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Joliet Catering – Let’s cook your next meal, big or small, we’ve got you covered!!! Book your event or holiday dinner today!!!! Lots of options to choose from to fill your desired meal. Thanksgiving orders must be placed by November 17, 2023. Full payment is required for Thanksgiving orders. No minimum purchase required for dessert orders. Available items include: Sweet Potato Pie, Pound Cake, Peach Pie, Banana Pudding and Caramel Cake.

Located on the south side of Joliet, For the Love of Soul is an American-style family restaurant offering hearty gourmet cuisine. Enjoy good food and good times in an intimate family setting or at a large-scale event. Let him do everything for the love of the soul! Cooking with love, from the soul! Owner photos

Joliet Catering

Joliet Catering

Catering packages start at $10.99 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Special meal packages, minimum 2 sides, start at $7.99 per person. Minimum order is $150.00 before tax, plus shipping and handling. All deposits are non-refundable.

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Caterer orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Full payment is required 7 days prior to order shipment. Full payment is required if order less than 7 days prior to delivery. The final count may be less than 7 days before the delivery date, but NEVER less. Holiday catering requires full payment at the time of placing the order.

Call (815) 295-1240 Catering only available at this time. Please submit all requests via the feed link above. Restaurants and BarsNiko’s Catering Announces Greek Dinner at Republic Banquet Hall, the first time Nikos Lippas will offer in-house dining for his famous Greek chicken dishes. He eats 1,000 Greek chickens.

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Next Wednesday, Oct. 4, Niko’s Catering will serve up 1,000 Greek chicken meals, and for the first time, people will be able to dine on-site at the Republic Avenue banquet hall. (John Ferak/Joliet Editor)

JOLIET, IL – Nikos Lippas, owner of popular Joliet restaurateur Nikos Lippas, will host his first Greek Dinner at his new location in May, moving to Joliet’s west side to open Niko’s Catering. For the first time, customers can dine at the Republic Banquet Hall if they wish.

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Next Wednesday, Oct. 4, Nico’s Catering owner said he will cook 1,000 Greek chicken meals for the Greek Dinner Night Extravaganza. It will last from 10 am to 8 pm. – or when there is food.

During an interview Wednesday night at Republic Banquet Hall, Lippas plans to sell 1,000 Greek chicken dinners, “the first in the new location,” he said.

All customers will enter the building through the front entrance. The Republic Hall Banquet Facility is located at 113 Republic Ave., between West Jefferson Street and Glenwood Avenue.

Joliet Catering

People visiting Nico’s Catering for Greek Chicken will use the front entrance of the Republic Avenue Banquet Hall in Joliet. John Ferak /

Niko’s Catering Opening On Republic Ave. ‘we’re Proud To Serve You’

The wedding hall will accommodate about 160 guests. For dinner customers, Greek Dinner will also offer desserts and salads for purchase.

“We’ll have some Greek music,” he said. “Soda, beer and wine will also be available from the bar.”

Joliet asked Nico’s catering owner how business has been since he opened his catering business. In August, Lippas also sold Nico’s Pizzeria, a Joliet restaurant on Ohio Street, to longtime friend Gabriel Jaramillo.

“Perfect, better than never,” Lippas replied. “We have already completed catering at the new location and look forward to more business with local schools, hospitals and business offices.”

Hall Rental Packages

Regarding the Greek dinner, which was his first at Republic Banquet Hall, Lippas said, “I’m excited to see all my customers. I want to thank all my loyal customers who have been with me for so many years. Thank you all. Your continued support. I wouldn’t be here without you. I’ll thank you. I’ll keep feeding you guys with a smile.”

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To place your Greek Chicken Meal orders, visit Nico’s Nutrition website. Otherwise, call Nico’s Catering at 815-630-2006 to reserve a spot for takeout or Greek Dinner. Opening of Restaurants and BarsNiko on Republic Avenue. We are proud to serve you. Republic Avenue on June 5, which is a week after Memorial Day.

