Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson – Student without an oven? Broke the stove? Tired of cakes and other desserts? However, you are torn by the immediate need for a cake … Be happy, you can make good cakes in time and taste without oven!

Easy and quick, no-bake snacks are the solution for lunch, a healthy snack, to satisfy a sweet tooth or to treat yourself. Chocolate, butter petit or speculoos, seasonal fruits, caramel and other sweets: they can all be cooked in the oven. (Re)discover them with a different style and taste.

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

Tiramisu, cheesecake, charlotte, brownies, raspberry cake, mug cake, orange cake or crepe cake: there are many recipes that you can turn into fun. Finally, it almost becomes child’s play to never cook with an oven again. Room for imagination and wealth! You have to listen to what you want and change it. Not one, not two, put on your shield, it’s time to bake!

Gâteau Au Chocolat Sans Farine Pour 8 Personnes

From the traditional no-bake raspberry cheesecake to the pineapple and coconut crepe cake, including the mint and chocolate iced sandwich cookies and the baked chestnut cake: there’s no doubt that young and old alike will be delighted. the table in size. greed and kindness! For gallery-worthy delights, opt for the no-bake chocolate and pistachio layer cake. When it comes to the table, your eyes will be amazed by all these plates. A safe deposit box. No doubt everyone will keep theirs!

Stick to the basics with this tiramisu with speculoos or the no-cook lime meringue tart. Or, chocolate and mango come together beautifully in this no-cook mango and chocolate dessert with contrasting flavors. Prepare quickly, enjoy the Bniwen, small Algerian almond cakes without cooking.

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Before cooking, the no-bake raspberry cheesecake is set in the refrigerator. A simple, as delicious and even better solution to this cream cheesecake that is very popular in the United States … however, its origin can be found in ancient Greece! For a perfect consistency, it is prepared one or two days in advance, and the filling can be adjusted to the season or to your preferences. A cake that’s great all year round, any flavor of dessert! This cake is so soft! In fact, it’s ultra creamy and literally melts in your mouth!

The advantage of this no-bake raspberry cake is that it is very easy to make and very quick! Just a few hours in the fridge and that’s it!

Gâteau Moelleux Au Chocolat Dans Une Tasse

If you’ve ever experienced pure delicious joy! Also, it is very fresh in the palate. The perfect way to end a meal in style!

If you like raspberry-based desserts, I advise you to try my strawberry raspberry cloud recipe. A fresh, tasty and delicious recipe!

Place a rhodoid or a piece of baking paper around a 16 cm diameter springform pan.

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

Pour half of the cookies under the lid and press firmly with the glass under the mold and on the sides to make the base of the cake. Keep the rest of the cookies at room temperature and leave the mold in the refrigerator.

Gâteau Oriental Sans Cuisson

In a very cold bowl, pour the whole milk, the mascarpone and the icing sugar and mix everything together. The oil should thicken and double in size.

Meanwhile, heat the milk and vanilla extract in the microwave and then pour the gelatin into the mixture. It will be completely destroyed.

Add the dissolved gelatin to the mousse and gently mix everything and then pour the mousse into the pan.

Press the dried raspberries into the mousse and then add the rest of the cookies on top. You should never see any oil coming out again.

Dessert Frigidaire Sans Cuisson à L’érable

The next day, unmold and sprinkle with sugar. Leave the cake for 10 minutes at room temperature before cutting and eating.

To help you develop this recipe, you will find some pictures below. I made them while preparing the no-bake raspberry vanilla cake.

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First, start with the preparation of the net oil (picture 1). To do this, in a very cold bowl, pour the whole liquid oil, mascarpone and icing sugar and then mix everything. The oil should thicken and double in size. At the same time, melt the gelatin (picture 2).

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

To finish preparing the mixed oil, pour the Greek yogurt into a salad bowl (photo 3) and mix well the mixed oil (photo 4). Then add the dissolved gelatin to the mousse and gently mix everything (picture 5).

Gâteau Fudge Au Chocolat Sans Farine

At the beginning of the meal, prepare your biscuit base (picture 6). When the cream is ready, pour the mousse into the mold on the biscuit base (picture 7).

To finish, press the frozen raspberries into the mousse (picture 8) and then add the rest of the cookies on top (picture 9).

If the gelatin is difficult to dissolve, the milk will not be hot. In this case, I invite you to put everything back in the microwave for a few seconds to reheat.

On the other hand, if the preparation liquefies when mixed with gelatin, don’t worry! Let your cake cool in the fridge. In the middle of summer, with the heat, no one wants to turn on their oven! Fortunately, there are many others: salads, carpaccios, ice creams…

Recettes De Desserts Sans Cuisson

To satisfy your gourmet cravings, explore our top 10 no-bake recipes. You will find fresh and delicious food there!

What’s a top 10 dessert without a delicious tiramisu? For this recipe, no cooking is necessary!

All you have to do is put a layer of spring cookies soaked in liquid coffee with a layer of mascarpone cream in a glass and so on until the top. of a cup or glass… Simple, right?

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

Do you want to prepare a delicious and fresh meal? On hot days, we like to eat light and cold. Acai bowl is a great choice!

Recette Gâteau Moelleux Chocolat Sans Beurre Au Potimarron

Because of the beauty of health, this recipe can easily be mixed with other fruits: banana, strawberry… As for the ingredients, the choice is yours! Here we focus on fresh fruit (raspberry and blueberry) and almonds and chocolate…

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Its summer flavors and beautiful appearance will amaze your guests! To get this two-tone diagonal effect, you just have to make your pots until the first layer is set, then pour your jelly on top.

Treat yourself and your guests to a delicious treat: the banana split!

A banana mixed with a chocolate ball, a strawberry ball and a vanilla ball and you have the perfect combination. For the more gourmands among you, you can add whipped cream and Monin chocolate syrup on top!

Gâteau Basque (sans Gluten)

In hot weather, we only want one thing: to drink a refreshing drink for a snack. And we have the perfect recipe for it!

Unlike a milkshake, a smoothie is more nutritious because it contains whole grains. This is a good idea to keep yourself busy.

In summer, strawberry desserts are a must. There is nothing better than fresh and juicy strawberries! Strawberries in a recipe bring that sweet and colorful punch that is so popular.

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

Among our delicious summer treats, we find our delicious strawberry cheesecake recipe: biscuit, cream cheese and strawberry puree. There are many delicious preparations to get a rich taste.

Dessert Coco Sans Cuisson

Thanks to this recipe, you can easily and quickly prepare a meal for all your guests, whatever they eat. Our chocolate mousse is egg-free and cream-free but still delicious!

The trick to having a foamy and frosty chocolate mousse? Use chicken broth and mix it up! Its consistency will be very similar to snow white.

Summer songs with strawberry season! Therefore, we take the opportunity to indulge ourselves with delicious strawberry cakes and more without baking. It’s fun without having to turn on your oven!

Made with an orange and light strawberry mousse, ladyfingers and whole strawberries, this recipe will give you only one wish: come and sink your spoon into it!

Cheesecake Spéculoos Sans Cuisson

Made with ice cream and espresso: you know, we are really talking about our Liège coffee, which will refresh you in hot weather.

This is the perfect snack to end your day or treat yourself at mealtime!

We finish our selection with a second recipe with exotic flavors: our recipe for pineapple and coconut verrine.

Recettes De Gâteaux Sans Cuisson

To achieve this

Cheesecake Spéculoos Sans Cuisson

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