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Kumpulan Resep Minuman – After a day of activities in the sweltering heat of the day, it seems that your body needs to cool down with a drink to quench your thirst. Especially during Ramadan, modern new drink recipes are always a mainstay in breaking the fast. and never fail to enliven roadside takjil vendors’ stalls.

Quoted from Bisnis.com, in 2023, people will prefer drinks that are refreshing, have layers or layers of different flavors and have textures like crisp, soft and creamy.

Kumpulan Resep Minuman

Kumpulan Resep Minuman

In addition, people have become more health conscious after the pandemic. Drinks that are not only tasty and refreshing, but contain healthy and beneficial ingredients for the body are a very popular choice. So now the trend of drinks is no longer an industrial commodity but a part of lifestyle.

Resep Minuman Segar Berbahan Dasar Susu Cair

The demand for beverages that offer new flavors is always high. Especially in the month of fasting, clean drinks with healthy fruits are very popular as takjil menu.

In addition, flavor combinations in beverages can be an effective way to entice customers to buy, as people are drawn to unique items.

Want to drink coconut ice but can’t find the fruit? Don’t worry, you can make it yourself with Nutrijel capital and get creative. It’s really easy, let’s try it.

It is best to break the fast with something new. Want to know how to make a simple Lychee Yakult? Take a look below.

Kumpulan Artikel Tentang Drink Hacks

There is no need to doubt the taste of this modern drink recipe. Come try making iced coffee at home, it’s so easy.

Looking for a link to a new drink to break the fast? Try this milky watermelon which is sweet, fresh and definitely healthy.

He wants to start fasting in search of something new. It is a modern new drink solution. Let’s make this easy to make mango ice cream.

Kumpulan Resep Minuman

Now you can find a wide variety of drinks sold on roadsides and in shopping malls. But it would be better if you can make the drink recipe at home without digging into your pocket.

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Timun Suri Dan Blewah Kandungan Dan Khasiat, Kumpulan Resep Minuman, Panduan Bertanam

Moreover, it is very easy to find the ingredients you need, so what are you waiting for?.. You can make the following recipe for a refreshing drink that will quench your thirst.

This drink recipe is perfect for those who love processed coffee drinks. The taste is very different because it is combined with herbal jelly as an additional spice. Here’s how to do it.

The ingredients used to prepare this drink recipe are very complete. It is made from natural ingredients with various fruit blends, so you get a refreshing and healthy meal. Here’s how to do it.

This drink recipe serves up a refreshing combination of lychee and yakult. Can you imagine how refreshing this drink recipe is? Come see how to do it below.

Kumpulan 5 Resep Minuman Rempah Bisa Untuk Lawan Covid 19, Tubuh Jadi Lebih Sehat Dan Bugar

Recently, many trendy drinks have appeared. However, instead of standing in long queues to enjoy a glass of fresh, it is better to make it yourself at home. Check out the full details below.

With its refreshing sour taste, mangoes are perfect as an ingredient in drink recipes. Add jelly on top and you are guaranteed to quench your thirst in no time. Here’s how to do it

So, a processed coffee drink that can be used as an ingredient in a drink recipe is a cappuccino. Alternatively, you can add herb jelly to add flavor variation. Here’s how to do it.

Kumpulan Resep Minuman

Another mango drink recipe is Young Coconut Mango Ice. Delicious shredded coconut mixed with sour mango slices and refreshing coconut water will instantly quench your thirst and replace it with unparalleled freshness. Curious and want to give it a try? Just follow the information below.

Menu Minuman Kekinian Yang Masih Laris Di 2022

In most parts of Indonesia, the hot weather dries out the food. If so, you need a new drink to quench your thirst. So here we give you some cool drink recipe suggestions that are ready to make you fresh again.

Perfectly suited when used as part of a drink recipe menu with strong coffee, palm sugar and ice. It’s easy to get the ingredients to make it. Here’s how to do it.

Everyone knows the recipe for this drink. The combination of delicious flavors made from coconut milk and daawat grains, then mixed with the sweetness of palm sugar, is suitable as a satisfying daytime drink. Here’s how to do it.

Mango is one of the fruits that is often used as the main ingredient in the preparation of fresh drinks. Including this mango milk fruit ice. The combination of refreshing sour taste and halal milk will succeed in re-energizing you.

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Resep Minuman Sehat Ala Pengobatan Dokter Zaidul Akbar, Cuma Butuh 4 Bahan!

Recently, the beverage business has become more and more popular among the public, especially among young people. As many people like it, this business is considered very promising. So, if you’re planning a beverage business, you’d better pay attention to the following information on unique beverage recipes to sell.