One of Nikos Lippas’ favorite items on the Nikos Catering menu is Greek cheese, also known as tiropita. (Image via Nikos Lippas, owner of Niko Catering)

Joliet Catering

JOLIET, IL – Nikos Lippas of Niko’s Pizzeria has opened a restaurant on Joliet’s west side at 113 Republic Ave.

Rolls, Food, Cater

Nico’s Catering will operate the kitchen behind Republic Hall. Customers coming to the building to pick up takeout orders will use the door on the north side of the property. Nico’s Nutrition will offer pickup or delivery services.

“I think it’s going to be a very rapid development,” Lippas told Joliet in an interview Thursday on Republican Avenue. “We’ve been doing takeout (from Nico’s Pizzeria), but it’s grown exponentially in the last four or five years.”

Nico’s Catering will open on Republic Avenue on June 5, which is a week after Memorial Day. “Orders are not too small or two large,” Lippas said. “We do catering only. We’re going to do lunch for funerals, offices, weddings, whatever.”

“We’ve been doing catering for 15 years, but it’s grown exponentially in the last four or five years,” said the owner of Nico’s Pizzeria. Image via Nikos Lippas used with permission

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Lippas wanted people in the Joliet area to know that Nico’s Nutrition will bring food to Minoka, Plainfield, New Lenox, Romoville, Shorewood, Channa, Rockdale, Crest Hill and “all of Joliet.”

Normally, Nico’s Nutrition can place orders for people between 7am and 7pm. every day. People will be asked to place food orders over the phone or online. Nico’s Nutrition can be reached at 815-630-2006 and the new website.

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“We appreciate that they give us 24-hour notice. We’re proud to serve you,” Lippas said, referring to shipping orders. “All catering is moving to 113 Republic Ave. All orders must go through the new catering kitchen.”

Joliet Catering

The new catering menu is at the bottom of this story and can also be viewed on his new business website at

Catering — Amigeaux’s Restaurant

The new catering menu includes Greek scallops, pastas, meats, salads, wraps, dips, sides, appetizers and tacos. Nico’s Catering will offer taco boxes and birthday boxes.

All catering is moving to 113 Republic Avenue and the new restaurant will be called Nikos Catering. John Ferak /

One of Lippas’ favorite items on the catering menu is Greek cheese, also known as tiropita. Lippas had an affair with a woman in Greece known as “Lady Vaso”.

Last summer, for example, Joliet profiled Ms. Vaso’s Greek lasagna—known in Greece as pastitzio. As for the new catering menu, “the cheese pie is its cheese pie,” explained Lippas. “Cheese Pie – Mrs. Vaso’s Recipe from Greece.”

New Restaurant Replacing The Keg In Joliet

In the coming days, Lippas said, a large search will be made at Republic Hall to lead people to Nico’s, located behind the building.

Unique to Niko’s catering menu are “several fresh pastas” and “we now offer mini-subs and croissant subs. We offer house-made Greek cabbage.

“We have a lot of customers from around town, and now we’re meeting them in the middle,” he said.

Joliet Catering

For the first time in over a year, downtown Lippas restaurant, Niko’s Pizzeria, is offering a delicious Greek chicken dish next Tuesday with full blast.

Niko’s Catering Announces Greek Dinner Night At Republic Banquet Hall

“I do 1,000 orders,” he said. “Greek Chicken with Greek Rice and Greek Potatoes, $9.99. I won’t be doing this for another three months, so take advantage. Pre-order dinner before we sell out.”

Lippas said people start ordering Greek chicken dinners between now and Memorial Day weekend. The phone number for Nico’s Pizzeria is 815-722-8800 on Tuesday for the 20-day extravaganza on Ohio Street.

In December 2021, Nikos Lippas of Niko’s Pizzeria cooked 1,300 Greek chicken meals, doubling his previous record. File / John Ferak / Joliet

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