Resep Ayam Kfc Ala Jtt

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Resep Ayam Kfc Ala Jtt

Resep Ayam Kfc Ala Jtt

KFC style crispy fried chicken is one of people’s favorite menu items. The skin is crispy and delicious, the meat is soft and tender, and the spices are added to this fried chicken. But did you know that you can make your own KFC crispy fried chicken at home with simple ingredients?

Resep Fire Chicken Wings A La Richeese

With the method and method of making KFC crispy fried chicken that we show below, you can enjoy delicious fried chicken every time without leaving the house

This recipe is also perfect for those who want to save money or avoid fast food. Apart from that, you can be sure of the cleanliness and quality of the materials used.

1. Season the chicken pieces with garlic powder, ground pepper and fine salt. Stir well and leave for 15 minutes for the flavors to absorb.

2. Prepare the dressing by mixing the flour, cornstarch, milk powder, baking soda, baking powder and fine salt in a bowl. Mix well and add the egg and ice water. Stir again until combined and set aside.

Resep Ayam Goreng Lolipop Yang Renyah Gurih Buat Lauk Anak

3. Prepare the dry ingredients by mixing the flour, cornstarch, garlic powder, and baking powder in a bowl. Mix well and set aside.

4. Take one piece of chicken and roll it in the dry coating mixture. Press down so the flour sticks to the skin of the chicken.

5. Press the chicken pieces into the water mixture and remove. Roll it back into the dry pastry mixture as it kneads into balls of dough.

Resep Ayam Kfc Ala Jtt

9. Remove and drain the KFC style fried chicken pieces on greaseproof paper or kitchen towel to reduce excess oil.

Resep Ayam Kfc Crispy Keriting Enak Dan Mudah

10. Serve KFC style crispy fried chicken with tomato rice, chili sauce, french fries or white rice as desired.

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For the best results, here are some tips that you can use when making KFC style crispy fried chicken:

Use fresh, good quality chicken. Wash the chicken thoroughly before cutting and grilling. If you are using dry chicken, clean it first.

Use high protein flour to make wet and dry layers. The high protein flour makes the chicken more tender and less soggy.

Resep Ayam Goreng Krispi Saus Bbq Korea Yang Renyah Garing

Use ice water to make a water table. The ice water will help to increase the saltiness and make the chicken skin more crispy.

Use plenty of hot oil to fry the chicken. The whole skin of the chicken will be sealed in the oil so that it cooks evenly and does not burn.

Do not fry too many pieces of chicken at once. Fry in several batches so that the temperature of the oil does not drop and the chicken does not stick.

Resep Ayam Kfc Ala Jtt

Do not turn the chicken pieces frequently while frying. Cook one side first before flipping so that the skin doesn’t come off easily. FAQ

Cara Membuat Fried Chicken Ala Restoran Di Rumah, Empuk Dan Renyah

Yes, you can use ready-made flour to make it easier. However, the results are not the same as the original recipe because the spices and flour mix are different.

It is not recommended, because pure water will not have the same effect as ice water. The ice water makes the chicken more tender and crispier.

Yes, you can use other parts of the chicken as you like. However, vary the size of the pieces and the frying time so that the meat is cooked properly.

It is the recipe and making of KFC crispy fried chicken that is simple and easy. You can enjoy this delicious fried chicken with your family or friends at home without any problems. Good luck!, Jakarta How to make KFC crispy chicken is not very difficult. In general, prepared chicken dishes are easy to make. With the chicken covered in flour that is eaten in a meal that can be very popular in different combinations, it is the crispy chicken KFC.

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KFC crispy chicken pieces can be found everywhere now. The chicken is delicious and tasty, KFC stores are not lacking in customers. However, now you can follow this method of making KFC crispy chicken to save money.

Making KFC crispy chicken is not difficult and can be done at home. However, when many people try to do it at home, the results fail and are not as desired. Therefore, each ingredient must be prepared in advance and the preparation of KFC crispy chicken.

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To make KFC crispy chicken, you need to prepare the ingredients first. Of course, there are many things that need to be prepared in order to make KFC crispy chicken, but you will get pleasant results after following them all. Do not neglect the smallest details of making KFC crispy chicken, because all the ingredients make a big difference in the taste of the chicken.

