Resep Abon Lele Kremes

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Resep Abon Lele Kremes – Graje is one of the most popular food in Indonesia, surely you have never tasted this one, right?

Shredded is usually used as a side dish for rice or toss for other food. With a tightly closed storage system, shredded meat can be stored for weeks.

Resep Abon Lele Kremes

Resep Abon Lele Kremes

This popular processed food usually has a light brown to dark brown color. The material used to make minced meat is mainly beef.

Resep Olahan Ikan Lele Untuk Anak

There are many variations of shredded ingredients that can be made, such as beef based shredded (the most popular), chicken, fish, mushrooms and many others.

Well, this time we will discuss how to make shredded fish. how do you feel? What is certain is that it is delicious and also nutritious because it is made from fish.

Of course, eating shredded fish is healthier than eating instant noodles, right? hehe .. Moreover, chopped fish can also be stored for a long time.

The high protein content is very useful for people who have a lack of protein in the blood or it is called hypoalbuminemia and it is also very good in healing wounds.

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For the content of marine fish, especially fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids in the form of DHA and EPA as much as 1-2 servings per week can reduce the mortality of coronary disease by 36%.

The vitamins found in fish are 4 types of vitamins that belong to the vitamin B family, namely B6, B12, Biotin, and Niacin.

After you have read the benefits of chopped fish above, of course you will not lose anything if you make chopped fish, because apart from being delicious, chopped fish also has an attractive selling point.

Resep Abon Lele Kremes

Some of the basic ingredients to make this delicious shredded fish include catfish, tuna, salmon, catfish and many other types of fish.

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Apart from being consumed alone, shredded fish also has an attractive selling value, and the capital of cooking delicious shredded fish, we have the opportunity to do it as a business idea for shredded fish.

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Then how do we market our shredded fish products? No need to worry. As technology develops, we can easily present our products to close colleagues through Facebook.

So that was our review on how to make delicious shredded fish and of course it will be in demand in the market.

Delicious weed fish delicious weed fish healthy and nutritious weed fish for health how to make delicious weed fish how to make weed fish how to make weed fish in demand in the market how to easily make weed fish fish weed machine recipe shredded fish. fish business How to make plucked catfish this time I will start thanking the traders Lamongan catfish pecel. Why? Because of their blessings, the catfish breeding business grew. Because of their blessings, millions of catfish have lost their lives. Hehehe.

Resep Sate Taichan Teflon Lengkap Dengan Cara Bikin Sambalnya

The presence of pecel catfish menu in every tent shop or stall like the photo above, of course familiarize the language of the Indonesian people with the taste of catfish meat which is so delicious and sweet.

Can you imagine how it would feel if the catfish meat that was so appetizing was processed into other forms of food, such as shredded?

Of course, you are familiar with ground beef or chicken. Well, shredded catfish is said to be more flavorful than shredded beef. How to make shredded catfish is also no more difficult than how to make shredded beef.

Resep Abon Lele Kremes

Minced catfish has a high protein content. Cholesterol levels are also low. Eating catfish meat can be an alternative to beef or goat meat.

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In addition, catfish is also good for heart health, low in fat, rich in omega-3, is also a short source of protein. So you don’t have to hesitate anymore to make this catfish thread as your new favorite catfish option!

Due to the taste of minced catfish that is no less delicious than minced beef, now the minced catfish business is starting to look.

The relatively affordable price of shredded catfish makes consumers very diverse, from the upper class to the lower class. It is not impossible that this catfish wire business can even go to the international level.

Or if you’re interested in trying shredded catfish with other basic ingredients, you can try this recipe for chopped tuna, or even chopped mushrooms. / homemade shredded catfish recipe / shredded catfish recipe for babies

Resep Garang Asem Lele, Tanpa Dibungkus Daun Pisang

In a village in Sawit sub-district, Boyolali, there is a catfish processing center. And shredded catfish is one of the processed products from this place. The delicious taste of shredded fish, especially made from catfish that we rarely find elsewhere, will be a special taste to accompany your main meal. Apart from shredded catfish, culinary souvenirs such as catfish-based chips can also be found in the premises.

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Many people do not know about lele rache, this is because of the framework formed in society, it is made with beef. Minced catfish in taste is certainly not inferior to minced beef and the growing fact is that minced catfish is actually preferred because it has a lot of protein and is low in fat.

