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Resep Ayam Kentaki – The charm of Kentucky-style fried food is unrivaled, notably thanks to the presence of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant! Let’s see how to make crispy Kentucky Kress!

The presence of KFC in 1978 in Indonesia caused a proliferation of the Kentucky-style fried food phenomenon throughout the world. The fast-food restaurant, famous in Indonesia for its slogan “Jagonya Ayam”, holds a special place in people’s hearts. Therefore, people are curious, how to prepare delicious Kentucky like KFC?

Resep Ayam Kentaki

Resep Ayam Kentaki

In fact, there are already many variations of Kentucky fried foods in Indonesia, such as Kentucky shrimp, fish, shrimp, and even intestines. More and more curious about how to make delicious and delicious Kentucky!

Resep Ayam Goreng Tepung Bumbu Sajiku, Mudah Buatnya Dan Seenak Ayam Resto

First there’s sweetrip’s legendary KFC fried chicken recipe. Lots of KFC secret recipes have been spread, but I don’t know if it’s true or not hahaha! Here’s how to make Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Then there’s a way to make Crispy Kentucky Mushrooms from the Chef’s Recipe that have a crispy texture on the outside and a typical chewy mushroom on the inside that will have you hooked!

Then there’s how to make Kentucky intestines on Endeus TV, this recipe is for those of you who love organ meats or don’t know what type of intestines to cook, just fry Kentucky intestines!

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Seafood is no exception to this phenomenon, as Reseppedia reports, there is a great way to prepare Kentucky shrimp by eating them with hot rice!

Resep Ayam Goreng Kentucky Praktis Ala Rumahan

Finally, there is a recipe for making Kentucky Fish from Shanty via her Cookpad account. You can’t go wrong with the mild taste of the fish meat and the crunch of the flour!

How easy is it guys? Come on, follow the Kentucky preparation method above and enjoy it with hot rice, it’s definitely delicious! Good luck and hopefully useful!

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