Finger Food Catering Menu

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There is just something about finger foods that is so much fun to eat! Maybe it’s the adorable size or the fact that you can eat more than one without thinking – either way, we’re all for every bite. And if Super Bowl recipes are on your mind, then these finger food ideas are just what you need to feed a crowd of hungry guests. Here you’ll find plenty of easy-to-eat snacks, game day foods and appetizers, including pigs in a blanket, garlic knots, fried pickles and scrambled eggs.

Finger Food Catering Menu

Finger Food Catering Menu

When it comes to finger foods, the key is that they are as easy to eat as they are to make before the party. You won’t need a fork, knife or even a plate in some cases (but napkins are still recommended, especially if you have kids!). Looking for healthy appetizers to pair with party dips? We bring you classic recipes like Blueberry Brie Bites, Shrimp Cocktail, and Mozzarella Sticks that are made in an air fryer. You’ll also find some creative ideas that will wow everyone at your party. Try chicken taquitos or pepperoni pizza, which would be a welcome addition to your Super Bowl party. (Speaking of football, lemon pepper chicken wings are one of our favorite additions to this list.) Serve them with one of our tasty cocktails, and these finger food ideas are sure to win over any crowd.

Finger Food Ideas For A Party

These mini hot dogs might just be the perfect party food. They’re wrapped in crescent roll dough, then topped with all the pretzel spices to really kick it up a notch.

Taquito is Spanish for “little taco” and that’s exactly what they are! The taco roll is fried until crispy, making it perfect for a bite.

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Melted cheese, crispy bacon and a hint of spice…what’s not to love about jalapeño poppers? You can even give them an extra kick by adding a dash of cayenne pepper to the filling.

Turn your favorite cheesy dip into a bite-sized, easy-to-serve snack. These wonton cups are each filled with that classic spinach-artichoke mix.

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Come football season, it’s all about the wings! And this version made with lemon and pepper spices is finger-licking good!

This classic finger food is made from a cornmeal batter that is fried until crispy. To give it a twist, add sharp cheddar cheese and jalapeños for a fiery kick.

This cheesy appetizer is made with mozzarella cheese, but you can easily swap in Colby Jack or pepper jack sticks for extra flavor.

Finger Food Catering Menu

Anything drizzled with butter and garlic is sure to be delicious. Add a bowl of warm marinara for dipping and everyone at the party will be happy.

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A pig in a blanket recipe is never enough, so Ree’s pull-out version is a fun way to change things up.

Store-bought puff pastry makes these bite-sized snacks super easy. For even easier entertaining, make them ahead, then freeze for up to a month!

This shrimp cocktail adds a burst of flavor by poaching shrimp with garlic, lemon, and Old Bay seasoning. It’s a major upgrade to a holiday classic.

This irresistible recipe turns comforting mac and cheese into a handheld party appetizer. You’ll love everything about them, including the crispy potato chip coating!

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Whether it’s a Super Bowl party or just an after school snack, these mini pizza rolls are sure to be a hit. The warm and cheesy rolls are served with marinara sauce for dipping, but you can also use pesto if you prefer!

Any Southern comfort food menu needs these fried pickles as a starter. They are delicious on their own, but serve them with creamy ranch dressing and everyone will be coming back for more!

This holiday favorite is a great way to use up leftover cranberry sauce. It’s tart, creamy, crunchy and impossible to eat just one!

Finger Food Catering Menu

It couldn’t be easier to make these crowd-pleasing sandwiches. You can prepare them up to six hours in advance, then whenever guests arrive, they can help themselves!

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Who says finger food can’t be elegant? These raised bites will look elegant on the holiday table without being too fussy to make.

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You can’t go wrong when serving deviled eggs at a party. They go with almost any meal – brunch, dinner or even late night snacks!

Each of these little wheels is filled with a mixture of spicy Italian sausage, spinach and cheese. It’s impossible to eat just one!

Put your kitchen appliances to work with this easy twist on a classic game day snack. The vegetarian-friendly “wings” are made from cauliflower, then minced in the air fryer.

Crowd Pleasing Engagement Party Food Ideas

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Everything you need to fuel your crew on game day Our best chicken wing ideas Sloppy Joes are ready for dinner in 30 minutes How to make stovetop popcorn Every special event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience life that must be organized by reliable professionals. We are known for exceeding our customers’ expectations through their hearts, minds and of course, their taste buds. Our award-winning reputation comes from our delicious food and the 5-star service you’ll experience the moment you contact us.

Finger Food Catering Menu

We offer a variety of menus and catering services to complement your once in a lifetime event. From weddings, corporate events, children’s parties and everything in between, count on us to serve you personally. We’re very easy to work with, so call us today for a free quick consultation where we’ll answer all your questions. If you don’t see it on our menu, we’ll make it for you!

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Buffet style is a popular option for weddings, corporate events and social gatherings with a large turnout of guests. Although a less formal option than a plated dinner service, your guests will have the opportunity to select their food preferences from a buffet selection, while allowing them to consider their dietary preferences and a chance to socialize while customizing their meal. . Usually several dishes are placed on a long table with decoration and guests are served by our staff creating a catering presentation.

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And the best part? We will take care of everything. We’ll bring the grill, set up a tent, and even provide plates and napkins. Your chef will grill everything on site.

No fuss, no mess, just great food and a great time. Get in touch and let’s make your party a success! 🍔🌭🍗

Finger Food Catering

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Finger Food Catering Menu

So, are you ready to get your party sizzling? Call us to ignite the fun with our delicious barbecue packages!

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This style adds an elegant touch to your event with a beautiful presentation, offering guests to sample and taste delicious hot and cold gourmet appetizers, which are served by our waiters. It is perfect for smaller events, especially those with a more personal and festive character. Our cocktail service is great for events of all sizes, making it easy for guests to socialize in a relaxed and fun environment.

Food stalls are very popular in both social and business gatherings. The variety of stations brings a lot of culinary excitement to an event, as guests can move around the event, looking forward to what’s next. Like a mini buffet, your guests can mix and match from any station, creating their own personal dish. Some food stations have freshly prepared chefs who prepare and serve the meal upon request, allowing your guests to customize their dish from our exciting selection of food options while networking and socializing. We offer tapas stations, pasta stations, carving stations and more. Food stations are fun

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