Resep Ayam Khas Malaysia

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Resep Ayam Khas Malaysia – Malaysia is one of the favorite travel destinations of the Indonesian people. An activity not to be missed is enjoying a variety of traditional culinary delights. the ethnic diversity that malaysia has also affects their food.

You can see this influence in the different types of dishes they have. An example is a dish made of chicken meat. If you like processed chicken and often travel to Malaysia, you should try the list of preparations below.

Resep Ayam Khas Malaysia

Resep Ayam Khas Malaysia

Just like in Indonesia, chicken curry is also a popular menu item in Malaysia. This one dish is made with chicken pieces cooked with some traditional herbs and spices. Traditionally, Malaysians cook this curry in clay pots.

Olahan Ayam Yang Populer Di Malaysia, Kamu Pernah Coba?

Is one of the popular processed chicken in the Kelantan area. This chicken is actually included in the grilled chicken category.

What makes this dish even more unique is the use of coconut milk for the chicken. The coconut milk sauce is used not only as a topping for the chicken, but also as a thickened sauce and poured over the cooked grilled chicken.

Ayam Masak Lemak is actually a type of Malaysian chicken curry. However, this processed chicken tends to have a soft yellow color. Meanwhile, chicken curry, which is common in Malaysia, tends to be reddish-yellow in color. This happens because the chicken cooked in fat uses cayenne pepper as a substitute for red chili.

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Red boiled chicken is perfect for those who love spicy food. This dish is made from fried chicken mixed with spicy chili sauce. The sambal itself is made from dried chili mixed with tomato sauce and several other spices.

Cara Membuat Ayam Goreng Ala Mcd

Not only a popular food in the area of ​​West Kalimantan, Indonesia. However, this processed chicken is also a special food for people in Sarawak area, Malaysia.

Pansuh chicken is made by inserting pieces of chicken meat into bamboo sticks. Apart from that, there are cassava leaves and various complementary spices added to bamboo earlier.

Chicken bean sprouts are similar to Hainanese chicken rice. However, steamed chicken is served with a plate of bean sprouts. If Hainanese chicken is eaten with rice, then chicken bean sprouts are enjoyed with a bowl of white noodles.

Resep Ayam Khas Malaysia

Apart from the fried chicken made by Kak Ros, gole chicken sold by Mail is also part of the food menu in the series

Resep Nasi Lemak Khas Malaysia Menggunakan Rice Cooker Ala Devina Hermawan

To one of the popular types of grilled chicken. During the roasting process, the chicken is always rotated or

Is a popular Peranakan dish in Malaysia. At first glance, it looks like a stew, because of the thick black sauce that comes from soy sauce and brown sugar.

Visually, the eight processed chickens above are not much different from those in Indonesia. What processed chicken have you tried?

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Resep: Kari Ayam Setan, Pedas Khas Malaysia

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