Resep Ayam Arak

Resep Ayam Arak – Confused about deciding on today’s breakfast menu? You can try to make Chinese style rice with chicken and mushroom at home.

This dish is quite popular, you know. When cooked with different types of vegetables and fried chicken, it gives a moist and oily texture, making this dish popular with many people.

Resep Ayam Arak

Resep Ayam Arak

So, today you can prepare rice with mushroom chicken for mothers at home who have not decided on the breakfast menu.

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Below we have summarized the recipe of Chicken Mushroom Rice from Devina Hermawan’s YouTube channel and how to make it.

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Resep Ayam Arak

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Police are investigating the death of a suspected bricklayer in the Sukabumi blast. Sukabumi police chief AKBP Maruli said the victim was breaking stones using an artificial explosive mixed with potassium powder. Have you ever heard about the benefits of chicken meat for mothers? born? Yes, this typical Chinese dish has the ability to restore stamina for new born women.

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After researching, friends, it turns out that there are more benefits to consuming Arak chicken. Some of its benefits include improving breast milk, improving blood circulation, and relieving aches and pains after childbirth. Some say this food can also reduce red blood cells.

Ayam Arak Healty Food Foto Stok 2245926597

Since the birth of my 3rd child, I have dared to cook this dish for fun. Luckily I have a house that can cook it, so why not find out…

I finally called home… I asked what ingredients needed to be prepared. And it turns out it’s as simple as onion, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and angchui wine. The magic is the chicken, my mother said that it is best to cook a female that lays only one egg with a country chicken! Or the male chickens that were dumped! Well…

In the Suryakenjana area and when I went to the section that sells live broiler chickens, I asked for a young female country chicken! Amazingly, it actually exists!! Hahahaha, the seller even taught me how to distinguish between male and female chickens, young and old.

Resep Ayam Arak

According to Om, why should it be a female and not a male, because the texture of male flesh is tougher and tougher. Plus you have to lay an egg because it’s not too small and the butter is just right… Yes, what matters to me is the name of the free range chicken…

Resep Menu Lezat Tumis Ayam Nanas Ala Audrey Wicaksana

But why put ginger in the first place, because ginger is relatively difficult to wilt, if you add it together with onion, the onion will burn quickly.

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