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Don Pablo’s Kitchen & Bakeshop offers the most delicious and authentic Chilean empanadas. From a perfected dough recipe learned in Chile, to tons of research into ideal fillings, at Don Pablo’s Kitchen & Bakeshop you can be assured of a unique dining experience.

Don Pablos Catering

Don Pablos Catering

Order directly from our website to save money on fees, get faster service, earn free food through our rewards program and support local businesses.

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Featured in the list of 35 best restaurants in Chicago written by the Chicago Social Magazine, Don Pablo’s is here to show you why. At Don Pablo’s you can enjoy quality Chilean empanadas, along with much much more…

Don Pablo’s Kitchen & Bakeshop was created to bring authentic Chilean empanadas to an area where they have not been offered for many years. Read more in this Chicago Reader article

Fantastic. I ordered the classic empanada with steak. The exterior pastry was perfectly browned and crisp, while the filling was fresh and delicious. For me, one empanada makes a great snack or a small meal. Great new place, highly recommended.

So happy to have such delicious empanadas in the neighborhood – great service and amazing Chilean style empanadas! highly recommend 🙂

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