Resep Abon Ayam Manis

Resep Abon Ayam Manis – Abon has become the favorite food of many people, especially Indonesians. Ground meat also comes in many varieties, from chicken fillet, beef fillet, fish fillet, and now there are even minced mushrooms and rabbit meat.

Ground meat is a favorite food not only because it tastes delicious, but also because ground meat is a processed food that can be stored as a stock of side dishes that can last for days or even months.

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

So, this time we will make minced meat using chicken as the main ingredient, that is, shredded chicken with lime leaves. The name alone is appetizing, right?

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If you want to know how to make shredded lime leaf chicken at home, you can see the steps below.

Chicken and cook until the meat is tender. Once soft, remove the chicken and leave it for a while to let the temperature drop a bit.

Then spread the chicken meat on the table, and then mince the chicken meat with a special meat mallet. Don’t hit too hard, just enough to make the meat. Then shred the chicken, you can use your hands or use a fork.

, then grind until the ingredients are soft and smooth. You can also smooth it with a hand or blender.

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Heat 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in a pan, then add the ground spices along with the lime leaves and lemon stems. Saute until the spices begin to emit a fragrant aroma and wilt.

Once the spices are fragrant and wilted, immediately add the shredded chicken, stir until evenly mixed, pour in the coconut milk and simmer, stirring and turning until dry, then remove from heat and set aside for a while.

Next, heat the remaining cooking oil in a pan and fry the chicken fillet again until completely dry. If so, lift and press until the oil runs out and runs out.

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

Separate the shredded meat with a fork so it doesn’t clump together and the lime leaf chicken floss is ready to serve. You can also store it in an airtight container to use as a side dish. You can sell it too, you know!

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Resep Chicken Teriyaki Manis Dan Gurih

How about the recipe above? easy, right? You can make it and store it for side dishes because it is known that minced meat can be stored and last for a long time. Good luck.

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IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. All written works created are the sole responsibility of the author – Who can resist the delicious shredded meat? Ground beef is a form of meat that is ground and then mixed with various herbs and spices. When it is mixed, then the chopped meat is fried until dry.

With a delicious and salty taste, the minced meat is suitable for serving as a topping or as a side dish for hot rice. Apart from beef, minced meat can also be made with various ingredients, such as chicken and fish. Well, this chicken floss has a taste that is no less delicious than beef floss.

Resep Abon Daging Gurih, Pelengkap Menu Idul Adha

Although chicken floss is quite easy to find in supermarkets or stores, making chicken floss at home can ensure the quality. Although it takes a long time to process, you can get more chicken floss to use as stock at home. Homemade chicken tenderloin can last even without preservatives.

Below, BrilioFood has rounded up from various sources on Tuesday (9/13) 11 recipes and ways to make shredded chicken at home that are delicious and addictive.

1. Wash the chicken until clean, then boil with a little water, add lemon and bay leaves until the chicken is cooked.

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

4. Heat 1 tbsp cooking oil, then fry the ground spices, lime leaves, galangal and lemon until fragrant and wilted.

Resep Ayam Pedas Manis, Cocok Untuk Ramah Tamah Arisan Emak Emak, Cobain Deh

5. Add the shredded chicken. Add the water left over from boiling the chicken. Stir and cook until the water is absorbed. Turn off the fire.

7. Strain the oil by placing the minced meat on a clean thin cloth, then squeeze until the oil comes out and the minced meat is dry.

4. Sauté with 1 teaspoon of unsalted butter, don’t take too long, add a little water. Season with salt, sugar, sesame oil, garlic powder, lemon, leaves and sweet soy sauce.

4. Pour the ground spices over the ground chicken. Add salt and mushroom stock. mix well

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Abon Ayam Gilangharjo

2. Saute the ground spices until fragrant, add citronella, galangal, bay leaves and lime leaves. Add the coconut milk. Wait until it boils, add the shredded chicken. Cook until the coconut milk is gone and the chicken is semi-dry.

