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Pizza – Los Angeles may not be known for its pizza, but we’re here to tell you that it really deserves to be known. More and more ‘za spots are opening up, and they’re bringing authentic traditions and techniques to their pies. From Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in huge brick ovens to NYC slices with oil and cheese, LA’s got it all. And yes, people here

Go to Italy and you know you’re going to get good pizza. But if a trip abroad isn’t in the cards right now, this restaurant, with its original location in Naples, brings pizza to us. Their Margarita is a perfect balance of sauce and cheese on a very thin slice, surrounded by a chewy, slightly charred crust. Spice things up with their Diavola, which contains spicy salami and Calabrian chili. A trip to L’Antica is a night out; the enchanting garden makes it hard to believe you’re still in Hollywood.



New Yorkers will feel at home inside this pizzeria that showcases classic, round NY pies. Grab a slice or order one, but know that their pies are huge (bigger is better in this case)! You can do half and half so your vegetarian bestie can enjoy a Veggie pie while you indulge in their Pepperoni. They also serve square pizzas if that’s more your speed, and within those, offer three gluten-free options because… LA.

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Real Chicagoans know to flock to this deep dish pizza spot located in the valley, by way of Chicago. Aside from serving their famous deep dish pizza—golden thick crust, chunky tomato sauce, and heaps of really aged cheese—the whole place has a nostalgic chain-restaurant-of-your-youth feel. Thin crust pizza is also available, along with all the classic bar eats (hot dogs, fries, meatball subs, etc.) you’d expect in a place like this.

Neapolitan-style pizza is uncut and straight from the brick oven (hauled in from Naples) to your table at this perfect-for-a-date-night spot on Melrose. They offer both red and white options, and favorites include the classic Margarita and the Sweet Cheeks—a white pie with guanciale (aka bacon), ricotta and honey. The crust is bubbly, chewy, slightly charred and definitely not an afterthought. Carb loading is partially necessary here, as their focaccia with burrata appetizer is not to be missed. Pro tip: Save the bath of oily pesto goodness served with burrata to dip your pizza crust into later!

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With the name Nancy Silverton attached (an icon of LA’s culinary world), you know the food here is going to be good. They do it a little differently with the Triple Beam, preparing in the traditional Roman style. You order at the counter, peek at the pizza behind the display and use your hands to indicate how much you want. Then, with a pair of scissors, they cut you a slice (or two, or four). Expect cheesy goodness loaded with toppings and minimal crust, unless you opt for a corner slice. The Roasted Fennel & Sausage and the Acorn Squash are both not to be missed.

Hailing from New York, this eatery makes brick oven pizza; ultra-thin slices with a slightly charred, chewy crust. You can’t go wrong with any of their pies. Their classic Margarita has equal parts tomato sauce and cheese and is topped with basil. The fan-favorite Bee Sting isn’t on the menu but ask for this pepperoni pie with chili and honey and you can still get it. The chef is constantly rotating in new additions, depending on what ingredients are in season. If you catch Ursula’s Paradise on the menu—a white pie with clams—do yourself a favor and order it. Additionally, the restaurant has farmer’s market fresh appetizers, homemade pastas and even their seasonal ice creams are made in house.

Garlic Cheese Pizza

As all East Coast transplants mourn, finding a good NYC-style slice isn’t easy; but the pizza here is pretty close. Considering the original location was in Brooklyn, it’s no surprise that stepping inside the little pizza shop gives off the same feeling, from the window display of pizzas you can get by the slice to the employees who works there. They have the usual suspects, all in a thin, crispy crust as well as an eggplant pizza and a pesto, both of which are worth a try.

Pizzana features Neapolitan-style pizza with a California twist made with the chef’s “slow dough,” aka organic dough that’s been fermented for 48 hours making this crust easier to melt. That means more pizza for us! Their Cacio e Pepe pie is a must try; the late, distinguished LA Times reviewer Jonathan Gold described it as a “minor miracle.” It’s a white pie with hints of pepper and a mix of cheeses, including a creamy dollop of Parmigiano crema in each slice. The Neo Margarita is a unique take on the classic; a scant but delicious spoonful of tomato sauce (made with San Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy), fior di latte cheese, and basil breadcrumbs. If you miraculously find room for dessert, try the salted caramel panna cotta!

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Getting pizza at Apollonia isn’t always easy; they have limited hours, cash only, and rarely answer the phone. But, like so many things in life, anything good is worth the effort. Here, it’s all about Detroit style slices: 1-inch crust slices are crispy on the outside with a soft interior and topped with crackling cheese and a variety of toppings. However, ignore their round pies – they are both excellent. Get a cheese slice if you’re a purist but adventurous types have plenty to choose from—our vote goes to the Pepperoni, Burrata and Mike’s Hot Honey pie.


New York-style pizza is made right at Vito’s. The sauce and cheese are combined in the perfect ratio on each foldable slice. You can never go wrong with a cheese pie, and the White Pesto pie is a customer favorite. Other classic East Coast pizzeria options like baked ziti and meatball parmesan sandwiches are also available. There is limited seating at the West Hollywood location but the Santa Monica location has ample seating and also offers wine and beer.

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This takeout spot boasts “Pittsburg Pizza,” and if you’re wondering if that’s really a style of pizza, you’re not alone. But Chef Ben Osher told us that while he learned to make pizza there, his pies are a combination of both Neapolitan and NY-style pizza. One bite, and you’ll find it’s the best of both worlds. The crust is made with both sourdough and commercial use flour, and the slice is thin and beyond delicious. From the Basic Benny (similar to a pepperoni pie but the meat is sopressata) to the out-of-the-box Rabbi (basically a Reuben sandwich on a pizza) you’ll be in awe of the flavor. And trust us, get it Gorilla Style—with basil, Parm, oregano, chili flakes and extra virgin olive oil.

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For a casual night out where you can still get a pie that tastes great, check out this great restaurant in Echo Park. Their pizzas are made in a brick oven and have a crispy crust with just enough sauce and cheese. Happy customers rave about the Pepperoni and Sausage Pie—the sausage is house-made and complemented by mustard greens and Calabrese chiles. Also don’t overlook their appetizers, like the Smokey Mozzarella Sticks and the Meatballs.

This new kid on the block is giving all other pizza joints a run for their money. James Beard award-winning chef Chris Bianco has been perfecting pizza for years in Phoenix, and just last month opened his first Los Angeles outpost at Row DTLA. Currently only open for lunch (dinner service is expected to begin any day now), you can grab a perfect NYC-style slice, baked in the deck oven, for just $6. Choose from a Red, Salami or a Green slice (the green is made with a creamy spinach sauce). A nice blot of oil, and the perfect fold, close your eyes and you could be in the Big Apple. For something a little different, try the Alla Palla Lemon slice. It’s the same dough, but Roman style, so a square with a thicker, softer texture. It may seem random, but the lemon makes this cut surprisingly refreshing and pairs well with the rosemary. Return for dinner where the pies will be made in the wood-burning oven.

Los Angeles is a town known for its pop up restaurant concepts, and almost always, the food is exceptional. Doughbox is no exception. This lesser-known Chicago deep dish spot is one you’ll be glad to check out, as it does this type of pie perfectly. The dough is chewy and the cheese is just right (ie, not overbearing). It’s currently only takeout while in a temporary location in Highland Park, but they hope to reopen in a permanent location in El Sereno by the end of this year or early 2023.

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There’s no better way to start the weekend than with pizza and wine, and this little establishment in a Venice strip mall can help you do just that. The team takes pride in doing all their

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