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Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter – Special drugs are needed to destroy kidney stones and remove them together with urine. In addition, other drugs prescribed by doctors also work to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Take medicines for kidney stones according to the doctor’s prescription and recommendations.

Kidney stones are hard, stone-like minerals that form from minerals and salts in the kidneys or renal ducts. At first, kidney stones are very small, like crystals, that will pass out in the urine, but certain conditions cause the crystals to settle and eventually become stones.

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

Kidney stones do not always cause symptoms, especially if the stones are small and can pass through the urinary tract on their own. However, if the stone is large enough, it can block the urinary tract and cause several symptoms, such as:

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If you experience kidney stone symptoms as mentioned above, see your doctor immediately to get the right treatment and cure.

Treatment of kidney stones depends on the type of stone and its cause. However, in general, there are several types of kidney stone medicines that are prescribed by doctors and can be bought from pharmacies, including:

This type of kidney stone medicine works to increase the intensity of urination by increasing urine production. This happens because diuretics can cause the kidneys to reduce the absorption of minerals and salts.

This will make people who suffer from kidney stones urinate more often and can pass the kidney stones through urine. In addition, this medicine also prevents the formation of kidney stones. A type of diuretic drug widely used to treat kidney stones is a thiazide.

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It can be used to scrape and destroy kidney stones that are large enough between 5-10 mm in volume. There are 3 types of drugs

This medicine for kidney stones relaxes the muscles of the ureters so that the kidney stones can pass out. After this medicine destroys the kidney stone, the remaining kidney stone will pass itself through the urine.

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Allopurinol is a drug that helps reduce the amount of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is one of the factors that cause the formation of kidney stones, so the levels of uric acid in the body must be properly controlled.

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

Sodium bicarbonate or sodium citrate is a medicine used to prevent the formation of kidney stones by removing uric acid from the kidneys.

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In addition to its preventive function, this drug is able to treat the symptoms of kidney stones and maintain the health of those suffering from kidney stones.

Apart from the four kidney stone remedies above, adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet also helps in the kidney stone healing process.

Consume more water at least 8-12 glasses a day. Do not allow your body to become dehydrated as this condition can cause kidney stones to worsen.

Be sure to consult and get a prescription for drugs for kidney stones as worse from a doctor. Avoid buying kidney stone medicine without a doctor’s prescription, even at a pharmacy.

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Kidney stones are accompanied by symptoms that cause pain, especially in the lower back. This pain can be relieved with pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Keep in mind that some of the above mentioned drugs should be taken with a doctor’s prescription. If your natural symptoms don’t improve after taking kidney stone medications, see your doctor right away to get the right treatment.

Book professional and licensed nurses for home care: senior nurses, nurses and midwives for mothers or children at home. When suffering from kidney stones, they need to be treated immediately to prevent complications. The doctor will usually recommend several medications. Find out here.

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

A kidney stone is a type of kidney disease that, if not treated immediately, will cause a number of complications. When stones are allowed to enlarge, they can cause pain during defecation.

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One treatment that can be done is to take kidney stone medication as recommended by the doctor. What are the drugs for destroying kidney stones? Find out here.

It is important to first find out what type of kidney stone you have before looking for the right remedy. Dr. Devija Irine Putri said that the treatment of kidney stones can be based on the size of the stone that the patient has.

“If the size of the stone is greater than 2 cm, the number of stones is greater than 1 and it really blocks the urinary tract, the treatment prescribed by the doctor is not optimal and surgery or ESVL is required (

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However, if the stone is not too big and can still be treated or prevented, there are several medications that your doctor will prescribe. Here are some kidney stone remedies, as reported:

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This medicine is also used to reduce the pain that occurs when a kidney stone passes through the urinary tract. Not only that, smaller kidney stones in the ureters can also pass faster within a few days with this medicine.

This drug can usually be an additional treatment to remove stones larger than 10 mm after ESVL therapy.

The drug potassium citrate as a kidney stone destroyer is also needed to treat uric acid stones. Its use can help the body adjust the pH of urine and can also dissolve stones.

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

When used in high doses, the drug can increase the level of acid in the urine, which can inhibit the formation of kidney stones.

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Diuretics are drugs commonly used to treat patients with kidney failure. Not only that, this medicine can also be used to destroy kidney stones.