1. Boil the chicken in water 2 times. Drain, discard the first cooking water, while not discarding the second cooking water, wait for it to cool, then shred the meat with a fork or by hand.

3. Heat a pan full of oil over medium heat, fry the spices until fragrant, add the chicken, stir. Add the cheese, pear puree and enough stock.

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

4. Let it soak for a bit, finally add the coconut milk, stir well. Cook all ingredients until cooked and dry. When it starts to dry, reduce the heat, cook until the aroma and texture change to regular shredded meat.

Resep Abon Ayam Kriuk

4. Saute the ground spices until fragrant, add the shredded chicken, steamed chicken water, coconut milk and all other spices, cook until the spices are absorbed and dry.

6. Once the color is brown, remove and drain, when it is not too hot, press with a thin cloth or a pile of paper towels until it dries or all the oil is gone. spicy chicken with coconut milk, shallots, garlic, brown sugar, tamarind, chili, cayenne pepper, red chili and salt.

The minced meat is made with spices consisting of shallots, garlic, tamarind, brown sugar, red chilies, cayenne pepper, coconut milk and salt.

Shredded meat can be used as a handy side dish to eat with hot rice. You can make it yourself at home with simple ingredients.

Resep Abon Ikan Tongkol Enak Dan Mudah

Check out the following Spicy Chicken Floss recipe, taken from the book “Monthly Family Menu Guide Series Book Volume 01 Organic Chicken Processing for Family Menus” (2013) by Delicious Kitchen team published by Mediaantara Infopersada.

1. Boil the chicken with bay leaves, galangal, lemon and coconut water until tender and the coconut water has reduced, remove from the heat, shred the chicken meat very finely.

2. Mix the coconut milk with the water left over from boiling the chicken, the lime leaves and the red bird’s eye chilies, as well as the shredded chicken, let it simmer, stirring often, until the sauce dries.

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

At you can purchase the book “Monthly Family Menu Monthly Guide Series Volume 01 Organic Chicken Processed by Family Menus” (2013) by the Delicious Kitchen Team published by Mediaantara Infopersada.

Abon Ayam Original (isi 2 Bungkus)

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Your details will be used to verify your account when you need help or when unusual activity is found on your account. Do you like to eat rice with dental floss? Yes, surely many people like this processed meat. It has a salty and sweet taste with a rather crunchy texture when eaten.

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Minced meat is a dry dish that many people rely on at home. It is not surprising that many people keep this dry dish at home. So that you have enough stock, you can make your own cut meat at home.

It is not difficult to make this minced meat because the ingredients are chicken meat, which is quite inexpensive. The spices and tools to make it are also simple, because everything is at home. Here’s a shredded chicken recipe that you can put into practice.

After that, prepare a pan full of water and add the chicken meat, ground spices, bay leaves, lemon, galangal and lime leaves. Cook until half done. Then add the coconut milk and cook until the water reduces.

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

Once cool, mash the chicken until all is used up. Apart from grinding it, you can also grind or grind the chicken meat with a blender.

Resep Abon Ayam Gurih Dan Renyah Cocok Untuk Lauk Sahur

Then prepare a pan and add enough cooking oil. Add the shredded chicken. Continue stirring until the chicken is dry and changes color.

Once cooked, remove and drain. For best results, use a special colander so that no oil remains on the chicken meat.

However, if you don’t have one at home, you can also use a wire strainer or a regular colander. Then place the shredded chicken in a container lined with newspaper or oil. Let the oil disappear first.

Once the shredded chicken is completely dry and the oil is gone, store it in an airtight container or jar. Ground beef will only last a week at room temperature.

Resep Abon Ayam Daun Jeruk Yang Cocok Dijadikan Stok Lauk

To make it last longer, you can store this dry dish in the refrigerator. You can use this shredded chicken as a handy side dish.

Practical and really delicious, you must practice this chicken floss recipe at home. This way, your stock of dry garnishes will be safe until the end of the month. So when do you want to make shredded chicken?

IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. All written works created are the sole responsibility of the author.

Resep Abon Ayam Manis

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