New Jersey Caterers

New Jersey Caterers – All of life’s most special moments deserve an abundance of good food. We think so, and our full-service dining customers throughout New Jersey and New York agree. The people we have served over the years have always appreciated the opportunity to share our truly delicious, home-style cuisine with their guests. Whether it’s a large, formal wedding or an informal gathering, we always generously offer wonderful meals prepared with the utmost care.

Jacques has been one of the best-known names in full-service dining in New Jersey for many decades, and it’s a well-earned reputation. Our food philosophy is simple: we believe in quality cuisine at a reasonable price. We create every dish, every combination and every flavor profile with purpose and care. In other words, every bite should be just right, from the first to the last, and the entire aesthetic and eating experience should be enjoyable and satisfying for everyone.

New Jersey Caterers

New Jersey Caterers

We are proud to say that word of mouth has brought us a lot of business. Many of our customers come to us because they enjoyed the food and hospitality at another event in the New York/NJ area that we catered. Our family’s legacy of providing great catering to the New York and New Jersey area means that helping you with all aspects of your event, from menus to staff hire and beyond, comes naturally to us.

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Your Jacques Exclusive Catering experience begins with a conversation with one of our event professionals. Whether by phone or email, we’re always here to help!

We can handle your event’s full-service catering needs at any venue in the New York and New Jersey area. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, barbeque, birthday party, holiday celebration or other event, we’ll take care of every detail, from the incredible menu to event planning and staffing. We also offer party hire and can organize events of any size at any desired venue and can tailor our offerings to suit the style and theme of the area.

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Whether you are planning your wedding to be simple and intimate or extravagant with a large guest list, you can be sure that Jacques Catering will provide you with an unforgettable menu. Celebrate your love with the freshest and tastiest cuisine from the best wedding caterers in New Jersey. Find out more .

Whether it’s a birthday, a surprise party, an anniversary or any other celebration with family and friends, step up your hospitality and make the occasion happy with a delicious menu. Find out more.

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Our experience and professionalism will make your corporate event the best it can be, no matter the size, with our attentive service, focus on a great culinary experience and unparalleled presentation. Find out more.

We used Jacques Catering for our outdoor wedding in New Hope, PA. Kathy helped us coordinate the entire day and was extremely communicative and attentive throughout the process. The day went smoothly and we received so many compliments on the food and service from the staff. They were ready for anything we needed and made sure my husband and I were always provided with food and drinks. Everything we tasted was wonderful. Jacques’ crew were great to work with and exceeded our expectations in helping us create the most magical day. If you have an event in the NJ area, they are the way to go!

Kathy is fantastic! We hired Jacques to serve our 60-70 guests. The food was amazing! Everyone raved about it! The staff were so friendly and helpful in setting up the day and working with us to set everything up. I would highly recommend Jacques for any party!

New Jersey Caterers

I just had a family holiday catered by Jacques and it was fantastic. I knew it would be because it’s not the first time I’ve used them. Every employee is helpful from ordering to installation. My guests raved about the food. It was also so affordable. I will never cook for a crowd again! Whether it’s a birthday coming up or you’re planning a rehearsal dinner, dining options in Bergen County, New Jersey aren’t an option. it is mandatory.

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Not only does this leave you with one less job to do—no cooking, serving, or washing up—it also communicates that the event and your guests are important. However, read on to find out when you might benefit from using caterers in Bergen County, NJ.

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Eating Places in Bergen County NJ #1. When it comes to your wedding, it’s all about the food

Your wedding is one of the most memorable and special events in your life. It’s something you and your significant other will look back on fondly.

That being said, the last thing you want to do is worry about cooking, serving, and washing up. This is where catering comes in. According to The Knot, the average wedding cost is about $31,213, and the reception costs between 48% and 50%.[1]

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Doing the math, that comes out to $15,000 give or take. With a portion of that $15,000 going toward dining, you know you don’t want to choose your menu on a whim.

Take the time to talk to your event planner about food options. Be especially mindful of your guests’ dietary restrictions. You may want to ask your guests when they RSVP to your wedding to write down any food sensitivities: vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant.

Another dining factor to consider is the theme. If you’re having a beach wedding, you might want the catering to match this style – maybe salmon and wild rice?

New Jersey Caterers

If you want your food to match your theme, it’s best to contact the caterer and discuss menu options.

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Your son just turned 13. You want to host a Bat Mitzvah to mark his transition from boy to man. Your son has been practicing Torah passages in preparation for the day.

When your family and friends leave the synagogue, you want to go to a restaurant that offers a variety of food to accommodate your guests. That way everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the day. At this time, eating becomes a priority.

Depending on how religious you and your guests are, you may want to offer kosher options. You may want to have your caterer run this; it is important for the caterer to understand that kosher food is not just the food, but also the way it is prepared.

You have worked hard for decades. Now that you have reached a certain age, you are ready to retire. Retirement is one of those huge milestones worth celebrating.

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You’re not just leaving the workforce, you’re entering a new phase of your life. To make the most of your new retirement, why not throw a party with your family, friends and colleagues?

This is another case where the food is just a plus. What makes a retirement party different from a wedding is that you traditionally have more flexibility in how casual or formal you want to make it.

Yes, you could just throw an after-work party where your co-workers show up and dress up in work clothes and celebrate over drinks and snacks. Or you can plan your party weeks in advance and go the more formal route, where guests show up in formal-casual attire and hors d’oeuvres, hors d’oeuvres, and dessert are served.

New Jersey Caterers

No matter which route you choose, dining is always an option. Since this is a special occasion, you still want to call the caterer and plan your meal selections in advance. This way, the caterer is given enough time to prepare and prepare the food before the event.

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If you plan to have a retirement party after work, you may want to eat more snacks and rent a room. This will give co-workers a chance to stop by whenever they leave work, have a few snacks, and casually walk out of it.

If you’re worried about the food, you can always send an e-invitation to see how many of your colleagues plan to stay for the starter course.

It’s the end of the year. You are excited and proud of your sales team. Not only did they meet their numbers, they far exceeded them. To show them how much the company appreciates their work and to appreciate their hard work, you want to throw them a business party.

Should you be catering? Shouldn’t it? Would it be enough to take them to a restaurant where they can choose their own meals?

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It depends on a number of factors. First, what is the company’s budget? Contrary to what some might think, you could be getting a deal on catering services, especially if you combine it with another service. (Of course, it depends on the restaurant. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.)

Also, what event are you celebrating? If the company has a limited budget and what is celebrated

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