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My activities for Aoma are more focused on helping others. We need to support the younger generation as agents of change. Along with health information, healthy food and drinks can increase the enthusiasm of mothers and younger generations to prioritize health.

Ikan Tim Hongkong Resep

Ikan Tim Hongkong Resep

My job is to provide information about nutrition and health to the future generation of Indonesia to live a healthy life, that is our ambition.

Ikan Steam Lemon

My job is to cover each section, report, and provide information in the form of valuable Ioma content. Also coordinates all activities and monitors progress.

My job is to ensure that the activities on the Aoma website run well and smoothly. Apart from that, I also appear to hold events on social media.

My job is usually to run a series of events as an MC or moderator. As an Ioma presenter, I discuss topics from speakers.

My job is to introduce Aoyama to the community and build good relationships with Aoyama members. Create valuable, relevant and consistent content for social media marketing, advertising and attracting customers. Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get more traffic.

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Resep Ikan Kukus, Salah Satunya Jadi Mpasi

My job is to create recipes, cook and serve delicious, beautiful and healthy food. I like to experiment in the kitchen with main courses, appetizers and desserts. Through the Aoma Cookbook I share healthy recipes to keep the younger generation interested.Brilio.net – Offering a menu of delicious and healthy food is easy and effortless. Some people choose to avoid fried and grilled foods so you have to rack your brain.

Therefore, the process of food preparation using a batch method can be an option that you can choose. The cooking method is to cook a container containing all the food ingredients soaked in boiling water.

It can be said that cooking fish using a batch method is rarely done by people. However, this technique is very popular for restaurant-style dishes, for example Hong Kong-style group fish menu.

Ikan Tim Hongkong Resep

Batch processing requires different time frames. Some take 20 minutes or an hour. The cooking time depends on the type of ingredients used and the doneness you want to achieve.

Resep Ikan Tim Ala Hong Kong Oleh Ironchef

Prefer to prepare fish by cooking? Wednesday (3/2) Check out brilio.net’s collection of grouper fish recipes summarized from various sources.

2. Saute the chopped garlic and ginger until fragrant. Add the spring onions and half of the soy sauce ingredients. Mix well.

1. Coat the fish with sesame oil, arrange on a plate with garlic leaves, ginger and garlic. Steam for 10 minutes.

3. Discard fish steam water, pour soy sauce. Sprinkle the fish with spring onions soaked in ice water.

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Resep Ikan Kukus Yang Mudah Dibuat, Bisa Untuk Menu Diet

2. Saute garlic until fragrant. Add ginger, fish sauce, seafood sauce and enough water. Cook until boiling.

2. Arrange half of the team fish seasoning in a container, top with the gourami fish, and top with the remaining seasoning over the gourami fish.

1. Mix marinated fish with spices. Steam for about 20 minutes until the fish is cooked. Set aside.

Ikan Tim Hongkong Resep

1. Mix vegetable oil with sesame oil, cook until boiling. Pour the sauce and toppings over the provided barracuda fish.

Resep Steamed Fish With Chili & Garlic, Coba Yuk Moms!

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