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Resep Ayam Gurih – Sorry for not posting yesterday, friends… I’ve been busy all day. In the afternoon, two people asked me to go watch Pixels at Paragon..yo wis..they took a walk until late at night..hihi. For *real gamers like Yodha..he really enjoyed watching the point where he couldn’t stop laughing and laughing at it..because the story is fun and funny, about So..after watching, we ate Yodha and his father’s fried chicken..Pak Supar village fried chicken in Moch Suyudi Semarang. We were eating there when we got down when we were stuck and bored with other foods..finally Yodha asked….yes Pak Supar’s fried chicken..hihi.

Pak Supar fried chicken is very popular in lower Semarang. What’s even better is that the fried chicken is a small piece of chicken…so delicious. The taste of the chicken is delicious, not too sweet, and I like the technique of is not fried until dry..but just dipped in oil, that’s how you fry taste. chicken. The ungkep chicken is also not very available… so when you smoke… the chicken meat is still a little hard, typical of free range chicken, but not hard. So there’s still a little stiff feeling common to free range chickens. In Pak Supar fried chicken, the presentation is also limited, not many fresh vegetables, but don’t be surprised if a plate of hot fried chicken is served on the table. But don’t be don’t need to pay for just need to eat..hihi. Unfortunately, I always eat there but I want to take pictures, how come it’s difficult.. one table of food has been contributed by other people.. lol.. because it is always full of guests during dinner and the booth style with long tables is used by many people.. huh

Resep Ayam Gurih

Resep Ayam Gurih

So..last night I was satisfied with eating fried chicken in the village, what happened when I was asked today what I want to eat in the market..what happened, Yodha’s answer was fried chicken again..hihi. That’s it… if you like some side dishes, that’s what you ask for. Yes, I finally bought free range chicken at the market… hihi. I cook Pak Supar style which is not too sweet. So basically, it’s fried chicken with turmeric seasoning… but the chicken used is natural chicken. So, it’s always delicious. But if you get tired of fried chicken with sweet spices… this fried chicken is really delicious… and you can finish the rice too… haha. The chili sauce that goes well with this delicious fried chicken is usually cooked chili that is sweet and spicy, or another chili sauce like fresh onion chili or’s delicious too. Just be prepared to add weight..if you eat with fried chicken in the village like this, man..hihi.

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Variasi Resep Ayam Goreng Bawang Putih, Gurih Bawangnya Kerasa Banget!

Ok, so this is a story of fried chicken imitating Mr. Supar’s style..but when it comes to the taste, I asked my boss earlier..what should I do..choose Mr. Supar’s or Mami’s…and my little boss gave. me thumb..choose fried chicken Mami..said..hihi.

Okay, this is fried chicken, my style, friends. But you still use sugar, you know..for’s a balance the taste of the chicken. But not as much as fried or sweet chicken.

Mix all the ingredients in a pan, cover tightly, simmer over low heat until the chicken is soft, but not too soft. Do not forget to correct the taste in the middle of the exposure time … so that it resembles the taste of the salty taste. If it’s just the same and the chicken is cooked, remove it and let the chicken cool a little, then fry it.

The frying method does not need to take too long. Heat a little oil until it is hot, just put the chicken until it is golden yellow. Lift up. Serve warm with pepper paste.

Resep Ayam Goreng Sambal Terasi, Gurih Hingga Meresap Ke Daging

For the chili sauce…because I’m tired of the cooked shrimp paste sauce that has been stirred again…I’ve made tomato paste chili sauce. still fry first..spices, but after that don’t stir the taste of fresh tomatoes can still be felt. It’s interesting..especially the shrimp, you use Juwana shrimp that I sell..hemmm..dech majuu…hihi.

Tomato paste for Sambal Ingredients: 10 pieces of curly red pepper 5 pieces of red bird’s eye 6 pieces of red onion, chopped 1 clove of garlic 1 tablespoon of roasted shrimp paste 1/4 teaspoon of brown sugar Salt to taste Method: Fry shallots, onions. white, pepper until cooked, puree with shrimp paste, salt and sugar Fry the tomatoes until they are cooked and withered, put them in a mortar with pepper lime et al, grind until smooth, pour a little hot oil left from frying the peppers. ingredients. Taste correction. Serve with fried chicken. Rojak’s fried chicken recipe, one of Indonesia’s favorite dishes, is very popular, namely Grilled Chicken. Especially if we combine Grilled Chicken with rujak seasoning, which we know is famous for its spicy taste. If you’ve had a chance to try it, you’ll definitely be addicted, and for those of you who haven’t had a chance to try it, maybe you can follow this recipe to the end.

