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Resep Ayam Nugget – It’s been a long time since I wanted to post a recipe for chicken nuggets that I regularly use, both for my own consumption and for sale. When I lived in Korea, I also sold frozen food, one of which was chicken nuggets. Because of course it is difficult or even rare to get halal chicken nuggets. So there are friends who mostly want to have a supply of chicken nuggets as a practical side dish, so they order them from me. The recipe can really be called quality nuggets, because the most numerous ingredients are chicken meat, the other ingredients are used only as binders and flavorings.

These nuggets use an additional vegetable namely carrots, apart from adding nutritional value and fiber, they can also fool kids who like to eat nuggets but don’t like to eat vegetables, hehehe. You can also use other vegetables like broccoli, beans etc. These nuggets, if stored at sub-freezing temperatures in the freezer (maximum minus temperature if you have a chest freezer is better), will last for a maximum of 2 months, provided the package is not opened and it is not in the freezer and there is no lid outside. So it’s best to separate the nuggets in disposable containers if you want to stock up. There are many versions of making chicken nuggets, some use plain bread, use wheat flour, use extra liquid, etc. Those who want to try making my version of chicken nuggets, please do. I hope it fits 😉

Resep Ayam Nugget

Resep Ayam Nugget

Square mold (you can use 2 square molds 18x18x4 cm or 2 10x30x4 cm cookie molds)

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Cara Membuat Nugget Rumahan Yang Enak Dan Mudah Dipraktikkan

2. Mix all the ingredients for the nuggets in a bowl and mix well with clean hands or a wooden spoon.

3. Pour the mixture into the mold, smooth the surface. The initial dough does not have to be too thick, about 1 cm is enough.

6. Coat the nuggets with cornstarch, roll them in egg whites/whipped whole eggs, coat them in coarse breadcrumbs. Make it to the end.

7. We recommend storing in the refrigerator first so that the coating material sticks more. Fry in hot oil over medium heat until the surface is golden brown. Lift and drop.

Fakta Unik Dan Resep Nugget Ayam

8. If saved. Arrange the nuggets in food-grade plastic or a ziplock bag (you can also use an airtight container). Store in the freezer at maximum cold temperature.

If you only have one baking dish or your steamer does not fit 2 pans, you can steam them alternately, because the dough has no problem lining up. Or it may happen that the dough is steamed all at once, so the dough is thicker and the steaming time is longer. After cooking and cooling, cut the nuggets about 1-1.5 cm thick and then fry them.

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