This type of medication can also help prevent kidney stones from forming again, especially in patients who have high levels of calcium in their urine.

However, you must always take this medicine as recommended by your doctor, as the wrong dose can harm your overall health.

This medicine works by reducing the amount of uric acid your body makes. Therefore, allopurinol can help keep kidney stones from growing or even destroying them.

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Allopurinol can be combined with other drugs, such as potassium citrate and sodium citrate to make it more effective. Both of these drugs can be used to dissolve stones caused by gout.

However, there are several other medications that doctors can prescribe to help treat kidney stones work better. Among them:

Kidney stones usually have symptoms that cause lower back pain. However, this pain will come and go and cause discomfort.

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

Antibiotics for kidney stone patients will play a role in stopping the growth and spread of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

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Acetohydroxamic acid (AHA) antibiotics are a type of antibiotic commonly used to treat struvite kidney stones. Its use must be prescribed by a doctor, because an incorrect dose will have a negative effect on health.

These are a number of types of drugs commonly recommended by doctors to treat kidney stones. It is important to remember that this medicine cannot be bought without a prescription or used carelessly because it will have a bad effect on health. Kidney stones are caused by deposits in the kidneys that are formed from chemicals in the urine. Usually, kidney stones are as small as grains of sand, gravel, or peas, the size of a golf ball. Because urine contains more chemicals than liquid, the sediment forms crystals that stick together.

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The lack of substances that prevent crystals from sticking together also accelerates the process of kidney stone formation. Based on the substances they form, there are four types of kidney stones, namely calcium oxalate, struvite, uric acid and cystine. Common causes of kidney stones include:

In most cases, kidney stones do not cause many symptoms. Symptoms become more visible as the severity of the disease increases. Common symptoms of kidney stones include:

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To treat kidney stones, you can take chemical medicines or herbal medicines for kidney stones. Drug recommendations for kidney stones in pharmacies include:

One of the widely used kidney stone remedies is pain reliever. Usually, the doctor will recommend pain relievers such as naproxen sodium or ibuprofen to relieve the pain. This medicine can be bought without a prescription, but be sure to take it according to the instructions on the package.

Before taking ibuprofen or naproxen, pregnant and lactating women must first consult a doctor or medical staff. Ibuprofen is available in tablet and syrup form. The price of ibuprofen varies, starting at IDR 362 for a 200 mg tablet, IDR 538 for a 400 mg tablet, and syrup at IDR 10,660 for a 60 ml bottle.

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

It works to destroy large kidney stones, about 0.5 to 1 centimeter. This kidney stone breaker also helps relax the muscles around the urinary tract. As a result, the kidney stone will come out with the urine when you urinate.

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Several drugs in the alpha blocker class include Alfuzosin, Tamsulosin, Prazosin, Indoramine, Terazosin, and Doxazosin. These drugs are available in pharmacies at a price of IDR 9,364 per 2 mg tablet.

The next drug for kidney stones is allopurinol. Allopurinol is effective in reducing uric acid levels in urine and blood. As a result, urine levels remain alkaline.

In some cases, allopurinol together with alkaline substances can dissolve uric acid stones. You can buy this medicine at a pharmacy at an affordable price. Starting at IDR 279 for a 100mg tablet and IDR 590 for a 300mg tablet.

Diuretic drugs are useful for increasing urine production. This medicine works by releasing more water and salt from the blood vessels into the urine. One type of diuretic drug for kidney stones that is often used is a thiazide. You can find this drug in pharmacies at affordable prices, starting at IDR 241 for a 25 mg tablet.

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Sodium bicarbonate, also known as sodium citrate, is often used to treat kidney stones. This medicine contains active substances that are effective in reducing excess acid levels and controlling urine pH. Sodium bicarbonate also acts as a systemic alkalinizer that can increase urine and blood pH levels.

Sodium bicarbonate is recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach. Make sure you balance and maintain your body fluids by consuming more water. This drug is sold in pharmacies at a price of IDR 202 for a 500 mg tablet.

To treat kidney stones, you can consume calcium-rich foods or calcium supplements. However, please note that you are advised to consult first. One of the recommended calcium supplements is Nellco Kalk whose price is

Obat Penghancur Batu Ginjal Resep Dokter

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