Resep Asin Jambal Cabe Gendot

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Resep Asin Jambal Cabe Gendot – Recipe for Candil Salak Seeds, a must-have dish for breaking the fast in Ramadan. The taste is sweet and also chewy, plus the good splash of coconut milk sauce makes this dish a prima donna when Ramadan arrives. Okay, for the culinary ones that we present this time, the topic is…

Recipe for how to make Jenang Sapar, a sweet dish that is perfect to serve when breaking the fast in Ramadan. A splash of sweet and savory coconut milk sauce makes anyone who tries it addicted to the taste. Jenang Sapar is almost similar to Candil floated with coconut milk…

Resep Asin Jambal Cabe Gendot

Resep Asin Jambal Cabe Gendot

A recipe for making putu mayang cake, a traditional snack with a sweet, chewy and sweet taste. The sweetness comes from the brown sugar sauce, and the sweetness comes from the coconut milk sauce. Putu Mayang cake is known as a traditional culinary origin from Betawi,…

Makan Nostalgia Di Tulang Jambal (bandung)

The recipe for how to make spicy shredded chicken in black pepper sauce, tastes delicious, has a great spiciness, just a variation of the shredded chicken recipe that you must try. This variation of the shredded chicken recipe is actually this spicy shredded chicken is a filling for the spicy rissole recipe that we uploaded…

How to make homemade fried kwetiau, which is simple but really delicious, even if you can’t cook it will feel like you are an impromptu master chef. Fried kwetiau is a recipe for kwetiau noodles cooked without gravy, the style of fried noodles. Made with spicy aromatic spices, with the addition of various…

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How to make spicy rissole filled with chicken macaroni, the taste is spicy but really delicious because the marinade uses black pepper sauce, the taste really pops. Risoles are usually filled with various vegetables such as carrots, green beans, potatoes, and also fillings such as ragout. But risoles… Salt jambal fish is salted sea catfish, a potential fishery in our country. The texture of the meat is soft, crumbly and hollow like the texture of the bread, so it is called Jambal Roti.

Jambal fish is very easy to find in traditional to modern markets. This salted fish is usually served as a side dish with chilli sauce as an accompaniment, sauteed or fried. From the meat to the bones can be cooked and consumed. Eits, the jambal roti bones are not as hard as fish bones in general, you know!

Resep Oseng Teri Petai ☘️

With very simple ingredients and processes, you can still produce dishes that make rice delicious with the following jambal salted fish recipe.

Do not compare it with other fish bones! Jambal bone dishes are made from jambal fish bones with the remaining fish meat still attached and then processed with really delicious spices.

Adding tomatoes to this sauteed jambal salted fish recipe makes the dish a little sour and tastes fresh

Resep Asin Jambal Cabe Gendot

Leunca, which has a slightly sweet and slightly bitter taste, is perfect for this jambal salt fish recipe.

Resep Ikan Asin Jambal Roti Enak Dan Mudah

If you have stock of jambal fish at home, what jambal salted fish recipe do you want to make right away?

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