Oden Resep

Oden Resep – No need to go to a cafe or restaurant in a mall to enjoy Korean snacks. This street vendor, for example, offers tteokbokki and oden starting at just IDR 10 thousand!

The typical South Korean food is now loved by many Indonesians, especially after this food ginseng appeared in many of the country’s popular drama or movie scenes. The look has managed to make many people drool.

Oden Resep

Oden Resep

Usually in Indonesia, these snacks are sold in cafes or restaurants that offer specifically Korean specialties. The price is around IDR 30 thousand or more.

Oden (japanese Winter Stew)

Now, if you enjoy Korean street food, you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket. Because tetokbokki and oden are sold from IDR 10 thousand only.

The outlet that serves it is Hantek in Pejaten, opposite Circle K, Jalan Pejaten Raya No. 3. Located on the road side, this food stall is easily recognized by its wooden cart and red logo.

Apart from Pejaten, Hanteok has branches in Bogor, Sikarung and Bandung. The menu includes tteokbokki, sea jjigae, chicken nyangnyeom and oden. Prices for each menu portion start from IDR 10 thousand to IDR 20 thousand.

“There are three sizes for tteokbokki, normal, aka small, medium and large. There are 3 variants of toppings,” said Abi, a Hantteok Pejaten employee on the second (10/3).

Resep Odeng, Jajanan Korea Yang Bisa Menghangatkan Tubuh

Toppings, he says, are cheese dumplings and seafood stuffed with crabstick, mozzarella cheese, or ramen (instant noodles). Adding each of these toppings costs IDR 5 thousand.

To serve, boiled and sliced ​​tetokbokki is simply drizzled with gochujang sauce, the texture of which is neither too thick nor too runny. Then the servant gives the decoration.

Hantteok uses sesame seeds, seaweed powder and cheese powder to garnish tteokbokki. If you want it more spicy, there is chili powder,’ said Abby.

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Oden Resep

A small portion of tteokbokki (Rp. 10 thousand) with additional seafood topping (Rp. 5 thousand) is quite filling. The tteokbokki and fish cake fillings are quite dense.

Chef’s Taste Oden

The taste of the sauce is delicious with quite a strong spicy taste. We also bought tteokbokki with mozzarella cheese mix. Cheese is used in small pieces. When eaten with tetokbokki sauce, the spicy savory taste satisfies the taste buds.

Hantteok also has oden (Rp. 10 thousand/skewer), which is a shame to miss. Oden is served with a clear broth, which tastes fresh and delicious. In our opinion, this dish balances the spiciness of the tteokbokki sauce.

“We can get 5-8 kg of tetokbokki a day. Here we mix it with sauce. We can get two big jerry cans for the sauce,” said Usman, an employee who was with Abi.

Apart from tetokbokki and oden, Hanteok also has seafood jjigae and chicken nyangnyeum, which would be a shame to miss. “Chicken nyangneom spicy chicken wings with potatoes, tetokbokki sauce,” said Abi.

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Oden Resep

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Oden Resep

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Resep Membuat Oden Makanan Korea Sendiri Di Rumah, Ternyata Gampang!

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