The first thing in any food process is the ingredients. The ingredients used in making minced catfish are fresh catfish. The physical characteristics that must be possessed by catfish meat that can be used as raw materials to make shredded fish in a fresh condition, the color of the meat is bright, the meat feels chewy, and it does not smell bad.

Resep Abon Lele Kremes

A number of auxiliary materials commonly used in making minced meat are spices, sugar, salt and flavoring. The types of spices used are garlic, coriander, galangal, lemongrass and bay leaves.

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This machine is used to remove the water from the boiled fish (slice I), as well as to remove the cooking oil from the fried shredded fish (slice II).

The production process of shredded catfish is relatively simple and easy to do. In general, the production process for shredded fish, starting from the stage of procuring fish raw materials to the stage of packaging the shredded catfish, is as follows:

In the weeding process, namely cutting the fish and washing the fish meat, the head and guts are removed from the fish. Fish meat from the weeding stage should be soaked in water mixed with vinegar. The water content of the vinegar used is ± 2%. This is done to make the smell of fish disappear. Apart from using vinegar, the smell of catfish can also be removed by adding lemon grass to the chopped seasoning.

Then, the pieces of fish soaked in vinegar water are placed in a large pot and boiled for 30 – 60 minutes. The boiling process will stop after the fish meat becomes soft. During the boiling process, bay leaves and boiling salt are also added.

Resep Abon Lele Gurih Super Simple

The boiled fish is then weighed using a weighing machine. Before pressing, the fish meat should be drained before about 5-10 minutes. The pressing step aims to reduce the water content of boiled fish meat. The lower the water content of the meat, the better the resulting meat fibers will be.

After pressing the fish meat, the shredding process is carried out until it becomes fibrous. This process can be done by hand or with a shredder (grinder).

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In this step, additional ingredients (spices) are added to the shredded meat fibers. The spices added consist of: garlic, coriander, grated galangal, granulated sugar, table salt, lemongrass, coconut milk and curry leaves can also be added, to give the shredded catfish a curry flavor.

Resep Abon Lele Kremes

After the spices are mixed evenly in the fish meat fibers, then the fries are done for ± 60 minutes. During the frying process, stirring is continuously carried out so that the resulting shredded fish is cooked evenly and the spices can penetrate well. This frying step will stop after the fried meat fibers are yellow brown.

Abon Lele Khas Boyolali

The next production step is to re-press the fried fish meat fibers. The second step in the pressing process aims to reduce the oil content after the frying process.

After being pressed, the second stage of shredding is then carried out to prevent clumping. The second stage of the tearing process will stop after the final product is formed in the shape of fish thread with a uniform texture.

In the final stage of production, the fish thread is packaged. If the packaging is not taken out immediately, the harvested fish products will first be stored in large plastic bags (blong) in the warehouse, before the packaging is taken out. This time, let’s discuss tips or how to do chopped mushrooms, that is. make sure to be tasty and meet the nutritional needs of people.-the person you love. Chopped mushrooms can be a favorite choice for dry side dishes on your dining table. I’m sure everyone says “want more!”

Usually, when we hear the word ‘rake’, we immediately suspect that the ingredients must be meat. It is a common assumption that ground beef is usually made from ground beef, goat, chicken or fish.

Rabama Ayam Bakar Kwali

Creativity in the culinary world is endless. The usual food menu can become a new type of food just by changing the basic ingredients.

Who would have thought that a mushroom with such a shape could be processed into such an indulgent meal? Then how do you make chopped mushrooms?

To make this chopped mushroom, we will use oyster mushroom. Mushrooms have been a staple ingredient for a long time and have been processed into various dishes, such as mushroom satay, mushroom tongseng, crispy fried mushrooms, and many more. So this time we will try a new menu: Shredded mushrooms!

Resep Abon Lele Kremes

This oyster mushroom has very good nutritional value. Oyster mushroom is high in essential amino acids and other medicinally beneficial compounds.

Ayam Super Kremes Yang Murah Meriah Di Kasihan Bantul

The texture of mushroom fiber is also a little similar to meat fiber so the sensation is almost the same as shredded beef, but at a relatively cheaper price.

Oyster mushrooms are also rich in energy compared to other vegetable consumption. The content of protein (5.94%), carbohydrates (50.59%), and fat (0.17%) in 100 grams of mushrooms is clearly enough to meet some of your nutritional needs.

Well, let’s go back again. Is everything prepared? Okay, let’s start the tutorial on how to make chopped mushrooms!

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