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Resep Awuk Awuk – Serving traditional cake meals in the middle of the family is the right choice. Moreover, serving bread is rare but the ingredients are easy to get. Like for example Awuk-Awuk cake. For those who come from Central Java, you are definitely familiar with Awuk-Awuk cake.

Often this traditional cake is served to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. Chef Yeni Ismayani said that, because the snack uses two colors, namely red and white, this is why this cake is perfect if served on August 17th Independence Day.

Resep Awuk Awuk

Resep Awuk Awuk

“Almost every region in Indonesia has its own special food. However, as time goes by, many of us are not familiar with and keep this traditional snack,” said Chef Yeni when Vemale met at the Gulaku event in East Jakarta.

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If you care about preserving the delights of Indonesian cuisine by making it at home, you can, ladies. Chef Yeni also provides you with a special awuk-awuk cake recipe.

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Take a look at 5 after the Wedding Party of artists Full of Sparkle and celebration, from Jessica Mila to Maudy Ayund Itan, it’s been a long time since I’ve written about my family’s favorite recipe. Since Ramadan yesterday, fatigue does not seem to want to leave the body. What can I do with laziness. Don’t forget the writing techniques, the gardening blogs that are currently being updated are also neglected. Fear of getting mossy and full of cobwebs keeps you from feeling lazy.

Cara Buat Iwel Iwel \ Awuk Awuk \ Mendut

Congratulations… Pakde Abdul Cholik’s GA challenge got me excited again. Pakde Abdul Cholik is a highly experienced blogger in the blogging world, has written many books, and is always diligent in making GA, and GAs have unique themes. As of this time, GA was about a piece of cake for Pakde. Hmm, I suspect, maybe Uncle is having a birthday

I’m happy, but I’m still confused about what cake recipe to make especially for Pakde? There are still ingredients in the kitchen, but choosing a recipe to make as an offering to Brother is what makes me dizzy. However, when you see purple sweet potatoes in the kitchen, you immediately think of a recipe that is very easy to make, but delicious. Besides being delicious and easy to make, the purple sweet potato has many benefits, one of which is cancer prevention.

The cake I want for Pakde is called Awuk-awuk Purple Sweet Potato. You don’t need to be afraid to bother to do it, because it’s very easy, it’s very easy, you don’t use a mixer, you don’t need to use an oven either, and the ingredients are not hard to find. You can buy it in stores, and especially, this awuk-awuk recipe is safe for those on a gluten-based diet. Soon, I will share the recipe and how to make it.

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Resep Awuk Awuk

2. Grease cupcake molds with cooking oil. Because I didn’t have cake molds, I used aluminum foil cups instead, and also brushed them with cooking oil.

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Awuk-awuk purple flavor that is delicious to eat when it is hot. Especially when you get together with family, while drinking coffee or tea. If purple yams are hard to find, they can be replaced with other types of sweet potatoes, for example, red yams. And for those who do not like the sweet taste, the amount of sugar can be reduced to only 40 grams.

Well, for Pakde Abdul Cholik, because I had a problem showing this legit cake directly to Pakde, I called Bude to test the recipe 🙂

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