chicken is cooked and thickened. Correction of taste. no

1. Cook the whole chicken for 35-40 minutes before cutting it and cooking it with spices so that the chicken is more tender and cooks faster. The GM Bear Presto Pan (See Lazada DISCOUNT) is made of high quality materials and equipped with steam and heat pressure control system and safety valve. The pressure on the lid of the pot is high and the temperature is raised drastically, which quickly tenderizes the chicken.

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