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Dunkin Donuts Coffee Catering – After making its debut in the 1970s, the Camtainer® has remained largely unchanged. Constructed of durable rotational molded plastic, the entire unit is rust, crack and chip resistant. Previously, coffee was mainly brewed and kept in metal containers. Not only is metal heavy, but it is also prone to heat loss. When the Camtainer proved its ability to maintain the temperatures of both hot and cold beverages, it established itself as a food service necessity.

You know how some people name their kid James, but everyone ends up calling him “Jimmy”? Well, technically we called it a Camtainer, but most foodies just call it “Cambro.” Although it can be used to hold a variety of beverages, it is a favorite among coffee shops and catering companies. For example, this is how Dunkin’ Donuts states it on their catering menu:

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Catering

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Catering

Our customers love their Camtainers, but don’t just get it from us. Here’s what they had to say:

How Wwii Jumpstarted Dunkin’ Donuts

“Making Joes Rain with Signature Cold Brew. Couldn’t have done it without our trusty@cambromfg.” – Drive Thru Joe Coffee

“The 5 gallon Camtainers are a staple in our business. We use the reds to mostly transport coffee to different locations almost daily to our first responders, evacuation shelters, farmers markets and other various locations. We also use the black ones for hand washing stations in various remote locations. Truly lifesavers!!” – Red Whale Coffee

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“We make the coffee here at home and then we take [the Camtainers] with us,” Beheydt said. “We’ve been drinking coffee there for over 16 hours, still coming out hot. Not just warm, but hot.” – Seneca Sunrise Coffee

“We’re in New York, the winters are brutal, and we’re out in the freezing cold on the sidewalk. I’ve been outside serving hot temperatures of 7°F and we have these [Cambro] beverage containers that hold hot chocolate and retain the heat, which is amazing,” Haken said. “In the summer we have the opposite. We have 100°F days to serve iced lemonade and iced tea out of the same [Camtainer] we use in the winter.” – City Relief

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Years later, we realized that the Camtainer could make the perfect compact hand washing station. With the addition of a hand-washing attachment, dispensing lever and easy-serve bucket, you have an affordable hand-washing station that can be placed almost anywhere.

“We offer the use of Cambro hand washing stations to our homeless clients here in West Palm Beach. They really appreciate the opportunity to get clean hands before eating with us.” Chef Robert Coleman Jr. with The Lord’s Place.

After the Camtainer, we created the sleek Ultra Camtainer and the sleek Camserver® for a modern approach to beverage service.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Catering

If a lid doesn’t fit your Cambro, it’s for one of the following reasons: Pan con Tomate is proof that food doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious 🍅 Our pan grill is the ✨ultimate✨ solution to noisy, your rusty problems How do you use the GoBox? Dunkin’ Donuts catering is just what you’re looking for to add a sweet touch to your next event.

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How Much Does Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Cost?

For all catering orders, Dunkin’ offers an array of sweet treats. Let’s start with different flavors at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Depending on the size of the crowd, you can choose either a dozen or half a dozen fresh donuts.

They serve many bagel options for you too. The options are a range of all bagels, onion rings and Poppyseed bagels.

You can buy a half dozen or a dozen of these, along with a plain or strawberry flavored cream cheese spread.

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Another great thing about them is that all types can come in seasonal flavors. You just have to get down to your local store to find out more.

Some must be ordered in 10 cups while you can buy up to 60 cups of Cambro whole coffee with them. These come with cups, lids, sweeteners and stirrers.

Chocolate Frosting, Frosting, Vanilla Frosting, Strawberry, Boston Cream, Old Fashioned, Jelly, Chocolate Cake Frosting, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon, Blueberry Cake.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Catering

Delivery is only available in select locations and on orders over $200. Be sure to stop by your nearest Dunkin’s for more details.

Duck Donuts Catering In Irvine, Ca

That’s why Dunkin’ Donuts is there with its catering menu, offering not only rich and creamy donuts, but also plenty of freshly baked muffins, bagels and some of the most addictive coffees.

Their prices are fair for the top quality products they sell. Why not feed your sweet tooth at your next party?

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Dunkin Donuts Coffee Catering

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