Ketan Durian Lumer Resep

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Ketan Durian Lumer Resep – Yesterday I made this incredibly delicious appetizer again (you can go a little overboard…) but this time I made it using pandan takir. I used to only use plastic pudding cups.

The story goes…my husband cleaned up the garden (also an inch…) in front of the house. He also cut down my pandan plants. He said…too pompous. Just leave a few pandan leaves. It is very sad to see pandan leaves being wasted. I took it, cleaned it and made takir. I am planning to make takir for Apang Kou.

Ketan Durian Lumer Resep

Ketan Durian Lumer Resep

Plans suddenly changed because there were a lot of people selling durians at the market. It has been durian season in my area for the past few weeks. Since yesterday I wanted to buy it, but I was hesitant because I had just recovered from a fever, Lala’s sister had a fever before. Although I really wanted to eat the durian, I had to hold back because the durian was hot. My temperature will rise again…

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Thank God, our family has been healthy for the past few days, I, who was eager to eat durian, immediately bought 3 large durians. My kids and husband ate half of the meal, and I used the rest to make sticky rice with durian. But this time I did it with some enthusiasm. Take half a kilo of durian and half a kilo of white glutinous rice. Anyway, this time, eat as much as you want, heh… heh…

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750 ml coconut milk. I only used 650ml coconut milk (350ml instant coconut milk + water to make 650ml).

3. Place half of the cooked glutinous rice in the coconut milk in a bowl. Stir well. Leave until all the coconut milk is absorbed by the sticky rice.

Dissolve 4-5 tablespoons of custard powder in a little water (I used 2 tablespoons of custard powder and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. I want the durian layer to be the natural white color of the durian. If you are using only custard powder, the layer durian will be yellow) so… depends on what you want, friend. what kind of.

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Pour glutinous rice into the prepared takir. The height is half the height of the takir. Then pour in the durian custard until it is full. Once the hot steam disappears, place it in the refrigerator.

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