Perkedel Tempe Resep

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Perkedel Tempe Resep – Perkedel emerged due to influence from the Netherlands during the colonial era. There is a typical Dutch food called ‘frikadel’, which is made of minced meat and then shaped flat. From that name came the dish called ‘cake’ that we know today.

Apart from potatoes, this dish which is generally round and flat is often also added to corned beef, chicken or beef. Perkedel is usually used as a main dish or a side dish for soto. Before frying, the cakes must be covered with egg white so that the dough does not crumble easily. You can also store the cake dough that has been formed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. This can also make the cakes not crumble easily.

Perkedel Tempe Resep

Perkedel Tempe Resep

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Resep Cara Membuat Perkedel Tempe Kemangi

In a bowl, mix mashed potatoes and cooked ground spices (along with corned beef). Add the celery, beaten egg yolks and flour. Mix well.

Take some dough (according to taste), shape it into a round flat. set aside. Repeat this step until all the dough has been formed.

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1. Mash the potatoes using a potato smasher like the IKEA KONCIS Potato Smasher (see Lazada DISCOUNT). Mashing potatoes with this potato smasher from IKEA will make the potatoes really smooth, without losing their distinctive consistency. IKEA KONCIS Potato Smasher is made of stainless steel which is safe and comfortable to use.

2. The use of flour and egg white coating serves as a binder so that the cake batter does not crumble easily when fried. So that the amount of flour can be increased according to taste.

Resep Perkedel Tanpa Kentang Yang Cocok Dijadikan Camilan

3. To make it tighter, the pre-formed cake mixture can be placed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before frying – Generally, cakes are made with potatoes as their main ingredient. However, you can make cakes with different main ingredients, ie using tempeh as the main ingredient. Tempe cakes are also known as mendol.

Even though the names are the same as the cakes, the shape of the tempeh and potato cakes is quite different, you know. If potato cakes are usually round, tempeh cakes become oval.

However, how to make tempeh cakes is no less practical than potato cakes. Simply mix the crushed tempeh with the flour. The dough is then shaped round, oval or other, then fried until cooked.

Perkedel Tempe Resep

These tempe cakes are very suitable to eat as a daily side dish. For example, together with chicken soup, tamarind vegetables, or dipped in chili sauce.

Resep Membuat Perkedel Tempe, Lauk Makan Siang Yang Renyah

Curious about how to make tempe cakes? Come on, let’s make it at home with an easy recipe that Brilio Food has summarized from various sources, Sunday (29/8).

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2. Heat enough oil, sauté the onions and garlic until fragrant and wilted. Add the ground chicken, stir until it changes color.

3. Add sugar, salt, pepper, mix well and cook until cooked. Add chilies and green onions, stir well, remove from heat.

4. Add the eggs to the mashed tempeh, mix well. Then add the fried chicken, stir until everything is mixed.

Cara Membuat Perkedel Kentang Goreng Yang Enak, Mudah Dipraktikkan

2. Put the tempeh that has been ground in a container, mix it with the ground spices and chopped onions, chilies. Stir until well mixed then add some salt and spices. Taste correction.

3. Take the dough using plastic so it doesn’t stick to your hands, shape it into a round shape and flatten it then dip it into the beaten egg.

2. Mix the tempeh that has been ground together with the ground spices, chopped green onions, salt and ground pepper, stir until mixed.

Perkedel Tempe Resep

1. Mix tempeh, ground chicken, 2 eggs, scallions, fried garlic and fried shallots, ground pepper, salt, mushroom stock and fibercreme, mix until smooth.

Dapur Griya Khayangan: Mendol Tempe (perkedel Tempe)

2. Then form a slightly flattened oval, then place it in the beaten egg then fry until golden brown, remove and serve.

3. Mix with mashed tempeh, add lime leaves, salt, broth powder and sugar, and enough tapioca so that it does not crumble easily.

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