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La Caterers – If you’re looking for the best caterers in Los Angeles, chances are you have a professional or personal event coming up. Finding a caterer is right up there with finding a venue when it comes to planning a great event. Both of these decisions are easier than ever when you book a place through . With a wide range of venues available to rent from local hosts – including some with on-site kitchens that make catering even easier – you don’t have to stress about the logistics of your event. You can plan a party, wedding, fundraiser, art launch, corporate retreat or anything else, all in one fully customizable venue. Just sort the listings by size, budget, location and more, then choose one of these great Los Angeles caterers to complete the event planning process.

Shortly? When you book a place, you can also choose to have the Concierge service arrange your catering and deliver it directly to your meeting place. Simple, helpful and delicious! Good appetite!

La Caterers

La Caterers

Fundamental is one of Los Angeles’ best options for full-service event planning. They offer straightforward catering done right with a plan for every type of event. Whether you need serviced catering, drop-off catering or a holiday party package, you’ll get exactly what you need to satisfy your guests’ appetites. Fundamental Events focuses on using seasonal ingredients and working with trusted event suppliers to offer options for every budget.

La Prima Catering

Spreads, tray entrées, chef stations and plate or family style dinners. They offer meat, seafood and vegetarian options and can also set up a bar for cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks. If you choose a seated dinner, you can expect quality furniture hire and experienced event staff to provide a streamlined planning process.

Taste of Pace is perfect for eco-conscious event planners, with its farm-to-table menus and zero-waste philosophy. And they mean zero waste, making use of an entire plant “from leaf to root”. The company’s founder and namesake, Pace Webb, is the charismatic and super-talented chef with modern sensibilities who steers this ship. Companies such as Food Network Vogue and Jell-O have all sought her catering services. While Taste of Pace offers everything from corporate lunches to drop-off catering packages, we think they would be perfect for a pop-up dinner party in the backyard of a local venue. They also offer production catering and private cooking parties for groups of 10 to 20.

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What can you expect on a Taste of Pace menu? Think chicken meatballs, beef kofta, dressed lentils, winter slaw and of course lots of seasonal vegetables!

Is the easiest way to book the perfect event space. Enjoy the largest location library and hassle-free bookings today.

Breakfast Catering Service In Los Angeles & Orange County

When you book a place for your event, a lot of small challenges can easily come together. While some venues require you to use their preferred caterer, others will let you choose who you want. Either way, it’s a good idea to make sure your caterer understands the layout of the event. You can also provide adequate preparation space and access to other tools they need. Therefore, it is a fantastic opportunity to set up your caterer directly through the concierge.

Not only will it save you the trouble of coordinating with a caterer yourself, but the concierge can help you choose one that is perfect for the venue. For example, if you choose a food truck catering company, you need an outdoor venue with a large backyard and easy access to the street. This stunning Oasis in the Valley has enough space for 75 guests and provides extras like a glamping tent and interior access to the home.

It also has a lot of love from the local community, which you can gauge when you check out a listing’s reviews. Here is just one example:

La Caterers

If you’re planning a pop-up dinner, you can find a place with a commercial kitchen complete with all the equipment your catering team needs. Or if the atmosphere is decisive, a modern home kitchen is also a charming idea. In fact, this modern McLaughlin home has hosted cooking shows and photo shoots and is not open for events. That doesn’t mean the Concierge service can’t arrange for catering to be delivered to you and your crew!

Olive Garden Catering

“Fantastic hosts! We used this space to film a couple of cooking tutorials and it was exactly what we needed. The host was very communicative and helpful in making sure we were logistically set up beforehand as well as on the day.”

And the Concierge isn’t just limited to helping you find trusted caterers in Los Angeles. They can help you arrange the rental of furniture for an outdoor dining experience or A/V equipment for a screening or presentation. No matter what kind of event you have in mind, you have a plan for it!

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Kogi BBQ may be one of LA’s most famous food trucks. After all, it was chef Roy Choi who put Korean fusion on the map. But just because it made it big doesn’t mean you have to hunt it down around town to get a taste of its famous BBQ tacos and kimchi quesadillas. Book it for a party, wedding, quinceanera or any other outdoor function.

While food trucks may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to catering, it is a great option. This is especially true if your event is in an unusual space and you don’t have time to set up furniture or buffet tables. They will even drive outside of LA County for an additional fee and will provide plates, utensils and trash cans for easy cleanup!

Mexican Food Catering Chandler

A good caterer knows that it’s not just about looks. But of course an impressive presentation can’t hurt either! Bites and Bashes is known for multi-tiered displays that use bright, bold colors to grab your guests’ attention. This means you can expect colorful fruit and cheese platters with copper platters and crystal bowls to make the event stand out. The memorable colors even extend to the drinks, including their signature cocktails, lavender lemonade and unsweetened iced tea.

Although they offer drop-off and pick-up options, choose them for a cocktail reception or formal dinner party to get the full effect. Their menus include Mediterranean, Italian, Thai, Greek and Mexican dishes and modern American BBQ with smoked brisket. Not only that, but Bites and Bashes also offers individually packaged meals for socially distanced events. Talk about thoughtful!

Is the easiest way to book the perfect photoshoot space. Enjoy the largest location library and hassle-free bookings today.

La Caterers

If you’re looking for a caterer in Los Angeles that serves authentic Mexican food, check out the menu at Guelaguetza Restaurate. This restaurant and caterer specializes in Oaxacan cuisine, including mole sauce, tamales and tlayudas, also known as tortilla pizzas. Vegetarians will enjoy the vegan refried bean pasta (usually made with lard), while omnivores can try the chapulines or sautéed grasshoppers.

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Catering — La Guerrera’s Kitchen

You can choose from their full-service catering options or simply purchase some of their prepared party trays for a self-service option. They design the self-serve trays to stay warm until you’re ready to serve them.

Heirloom is one of the most original caterers in Los Angeles. Originally known for their lasagna cupcakes, they have since branched out to offer several breakfast, sandwich and dinner packages. Plus, their full-service options have an emphasis on healthy, seasonal foods. Vegan and gluten-free items are clearly marked and their meat is grass-fed, line-caught and pasture-raised. They also work with local farms and community gardens to have a positive environmental impact.

Finally, not all events require a sit-down dinner – or even a hot meal. That’s why Amazeballs is one of the premier caterers in Los Angeles for a casual outdoor event on a hot day. They serve a variety of cold smoothies and acai bowls that are all dairy and soy free. Choose from a DIY bowl bar, drop-off or food truck catering options. They can even serve your guests in 12-ounce coconut shells!

Bite Couture Catering has been delighting palates all over Los Angeles for the past 15 years. What is unique about them is that they tailor a gourmet menu to suit you, your event and your budget. With Bite, you can enjoy traditional catering options such as charcuterie boards, salad stations and seasonal dishes. Plus, they offer more unique “bar” options for your event, such as decorated “picnic bars,” “bao bun bars,” “slider bars,” and “candy bars,” to name a few!

Catering Companies In Los Angeles To Satiate Your Palate

Choosing a catering company may seem fairly straightforward, but as you can see, there is a lot of variety out there. A wedding reception or sit-down dinner will require a different menu and presentation than a backyard barbecue. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with creative menu choices or save money with a buffet or DIY options. And remember, when you want the perfect venue and sensational catering to match, choose the Concierge service. It’s the easiest way to create an incredible event without having to call multiple vendors.

Whether you’re serving a full meal, refreshing snacks, or hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, check out these eight catering companies in Los Angeles. They can deliver

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