Resep Ayam Kfc Ala Jtt

After collecting all the necessary ingredients, you can proceed to make KFC crispy chicken. Make sure to follow the directions for making KFC crispy chicken to get the results you expect. Most of the people who fail do not follow the method of making KFC crispy chicken, so some things are left out or forgotten. Here’s how to make KFC crispy chicken:

Resep Ayam Goreng Bawang Super Enak Dan Mudah Dibuat

2. Then, wash the chicken well and mix it with the two melted ingredients, then put it in the fridge overnight to absorb the flavor. You can keep it in the refrigerator for 3-5 hours.

3. Prepare the inputs. The method of mixing ice water in the first with 5 tablespoons of the third. Add the baking soda from the first one. Set aside or refrigerate to keep it cold for better.

4. Remove the chicken from the refrigerator, add the beaten egg to the first ingredient, and mix well. Then put the chicken in the flour coating (the third tool), then shake the chicken, put it briefly in ice water, put the flour coating again in when the dough is kneaded. Do this until the dough is done.

5. So the results are crispy, when cooking the ingredients, try to achieve the time you want to enter the next frying pan. Then the cutting process. Breaded chicken doesn’t have to wait long. Because if you leave it too long, the consequences can be severe.

Resep Ayam Goreng Tepung Simple Ideas

6. Fry the chicken in plenty of oil, until golden brown. Don’t turn it too often, otherwise it will absorb the oil.

7. The inside of the chicken can be cooked well, even if the frying time is done using the deep frying technique or using a lot of oil over a low heat.

8. The breaded fried chicken is ready. Once cooked, you can serve this fried chicken with chili sauce or tomato sauce. To prolong the crispy fried chicken, you can store the chicken in a refrigerator.

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Resep Ayam Kfc Ala Jtt

Once the chicken is coated in flour, don’t leave it too long. Often thought of as a small thing, it turns out that this method is one of the reasons why your fried chicken is so popular. Cook the breaded chicken quickly so it doesn’t stick or rub on the other chicken.

Resep Chicken Strip Krispi Renyah

A mistake that is often made when making crispy KFC chicken is not kneading the dough on top of the chicken with your fingers. Recommended, you should put the chicken in cold water or egg white. Then the chicken is covered with dry flour. This is the part that determines whether or not the breaded chicken is crispy. You need to knead the chicken with the flour mixture using your fingers, squeeze or cut with your fingers so that the curls are perfect.

When the breaded chicken first goes into the frying pan, don’t stir too quickly. This is what makes fried chicken fall apart. You have to leave the chicken in the first oil until the dough hardens. After that, you can change it. Also make sure to use a lot of oil and put the chicken in it.

* Real or Hoax? To find out the truth of the information being spread, please WhatsApp the number Fact Check 0811 9787 670 by simply clicking on the desired word. Although I have a recipe that can be twisted and chewy…but if you try the same recipe over and over again…it’s boring…it’s not interesting…so…use it new technique to make…don’t know the flour ratio…don’t know the technique The coating…basic…keep trying new things while making this crispy fried chicken . Although sometimes I am lazy to measure the ingredients…I like it like cemplang cemplung…the main thing is not to measure…hihi.

A while ago, I used the method of poaching the chicken in boiling water, then rolling it in dry flour… just like the recipe I shared earlier before. . The results are…both delicious…and crunchy…actually edible too. Yodha likes him a lot… his father too… so good.

Resep Fried Chicken Krispi Ala Restoran

Fried chicken Ingredients: 1/2 kg chicken wings 1 tablespoon lime juice (Wash the chicken, cover with lime juice to avoid fish, wash again and clean) 2 cloves of garlic, ground pepper 1/2 teaspoon ginger 2 cm, chopped salt to taste (Simmer the chicken in the spices above with a little water, at least 1 hour, so that the spices are absorbed) 1 egg, well beaten for baking 50 grams of wheat flour for drying. coating flour (ingredient A) Oil for frying Ingredients for coating the flour, mix well and filter: (ingredient B) Medium protein flour wheat flour 100 grams Cornstarch 3 tablespoons Chicken powder 1 teaspoon (optional) salt to taste Baking powder 1 teaspoon Method: Drain. chicken, roll in flour, item A. Do it one by one friends..don’t mix everything with the fried chicken is delicious. covered in flour

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