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Resep Ayam Karage – This is Yodha’s menu earlier…he asked for fried chicken which is like Factory Packed Chicken Karaage you know friends. Instead of buying it, it’s expensive and not fresh, a bit shady in my opinion. Yodha had tried it a while back…and she liked it. I rarely buy frozen food for him, preferring to make it myself. But sometimes Yodha wants to try what he bought from the supermarket. At that time he wanted Chicken Karaage..and liked the taste.

I also made Chicken Karaage but only use the potato starch version. So…when I taste the packs of the famous brand…the texture is really unique…not like regular Crispy Chicken…but also not just potato starch like the Chicken Karaage recipe I tried. In the past I tried the wheat flour and potato starch versions…the results…were really good…they are very similar to the ones sold in those packages, I think they are even more crunchy. So… the must ingredient is potato starch flour or potato starch so that the consistency fits like Chicken Karaage like that package.

Resep Ayam Karage

Resep Ayam Karage

Yodha really likes it..its really good she said. In fact, the flour layer has a different taste compared to using flour alone. There’s a unique crunch…different anyway. The Chicken Karaage seasoning is also different, it has a bit of sweetness… because previously the chicken was soaked in spices. Also use a little sugar. Really so much better. So it’s no wonder that this packaged frozen menu is a favorite of children and friends.

Ayam Karage Khas Jepang Simpel Lezat Krispi

But actually it is more economical and tastier if we make it ourselves at home. We can use fresh chicken, so it’s definitely tastier. The chicken I used for the Chicken Karaage was boneless chicken breast, yesterday I bought a plan to make a steak… but I was afraid Yodha would get bored so I just made Chicken Karage, the meat was sliced โ€‹โ€‹into small irregular pieces so it was easier to cook. It also tastes even more tender and juicy, so I recommend using fresh chicken, friends.

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It’s also easy to make, boneless pieces of chicken marinated in spices and then coated in a flour coating of wheat flour and potato starch. Well, potato starch also acts as a glue, so when the chicken pieces are wet, the flour sticks to them easily and won’t fade when fried because they use this potato starch mixture. It also tastes crunchier, and the semolina is light and tasty, different from regular flour.

Ok..keep going’s the recipe, I adapted it from Japanese blogger Just One Cookbook but I used Indonesian I don’t have the original Japanese spices ๐Ÿ˜€ ..but how does it taste good.. .actually it’s similar to Indonesian It tastes really good… gruih… it has a slightly sweet taste…:D

300 grams boneless chicken, breast or thigh cut to taste, small and thin but not too thin, soak in the following marinade for about 1 hour until absorbed

Resep Ayam Karage, Makanan Khas Jepang Lezat Dan Krispi!

Take enough chicken, coat it with enough flour while pressing it until it sticks, then fry on medium heat until cooked and crispy.

When you want to go to the frying pan, just brush it with flour so that the coating does not get wet and the coating result is beautiful.

If you want to store it in the freezer as a frozen food, first fry it half-baked, cool, then pack and store in the freezer.

Resep Ayam Karage

Good luck, potato starch is another name for potato starch. Can be purchased at a large cake ingredient store. But if you have trouble finding potato starch or starchy potato flour, I have them for sale, friends… message or wa 089654712500. Apart from this Chicken Kaarage layer, potato starch is also very delicious for making biscuits. . These cookies using potato flour are delicious… they melt in your mouth. Potato Flour Biscuits Recipe..I have posted it HERE – Kanakarage is a Japanese dish. This one menu is made of chicken pieces covered in flour. It tastes good and the texture is crunchy. Usually, making chicken curry is enough to use simple ingredients.

Resep Chicken Kaarage Ala Restoran Hokben, Rahasia Resep Chicken Karaage Yang Lezat Dan Mudah Dibuat

But before coating in flour and frying, marinate the chicken first. For those of you who are tired of the same processed chicken meat, you can really try the chicken karage creation here.

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3. Mix cornstarch and baking powder, mix well. Dip shrimp in cornstarch, fry until brown, remove and drain.

5. Add the crushed salted egg yolks, add salt and pepper and then add enough water, mix until smooth.

4. Add soy sauce, cook until it thickens. Enter the flour-fried chicken. Mix until smooth while the fire is burning. Then remove and ready to serve.

Resep Chicken Karaage Rumahan Yang Mudah Dibuat

4. Saute the onion and garlic. Add all the soy sauce and tomato sauce. Cook until dry. Add the chili slices. Enter cornstarch. Cook until thickened to taste.

2. Mix chicken, garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil and potato starch. Then fry the chicken until done.

3. Prepare the nori, arrange the rice and chicken. Then cover again with rice. Shape it into a triangle and then cut it well.

Resep Ayam Karage

3. Dip the chicken pieces in the water, then put them in the flour and put them again in the water and finally again in the flour, pressing them with your fingertips until they run out.

Double Fried Chicken Karaage Recipe (crispy And Juicy Japanese Fried Chicken)

6. Add sago water and mix well. Adjust the taste if it’s just right, add the chicken and stir until it thickens.

2. Prepare a dish and add chicken, chopped garlic, salt, ground pepper, minced meat and mix well. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

3. Add the eggs after 10-15 minutes and mix well. Dip the chicken one by one in the flour, pressing it so that the flour sticks to the chicken, then fry in hot oil. Cook until tender, remove and drain.

2. Add tomato sauce and chili sauce while mixing. Add water, salt, ground pepper, sugar and mix well.

Resep Chicken Karage, Solusi Menu Bekal Kekinian

3. Add grated lime peel and lime juice and cook until it thickens, remember to adjust the taste.

4. Dilute the sago flour with a little water before mixing it with the other ingredients to make it easier to mix.

Premier League Schedule Italian League Schedule German League Schedule Spanish League Schedule French League Schedule Indonesian League Schedule

Resep Ayam Karage

English league table Italian league table German league table Spanish league table French league table Indonesian league table

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Ayam Krispi Saus Lemon Segar Praktis Enak

It is not difficult to create crunchy and durable. With simple steps and easy-to-find ingredients, anyone can make this Japanese delicacy.

Is a popular Japanese dish consisting of pieces of chicken that are seasoned and fried until crispy. Say “

“” itself refers to a Japanese cooking method where ingredients are deep-fried in hot oil without flour or batter.

Inside of it. This dish has a distinctive salty, slightly sweet and umami taste. It tastes very delicious and is a favorite of many.

Ayam Karage Saus Barbeque: Ide Menu Berbuka Puasa Simpel Dan Praktis

Often served as an appetizer or snack. This dish can be enjoyed with several sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup or ketchup

It can be served as a main course with rice and vegetables or as a side dish in bento (Japanese lunch box) form. This dish is also often an alternative to ramen dishes, salads or in forms

Has gained popularity in Japan and around the world. Its delicious taste, unique texture and simple cooking method make it one of the most desired and loved Japanese dishes.

Resep Ayam Karage

And with the help of the presented instructions, you can create a wonderful dish and inspire admiration from those who taste it.

Resep Ayam Karage Hot Enak Dan Mudah

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