Es Kepal Green Tea Resep

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Es Kepal Green Tea Resep – Greentea Matcha Ice Cream Recipe – Greentea Matcha Ice Cream, have you tried it yet? If you haven’t already, hurry up and give it a try. This Malaysian Matcha Ice Cream creation is unlike any other, you know.

Apart from the Malaysian Milo Kepal Ice, which is very popular and a hit everywhere, the innovation of Matcha Kepal Ice is also tongue-in-cheek.

Es Kepal Green Tea Resep

Es Kepal Green Tea Resep

Cold shaved ice topped with melted matcha green tea sauce tastes really great. The ingredients needed to make this greentea matcha ice cream recipe are also easier and more practical than making milo chocolate ice balls.

Cara Membuat Es Kepal Milo Apk للاندرويد تنزيل

To make it, you only need 2 packets of macha-flavored Chocolatos powder, 1 bag of white sweetened condensed milk, super cream liquid milk, which can be replaced with warm water and toppings to taste.

If you think about it, the basic capital of this matcha greentea ice cream recipe is only IDR 6000 and can be used for 2 servings. Wow, super economical, right? So it is suitable to make yourself to try or sell.

Hey, but I recommend that if you want to sell, it’s better to just use the original green tea powder, so the results are tastier and more economical than buying green tea chocolate at retail.

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Anyone who wants to order green tea energy drink can WA me 082324908020. Because I sell green tea powder and various other flavors for 80 thousand kg.

Dessert Paling Viral Di Tahun 2018 Yang Bikin Heboh Sosial Media

For details, let’s just look at the ingredients and how to make the Greentea Matcha Ice Cream recipe as follows.

Seems like? Ohhhmm, don’t ask, just try this Greentea Matcha Ice Cream recipe, Capital 6000 makes 2 servings. Avoid addiction, hehehe!, Jakarta Sweet and cold drinks are many people’s favorite to break the fast. The recommendation to eat sweets while breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan has made sweet foods and drinks popular.

One of them is ice balls. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of ice ball sellers in various places, both on the roadside and in several hawker centers. Next to milo ice balls, which have become a hit among culinary lovers, this time there is another modern ice that is no less tasty and appetizing, namely green tea ice balls.

Es Kepal Green Tea Resep

Those who like different green tea dishes must try this recipe. Its preparation is quite simple and practical. As reported by, check out how to make modern green tea ice cubes below.

Ada Lagi Nih Yang Baru, Es Kepal Green Tea

2. Crush the ice cubes or hit them with a hard object until they are crushed. Then place the ice in plastic to prevent it from falling apart.

3. Pour ice into a serving bowl or glass, pour green tea mixed with sweetened condensed milk on top.

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4. Sprinkle roasted nuts, chocolate sprinkles, green tea wafers or other toppings to taste on top of the ice.

So making modern green tea ice cubes is not difficult, right? This drink is really suitable for friends breaking the fast. Recipes for breaking sahur and quick menus during the month of Ramadan 1439 are still available. H. – Shaved ice, plus Milo powder made into chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chopped nuts. Are you sure you know what culinary delights mean? Yes, it is true that the ingredients in question are the ingredients in Milo ice cubes.

Es Kepal Milo Cespleng Cafe, Sidoarjo

This cold culinary food is becoming an idol and has been highly desired by the people of Indonesia. Especially culinary lovers who do not want to taste this hit dessert. In fact, it’s not just crazy for Indonesians, Milo ice cream, originally from Malaysia, is also a favorite among residents of neighboring countries.

It is so famous that many traders sell this sweet culinary delight in different parts of Indonesia. You can easily find small shops selling modern ice cream. Even now, the flavor has been created with different flavor options that will leave you confused as to which one to choose.

What are they? The following are 5 modern ice cream variations that are popular right now, as reported by from various sources on Tuesday (5/15).

Es Kepal Green Tea Resep

Can you imagine enjoying a delicious red velvet cake, but in the form of fashionable ice balls? Instead of just imagining, it is better to try the ice cream variant that is made and sold directly by foreigners in a corner of Jogja city or more precisely in Langenastran Kidul, Yogyakarta.

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Buka Usaha Es Kepal Milo Ternyata Cuma Butuh Modal Rp4 Juta

Who else is red velvet’s friend if not green tea? Yes. In addition to the red velvet ice cream flavor, it also comes in a green tea flavor to pamper you in the hot sun. This type of ice cream is already sold in many outlets, one of which is Es Headling Bear in Jakarta.

Well, this ice cream variant has thrilled culinary lovers with its presence. How? This sweet and salty Dancow milk is served in a single serving with crushed ice and various toppings. The freshness can be addictive!

Those of you who are chocolate lovers will definitely love the Beng Beng ice cream option. Although they are both chocolatey, the crunch and sweetness of the mini Beng Beng in this ice ball will make you forget about your diet plan. Beware of addiction!

There are probably still many people who do not know about this ice ball variant. But that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment. The sweetness of the marshmallow sauce sprinkled on the waffles of the same flavor, the coolness of the shaved ice and its cute appearance will definitely make you even more popular when you try this dessert. So how is it? Which type of ice cream do you like?

Resep Es Mambo Alpukat, Supaya Camilan Anda Tak Itu Itu Saja

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