Hamels Catering

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Hamel’s Catering & Summit View Meeting House is a wedding and special event catering company located in Holyoke, MA. This family-owned restaurant has been a part of Western Massachusetts since 1990. Drawing on New England tradition and culture, Hamel’s Catering & Summit View Meeting House offers top-notch services and spaces for your wedding day or other special occasion you may celebrate.

Hamels Catering

Hamels Catering

Located on the Connecticut River, Hamel’s Catering & Summit View Meeting House features two wedding and special event spaces. Offering beautiful views and scenery, the indoor event space can accommodate up to 175 guests for buffet and 150 for plated meals. It has a separate entrance and a spacious dance floor. The outdoor pavilion can accommodate up to 400 people and is the perfect place for a daytime celebration. Services and amenities offered by both rooms include:

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Whether your wedding is held outdoors or in our indoor banquet hall, Hamel’s Catering & Summit View Meeting House will help you create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. Carrying on the legacy of the founding grandfather, the staff and special events team are friendly and always ready to ensure that every detail reflects your vision. In addition to weddings, Hamel’s Catering & Summit View Meeting House is happy to host hen parties, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and anniversaries. Other available services include:

Hamel’s Catering & Summit View Meeting House offers a mix of dishes that make New England so unique, including Italian cuisine, Asian fusion, and traditional roasted meat and seafood recipes that locals have enjoyed for generations. All-inclusive packages are available and couples can choose from buffet or plated services, including appetizers, mains and dessert. The team at Hamel’s Catering & Summit View Meeting House makes sure everything runs smoothly in the kitchen, ensuring your event is perfect from start to finish. Catering services available include:

We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Summit View! ! During the planning process, the staff were extremely responsive, responsive and willing to work with us. The staff were absolutely amazing on the day! They were very helpful and supportive and made sure everything ran smoothly. The food was delicious, the space is beautiful and their prices are very reasonable. The staff really went above and beyond to make this an amazing experience for us. I cannot recommend Summit View enough! !

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The entire experience at The Summitview House was excellent. Thank you, Mike, Tony, Brenda and staff. You helped make my day perfect.

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Our experience working with Summit View was truly a great experience. Brenda and the entire staff were with us from start to finish. The food was excellent and we received nothing but praise from all our guests. The only complaint from the guests was that they ate too much and couldn’t dance as much as they wanted because they were full! I highly recommend it for future weddings. Catering is big business, but many restaurants have yet to take advantage of it. Reason? There is no money for them! But with the right strategy and a little planning, you can make catering work for your restaurant. In this article, we’ll discuss how to decide whether offering catering will benefit your business and how to begin making arrangements once you’ve decided it’s worth spending a little extra time (and money) to develop an effective catering program for your facility. Why restaurants should offer catering: Catering is a powerful tool for your restaurant. It can help you increase revenue, attract new customers and increase customer satisfaction. There are many advantages of catering. Catering gives your business flexibility and freedom, allowing you to expand your reach while keeping costs low. It also provides an additional source of revenue and can help improve your bottom line by offsetting other expenses. First, catering allows you to offer your guests a wider range of food options than you would otherwise be able to provide. With catering, you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough staff to prepare each dish or whether you’ll have to spend time cooking meals from scratch. We plan catering in advance, which will allow you to plan and complete your order stress-free. Secondly, catering will help your restaurant stand out from the crowd. The food served at a restaurant is the most important aspect of its brand identity – it’s what sets it apart from everyone else in the area! When you go to the trouble of providing catering at your restaurant, you show that you care about serving people delicious food and making sure they have a positive experience while dining there. Finally, catering will ensure that customers are not dissatisfied with their experience at your restaurant. If they find something on their plate they don’t like or are not satisfied with their drink order, they may not come back! Catering allows you to take care of any problems before they arise. Read on to discover 4 more benefits that catering can bring to your restaurant! Catering will strengthen your bond with the community. Restaurants have a built-in customer base and can use it to grow their business. There are many incentives for restaurants to offer catering services. Restaurants already have a valuable customer base and community relationships that can be leveraged to provide catering services if done correctly. If your restaurant has a large following, it may not make sense to go into catering because there will be other companies that also want their food served at your restaurant – and these companies will charge more than you would charge yourself! Many people visit restaurants regularly because it is convenient and enjoyable. By offering catering services as an extension of this base, you will be able to build new relationships with the same customers who may not have been previously aware of your restaurant brand! Once your catering business starts growing (and it will!), you’ll start building new connections in the neighborhoods where people live – and there’s no better way for restaurant owners than to provide great food at affordable prices! Restaurants can make the most of their holidays. Holidays are a good time to arrange catering orders. With so many restaurants opening and closing, it can be easy for customers to forget about their favorite places when they don’t have regular opening hours or just need something quick and easy. Holidays are also great for setting up catering orders because they give you more time than you would otherwise have. Finally, holidays can be ideal if you do your inventory before the end of the month – during those two weeks, your restaurant will be visited by fewer people (and therefore fewer opportunities to use up leftover food). This means that when customers return on their day off, there will be no leftovers waiting for them! Restaurants already have the kitchen space they need. As you know, the more people your restaurant can serve, the more money you will make. However, to serve more people, more space is needed. For more space, you need a kitchen that is large enough to accommodate all your hungry mouths. You may be thinking, “But wait! Why spend money on catering when we already have the space and kitchen equipment?” The answer is simple: because your restaurant does not have to be limited by size. Your food service company can help your business expand into new markets and create new revenue streams through catering services. Catering can be a great way to give your customers more choice and save money. You may not have to pay for staff, rent, utilities, or even food costs if the restaurant has already paid for them. Thanks to this, you will quickly achieve profits! Catering will help your restaurant gain a reputation as a place that can cater for important events and receptions. Customers will remember your restaurant for future events, so it’s important to spread the word about your catering services. A well-established catering company can also attract more customers who want to host parties or events at the same location, which helps increase foot traffic and visibility. The bottom line is that with a little planning and a lot of forethought, you can use catering to grow your business. This is a great way to increase your revenue and get more customers. It also helps your restaurant build its brand, which is important for continued growth. Catering can be very profitable if done right, but it’s not yet something most restaurants do on a regular basis. Offering catering at your restaurant will make your business stand out in a saturated restaurant industry!

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