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Perhaps in your mind you have never tasted chicken dishes preserved with a mixture of salad ingredients. Indeed, at first glance it seems that you can think that the taste of Chicken Rojak Bumbu Rojak has a spicy and fresh taste. If you want to try once to make it at home, let’s see and follow the steps to make Rojak Bumbu chicken as follows.

Resep Ayam Gurih

1. First prepare the cut and washed chicken. Then prepare 1 lemon to pack the chicken so that the chicken becomes a mat and the result is good but if you don’t like it you can skip it, after that we sprinkle salt and then we knead the pieces of chicken and then put it aside first.

Resep Ayam Goreng Kremes Yang Gurih Renyahnya Bikin Nagih

2. Now we will prepare the seasonal ingredients that you want to grind. First you prepare the container, you can use a pestle/mortar or a flagon if I myself use a mortar. Next, add the first 6 candles, I sangria, one piece of ginger, galangal, turmeric, 50 grams of shallots, 30 grams of garlic, 3 large red peppers, 2 tomatoes, half a teaspoon of ground pepper, half a teaspoon of coriander. .

3. Before crushing, cut the tomatoes and peppers so that they can be broken easily. Next, we clean it, if you use a blender, do not use water but use oil to soften it. If the stew is a bit runny, add the roasted prawn flour, then puree again until the prawn flour is well mixed.

4. Next, prepare a tablespoon of millet and soak it in hot water so that it is easy to knead and we only use water. Then prepare a spoonful of brown sugar and a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of sauce powder, two stalks of lemon grass, 3 bay leaves, 5 lime leaves. Next, prepare the chicken after coating it with salt and lime, it will be good if we wash it first so that it does not turn bitter when it is cooked.

5. The next step is to prepare the frying pan, then pour enough oil and heat it. If the water starts to decrease, we add bay leaves and lime leaves cut into small pieces, then add crushed lemongrass. After that, stir the ingredients and make sure that the ingredients are cooked, if they are cooked, water. content has decreased.

Resep Ayam Kecap Gurih & Manis, Cocok Dengan Nasi Hangat

6. Then, put all the pieces of chicken, then stir for a while, for 2 minutes, then add water, we will boil the chicken, add salt and brown sugar, then stir again until the chicken changes color and sour. the water has reduced a little then add more water because we will boil for 1 hour and cook until the water reduces and the ingredients are absorbed, when the water reduces and the ingredients are absorbed, add the flour soup and then stir again. , if the water has reduced and it is starting to cook, add 2 tablespoons of tamarind water Stir again so that it does not burn easily. If it is cooked, turn off the stove.

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7. The last step is to prepare the tools for roasting the chicken. Then put the chicken directly into the grill, don’t forget to turn the chicken from time to time so that all parts are cooked evenly. If all the chicken is cooked ready to use. Enjoy!

As a writer, I admit that there are many shortcomings in the presentation and presentation of the above information, so I hope for comments and constructive criticism from all readers, so that in the future I can improve it and be better. We hope that the above recipes can be useful to all of you who read.

Resep Ayam Gurih

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Resep Ayam Kecap Sederhana, Nikmat Gurih Dan Anti Gagal!

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp Share on WhatsApp Share on Telegram Share on – Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Almost everyone loves this tasty, smooth and textured side dish. This chicken dish is very simple and easy to cook. Especially if it is processed by frying.

This fried chicken is also one of the home cooking recipes that is popular with kids and parents alike. The delicious taste makes this food can be eaten in all situations, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. To cook it, you only need to use spices such as coriander, turmeric, ginger, hazelnut, shallots, onions and other spices. The ingredients are mixed together and cooked with the chicken until absorbed. Indeed, with proper processing, it will produce an appetizing dish.

Usually this dish is very suitable to be served with chili sauce, chicken vegetables or vegetable soup. Hmm are you already tempted to enjoy this food? Well, you can create some of these fried chicken recipes at home. Are you curious to know what the recipe is? Here summarizes from various sources 9 recipes for fried chicken, tasty, sweet, tender and attractive, Saturday (29/2).

Mix well, cook over low heat until the chicken is tender and the ingredients are absorbed. For storage, separate the chicken into one serving per container.

Lima Resep Ayam Goreng Gurih Bikin Nagih!

Put the chicken in the pressure cooker, add water. Then add ground spices, salt,

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