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Jobs In Catering – At , we go above and beyond to deliver much more than amazing food to the pupils and students we are privileged to work with – and it is the drive and determination of our people that really make this possible. Our teams are united by a passion to inspire pupils and students with delicious and nutritious food, and to create outstanding educational experiences in schools, colleges and universities across the country.

If you believe you have the skills, ambition and shared values ​​to help us deliver on the promise, we may have the perfect job for you. From school kitchen to facilities management roles, explore our diverse range of full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs below and discover a wealth of opportunities available to you at , while also benefiting from being part of the wider Compass Group UK & Ireland. .

Jobs In Catering

Jobs In Catering

Could you help us bring delicious food to the table for pupils and students across the UK? In one of our dynamic school catering operations, you will play a vital role in enriching the educational experiences of children and young adults with healthy food that matches their tastes and preferences.

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We are wholeheartedly committed to creating safe, secure and inspiring environments for our pupils and students to enjoy nutritious meals and develop lifelong social behaviours. As part of our facilities cleaning and management team, you will help us achieve this by looking after the schools, colleges and universities we are proud to partner with.

We are always looking for motivated people to lead our amazing teams across the UK. In one of our exciting supervisory or management jobs, you’ll help everyone from our food servers to our quality control specialists to thrive in their roles, whether you’re based in one of our independent schools, state schools, colleges or universities.

We always go the extra mile to look after our people, because we know they play a vital role in helping us remain the UK’s favorite school catering company. When you join the team at , part of the wider Compass Group UK & Ireland, you will be working within a global organization that truly values ​​diversity, inclusiveness and opportunities for progression.

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From offering an industry-leading apprenticeship program to making mental health and wellbeing support widely accessible through our You Matter initiative, we empower our people to realize their full potential at .

Catering Job Description

Find out what makes us tick by reading more about the incredible impact we’re proud to make in schools, colleges and universities across the country.

From catering assistants to cleaners, our Schools teams work in primary and secondary schools across the UK to make nutritious food and inspiring social environments accessible to every pupil. When you come into work with Schools, you will help us nurture and nurture children to enable them to reach their full potential.

As part of Colleges, you will play a vital role in cultivating a love of wonderful food among students with mealtimes and social environments that are always impactful. Whether you’re serving Starbucks or Costa coffee as one of our baristas or ensuring the smooth delivery of lunches ordered through our Time2Eat app, you’ll help create meaningful dining experiences for university students, every day.

Jobs In Catering

From our motivated contract directors to our ambitious catering assistants, every member of the University team proudly creates dynamic student experiences by providing the best convenience for our students. When you join them, you’ll play a vital role in bringing exceptional food to the table and cultivating innovative social spaces – whether serving the perfect Subway sandwich or preparing delicious dishes from one of our unique foods.

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As a member of Independent, you will be part of a team that is planting the seeds for students in independent schools to make healthy choices for themselves and the planet. Whether you support our expert nutritionists, bring your drive to our resident catering and cleaning teams, or serve fresh coffee as part of our Change Please partnership, you’ll help us go above and beyond to offer dining experiences that exceed expectations. At Helpings Café and Catering, you’ll find Starbucks specialty coffee, freshly baked pastries, delicious breakfasts and lunches prepared in-house by our talented team. Visit us at the UMOM New Day Centers Campus to dine in or take out.

Our made-from-scratch dishes are created with the careful use of fresh ingredients to deliver delicious food that can be enjoyed in our cafe or delivered to your place.

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Helpings Café and Catering is a Social Enterprise and a subsidiary of UMOM New Day Centers. Our mission is to strengthen our community and make a social impact through our delicious, handcrafted food. Every purchase helps fund programs and services that help UMOM clients find jobs and an affordable place to live.

Your coffee, breakfast or catered team lunch helps restore hope, rebuild lives and end homelessness for families and singles in our community.

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This six-week, 120-hour curriculum consists of barista, cashier, customer service and culinary training. The Home Program trains and exposes students to real, hands-on experiences at Helpings Café in a controlled, productive and fun environment. Participants learn to take orders, use a point of sale system, make Starbucks drinks, make food and serve customers.

After completing the Home Program, a graduation ceremony is held in which students demonstrate the skills acquired through their training. In addition, students receive a food handler certificate and attend a job preparation workshop.

The Homegrown Training program provides skills that lead to employment and a stable income, putting a home within reach.

Jobs In Catering

Helpings Café and the Home Training Program is proud to be a model member of the Catalyst Kitchens network.

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Helpings’ friendly faces also bring serious culinary pedigree to the table. This talented team has a combined 75+ years of experience with an emphasis on creating memorable experiences.

Chef Dora Lira, lauded for her legendary house fries, keeps our seasonal and food menus fresh and fabulous.

Look for Jessica, Adrianna, Martha, Breanna and the many friendly faces of our cafe team on your next visit. Catering is an interesting branch of the culinary professional tree. It is a job that many people take very seriously. Having the skill and ability to be able to properly and deliciously prepare meals is used every day.

What exactly do caterers do? First and foremost, they must know how to cook, plate and safely transport and store food. In addition, they must have good business and communication skills. How is eating different from the vast majority of other jobs done by cooks and chefs in kitchens around the world?

Catering Side Gigs Are The Perfect Opportunity To Make Extra Cash

Often, before you go to a wedding, you will receive an RSVP card. That card will ask if you will be attending, if you will be bringing a partner (the ‘plus one’), and in many cases, it will ask what you would like for your entry at the reception.

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As a general rule, a caterer will not provide the same service you would receive in a restaurant. They won’t make substitutions for your prime rib, they won’t specially prepare your meal, and generally, outside of serious allergies or medical needs, they won’t deviate from the meal plan as it was presented to those who put the event together. .

However, the main meal at a reception or event is not all that a caterer will put together. They are usually responsible for putting together some snacks, meals that will prevent the guests from becoming gluttonous before the meal is ready for serving and consumption.

Jobs In Catering

Some caterers are lucky enough to have the ability to cook from their own kitchens and transport their food to whatever location they need. These people often invest in food transportation methods that will also maintain the temperature or humidity of the food intended for consumption.

The Jdk Group Now Hiring Catering Jobs Open Interviews Tuesday Sept. 20th

For everyone else working in catering, however, every new venue means a new kitchen, and a new kitchen layout. Some kitchens are better equipped than others, of course, and that means that every day presents new challenges for a catering chef.

Imagine you go into a local steakhouse to get a 20-ounce prime rib. You don’t want the asparagus that comes with it, though, so you wonder if they’ll make a substitute. Maybe you don’t like the bene sauce either, so you wonder if they’ll replace it with some kind of garlic butter.

Most restaurants will do this. For a foodie, however, such a strange request during the planning stages of a large meal is common.

Maybe the bride at a wedding wants the steak done in a completely unusual way, like sous vide. Perhaps the groom has a family history of celiac disease, and to avoid any possible gastrointestinal problems, the family asks that there be no flour in anything at the wedding.

Catering And Dining Services Jobs Available

One of the most impressive things about the average kitchen at your local restaurant is how many meals they will cook in a night. If they make a mistake, maybe they don’t look carefully at the oven or the stove, they might ruin one meal, but that’s a pretty minor thing.

A supplier, however, can make scores

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