Lele Kremes Resep

Lele Kremes Resep – Yodha’s menu today is Kremes catfish. Yodha has started to like different kinds of fish… well, since yesterday I made grilled fish, so I don’t get bored, it’s varied with fried. Yesterday I made Gurame Pesmol, he liked it too…lol. It’s great that your child likes to eat fish, my friends. Because fish is healthy and nutritious, especially for children … to be smarter.

So that it is more savory, more creamy with fried catfish, it is a pneyetan style cafe, friends…try it, the kids will love it. Even adults like it…lol. Cremes using my homemade Kremes Flour, as usual…practical, just adding water and a little egg, fried. The result is as in the photo.

Lele Kremes Resep

Lele Kremes Resep

But I’m a little lazy to make a video, because I don’t know where the house cleaner used to put my modern sunken pan, there is an iron pan. Well… the iron pan is too big, the proportions are not right if you make a video with an electric stove, it’s just less beautiful… lol. Next time I will make a video, friends, if you have bought a slightly smaller concave pan.

Selalu Diperbarui! Menu Lele Crispy, Tebet

Oh yes, for the catfish, this time I seasoned it with complete seasoning, yellow seasoning, so the color is more beautiful, and it is also tastier. Before being smeared with cremesan, the catfish is fried individually first, my friends, so that it is cooked and crispy. Because Kremesan cooks faster. Use a non-stick pan, the oil must be really hot before mixing, so the cremes will immediately expand and nest. Okay, let’s go straight to the catfish recipe, friends… those who want to try Kremes flour as usual can call 089654712500

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Yellow Spiced Kremes Catfish Ingredients: 500 grams of catfish, clean, cover with lime, wash clean 1 packet of KREMES FLOUR Fresh vegetables according to your taste with Sambal Tomato (recipe HERE) Seasoning Seasoning: 1 teaspoon of coriander 2 cloves of garlic 1 segment 2 turmeric. Hazelnut fingers 1 teaspoon of chicken stock Salt to taste 50 ml of water How to make it: Sliced ​​catfish Soak the catfish in the marinade, leave it for at least an hour in the refrigerator to absorb the spices. Fry the catfish until almost dry. Fry the cremesan. according to the instructions on the package, once it has spread, collect it in the middle of the pan, dip the catfish into the cremesan mixture, fold until the cremes cover the fish. Fry until cooked Serve with chili sauce and fresh vegetables according to taste Tips: To make Kremesan color more beautiful, you can add a little ground turmeric, no turmeric is added to Kremesan flour.

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