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Picnic Catering Nj – A picnic always sounds like a great idea, until it’s time to start planning the whole thing But New Jersey residents can rest easy now, because POSH is here to save the picnic day The business creates and customizes unique pop-up picnics to match any theme that patrons can imagine.

The process begins by filling out a questionnaire that determines the details of a potential picnic This includes important information such as the size of the picnic “From that day on, we work our magic to make it happen,” says Christine Hallowell, owner of POSH Picnic. “Special occasions are meant to be special and not stressful We are here to serve you and provide the ultimate picnic or party. “

Picnic Catering Nj

Picnic Catering Nj

POSH Picnic can create picnics for any space, from private residences and backyards to beaches and parks. They can also research the best available options based on questionnaire feedback (Customers approve all details, including location, before booking.) POSH Picnics notes that local laws apply to any picnic, with general restrictions including alcohol. With that in mind, they don’t drink any alcohol for picnics; But they set everything up and then tear it down All customers have to show up, take pictures and enjoy

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So far, the client base has been surprisingly diverse “Every picnic has been so different. From a 5-year-old birthday party to a proposal, a baby show, to ‘just wanting a picnic’, says Christine. Food POSH picnic supplies come from third-party vendors; They can provide anything from small charcuterie boxes to full catered meals This service is available to all New Jersey residents; However, anything within 30 miles of Medford in Burlington County carries a tour fee based on distance, picnic size and tolls.

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She puts her heart into every picnic she designs “I care about the customer’s wants and their needs, and I really want to exceed their expectations and really wow them,” he explains. How would I treat my clients if I were in their shoes? “

When not designing POSH picnics, Christine is a wife, mother of twins, owner of two dogs, and X-ray technologist. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing Party planning has always been her passion and she has previous event planning experience “The wheels started moving immediately, I knew this was what I wanted to do in life,” she says. She hopes to one day expand into catering and add more fare. Before POSH Picnic, Christine worked in a hospital for about eight years.

POSH Picnic is located in Medford, but serves all of New Jersey Find them online to learn more

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We’re glad you asked! In short, we aim to be the best of New Jersey, all in one place More specifically, we are a lifestyle and tourism website that makes our state great Every time you visit Best of NJ, you’ll find stories, events, and businesses that highlight and exemplify the greatness of the Garden State. From our original series Spotlight on NJ Vocabulary and Historic Landmarks, to our statewide events calendar; Our business directory is full of the best local dining, entertainment and services We are your one stop shop for where to go, what to do and the best of New Jersey! For more NJ content, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up for our weekly newsletter. Experience the sharp flavors and comforting flavors of traditional bbq catering in New Jersey. Smoked, slow-roasted, maple glazed, pulled, baked, and buttered, our classic BBQ menu comes with all your party favorites.

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We encourage you to ask about our other client (and staff) favorites on the BBQ Catering menu From Texas chili to clam bakes, it’s an exciting time to plan a BBQ inside or al fresco. Our BBQ Specials, Deluxe BBQ, and Clam Bakes include the services of a professional chef, portable grills, and buffet tables. For a special themed buffet, we also offer a country style picnic and Hawaiian luau.

Picnic Catering Nj

Our “Pit Masters” have created the perfect blend of authentic southern barbeque with our new smoked barbeque menu. Enjoy flavorful, tender cuts of meat slowly cooked over aromatic logs of hickory and cherry wood. Our secret barbecue mops and rubs have taken years to perfect so we know they’ll leave you wanting more

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Based in Middletown, Nj, we are proud to offer a classic catered event for your family, colleagues and guests. Enjoy and feel comfortable from the first moment you see the menu Our BBQ catering has been as reliable as our service for over 50 years

Rich, smoky, grilled, and full of character, plus all the sides, sauces, condiments, and desserts you could want.

When it comes to a BBQ catering menu, Jack’s Catering is the ultimate choice for an exceptional culinary experience. Our expertise in barbecue cooking ensures that every dish is perfectly grilled and bursting with flavor. Jack’s Catering sources high-quality ingredients, premium meats, fresh vegetables, and gourmet sauces for a memorable BBQ. With our meticulous attention to detail, experienced chefs and exceptional service, Jack’s Catering will elevate your BBQ event to a new level, impressing and delighting your guests.

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Had a rustic BBQ celebration and it was wonderful because Jack catered everything and made it look delicious.

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