This drink recipe can be different from other drink recipes because it is combined with trendy boba ingredient mix and refreshing taste of ice. Try this drink recipe.

The combination of delicious and sticky flavors in the avocado, followed by chocolate and milk, makes for a very refreshing drink. However, be careful, using too many ingredients with overly sweet flavors can cause diabetes. Here’s how to do it.

Kumpulan Resep Minuman

A variety of tea drinks that you can try as a suitable beverage menu for sale is milk tea. This drink recipe is very easy to make with simple ingredients. To do it, follow the steps below.

Resep Minuman Buka Puasa Yang Nikmat

So which drink recipe would you like to make first? Or have other drink recipe suggestions? Please write in the comment column. Cold, fresh drinks are perfect when the atmosphere is hot. Not only that, new drinks will boost your mood and enthusiasm when you are bored.

So, for those boarding kids who might be bored drinking only sweet iced tea or orange ice to refresh their dry food, let’s try making your own new boarding drink that’s easy and delicious.

If you often order chilled lemonade at restaurants while hanging out with friends, it’s really easy to make, you know! You as a boarding student

The sweet taste of sugar and sour lemon is a perfect combination in this recipe. It’s guaranteed to be refreshing enough to wake you up. This drink is perfect for those who like sour tastes, to refresh yourself. Check out the recipe below.

Resep Minuman Segar, Pelepas Dahaga Saat Cuaca Panas

Mojito is usually served as a carbonated drink mixed with alcohol. However, you can make it in a non-alcoholic version. Even so, this lychee mojito dish is still refreshing. How to make a lychee mojito is very easy, and the extra ingredients make it easy to get. Want to know the recipe? Here he is!

This healthy drink is so easy for you to make at home, the ingredients are simple and it can be stored for 3 days, you know! One of the well-known benefits of detox water is that it can be used to cleanse the body of toxins so that the toxins are gone and the body is relaxed. In addition to detoxifying the body, drinking infused water protects the body from dehydration, is a source of vitamins, boosts immunity, and prevents kidney diseases.

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Infused water is very suitable for dieters to drink every day. Unfortunately, bottled water cannot be drunk immediately. First, it should be left for 3-4 hours. Below is a recipe for infused water for boarding school children.

Kumpulan Resep Minuman

Sweet and refreshing are the sentences that describe the taste of milky watermelon ice cream. Watermelon itself has benefits for keeping the body hydrated. Therefore, watermelon should add a refreshing taste. Below is a recipe for milk watermelon ice.

Resep Minuman Buka Puasa Yang Segar, Simpel Dan Mudah Dibuat

! If you like drinking rubies, you’ll love the fresh taste of this mojito recipe. The method and ingredients are easy and only takes 5 minutes. How can? Come check out the recipe below.

Enjoy this typical Balinese drink? You can make your own at home. Compared to coconut ice, this drink can be a refreshing alternative when you’re thirsty. See the recipe below.

This unique drink has a refreshing sweet and sour taste. For matcha or green tea lovers, this drink is a must-try. You can make it yourself at home with simple ingredients. Want to try it out? This is the recipe.

Do you have a stash of ice cream that you haven’t eaten yet? Yes, this drink recipe can reduce the stock of ice cream. The combination of coffee and ice cream is guaranteed to be delicious and refreshing. Ideal for bedtime, cold coffee can wake you up. If you like coffee, you will definitely like this drink. Interested in a recipe? Check out the following.

Resep Minuman Rahasia Dapur

This drink is made with simple ingredients that are easily found in the kitchen, but the taste is anything but simple. Lime Cucumber Ice provides daytime freshness. In addition, this drink is also suitable as a menu for fasting.

Oreos never go bad when used as an additive to drinks. Evidence Oreo smoothies are a drink with many fans. Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy Oreo smoothies. It turns out that making Oreo smoothies isn’t that difficult, and you can even make them at home.

Cappuccino lovers should try this modern drink recipe as it is very easy to make at home. You just need to buy the ingredients from the nearest minimarket and make it in no time. The taste of cappuccino and the chewiness of chocolate jelly will lift your spirits. This drink is perfect for accompanying you to work, study or just relaxing.

Kumpulan Resep Minuman

This time there is a delicious chocolate drink. Chocolate is known as a mood-boosting food. If it is made into a drink, the feeling will not decrease. Choco Ice Blend can be the beverage of choice to accompany your day

Resep Minuman Kekinian Yang Bisa Dicoba Di Hari Yang Panas

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