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Denver Catering – Etai’s Catering offers full catering at your home, office, convention or any other event where you need to feed a group. We even provide funeral catering, brunch or lunch. Food brings people together, and when you order breakfast from Etai’s in Denver, you can be confident that you’re giving your guests the best. Impress clients, rally your staff, or feed family and friends with our made-from-scratch pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast burritos. All of our breads and pastries are baked in our legendary Denver bakery, and we have fresh and delicious options to meet all dietary needs. Learn more and book breakfast catering online for your next event!

Etai’s Catering can help you organize breakfast in Denver. With an assortment of delicious baked goods from our legendary Denver bakery and a variety of other fresh and delicious options, our breakfast buffet gets your event off to the right start.

Denver Catering

Denver Catering

All the food we cook is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, including breakfast! We make booking easy and increase your group size. We provide breakfast catering for small groups, large corporate events and everything in between.

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When ordering breakfast from Etai’s Catering in Denver, we guarantee next business day delivery for orders placed before 4pm. the day before your event. We also guarantee Saturday delivery if the order is placed before 4pm. Thursday and Sunday or Monday delivery if the order is placed before 4 p.m. friday Subject to availability, we can accept same day lunch orders from Monday to Friday, but must be placed by 9am. and are not guaranteed.

An assortment of freshly baked buttery croissants, sweet scones, scones, classic Danish fruit and cheese and a variety of bagels with cream cheese and jam. Served with fresh seasonal fruit salad. (minimum 6 people)

Regular or decaffeinated coffee with sugar, sweetener, creamer, stir sticks and cups. Each pot serves approx. 10 people. Our local catering company since 1994. provides Denver with the best fresh, made-from-scratch meals. We work with you to ensure that you can offer your guests a variety of options and meet their dietary needs. Enjoy with a sandwich, side salad and dessert or go light with our sandwich only. Whatever you choose, you can trust that it will be freshly made with the highest quality ingredients. Need gluten-free or vegetarian? Just check the box on the online order form! Learn more and contact Etai’s Catering for all your lunch catering needs.

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Please choose from our delicious, convenient lunch box options below, customize each box and choose how many you need. We will make each lunch box to your specifications and label it for your convenience.

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Need gluten free? Just check the box marked gluten-free and you’re done (for a 50 cent fee per GF sandwich).

We guarantee next day delivery for orders placed before 4pm. the day before your event. We also guarantee Saturday delivery if the order is placed before 4pm. Thursday and Sunday or Monday delivery if the order is placed before 4 p.m. friday Depending on the availability of our products, we can accept orders on the same day Monday to Friday, but they must be placed by 9am. and are not guaranteed.

Etai homemade hummus with side dish, pickled cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Served with Etai’s new pita bread

Denver Catering

Sandwich, side dish, chips and dessert. *Indicate how many vegetarian lunches you need in the instructions.

Catering — Watercourse Foods

Sandwich, green salad or larger salad and dessert. *Indicate how many vegetarian lunches you need in the instructions.

Gift box lined with tissue paper with sandwich, side dish, chips, fruit, dessert and mint. *Indicate how many vegetarian lunches you need in the instructions.

Classic Wedge Sandwich + Kettle Chips or Grapes (Choose Turkey/Roast Beef/Ham/Egg Salad/Tuna Salad/Chicken Salad or Etais Veggie) If you can’t make it to those non-stop meetings, healthy eating at the office may be the last thing on your mind. But the right balance of protein and carbohydrates can fuel you and your team throughout the day. Luckily, Denver’s dining scene is full of health-conscious restaurants that offer delivery. Whether you’re looking for green leafy salads, smoothies or grain bowls, these restaurants have the best healthy meals in Denver delivered right to your office.

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With a menu of hearty salads, sandwiches and creamy soups, Newk’sbox lunches will fuel your team for the day. Ingredients like grilled chicken, wonderful gorgonzola cheese, and pecans make their salad hearty enough to keep your coworkers going until dinner. Their focus on flavor also helps curb midday cravings.

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No matter which sandwich plate you choose, Which Wichmakes will be a healthy meal even for people with special diets. Plates and lunch boxes offer unique vegetarian sandwiches such as tomato, basil and mozzarella. Or you can order a lean protein like the turkey and tuna salad to fill you all up. Fresh fruit and vegetable trays also offer low-calorie and gluten-free options for snacks and desserts.

Green Fine Salad Co.’s salad wants to be your main course, not just your side dish. The stuffed salad is made from high quality, nutritious ingredients and comes with homemade dressings. The customizable salad bar features gorgeous greens like butter lettuce and kale, as well as delicious sides like sweet potatoes, fried wontons, and chewy quinoa. Top it all off with delicious lean protein for a filling lunch.

Saj Mediterranean proves that healthy eating can be enjoyed with warming and flavorful dishes. Even team members who don’t want to eat vegetables will love the vegetarian falafel chickpea patties. And meat eaters will appreciate their tender, fried chicken kebabs and beef shawarma grilled on a vertical spit. A grain salad and creamy hummus dip also make for a healthy spread.

Denver Catering

Fourleaf believes that “healthy = productive.” Their menu of Greek, Asian, Californian and steak salads will boost productivity and satisfy the appetite of your entire team. Need a delivery order for a healthy lunch buffet? Each Fourleaf buffet bar comes with two salad options. With optional steak, chicken or tofu on the side, this is one of the best meal options for Denver offices looking to eat green.

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Smoothie bowls are a great way to enjoy a sunflower smoothie in a bowl. AndVitality Bowls combine trendiest ingredients with healthy ingredients like banana, açai berry and almond milk to help your colleagues stay awake during that early morning meeting. They also offer exotic fruits like energizing guarana, crunchy dragon fruit and tangy West Indian cherries to liven up your dining order. Their sweet and spicy combinations will help you beat that midday slump.

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My Salad Chopp will provide you and your team with plenty of healthy ingredients, and then you can take over the reins. With more than forty options on the main menu, you can set up a buffet with sides like lightly poached salmon, balsamic-glazed tofu and spicy chicken. Or let colleagues personalize their lunchbox choices with a wrap, salad or cereal bowl. With just a few clicks, My Salad Chop ensures that all your needs are met.

MAD Greenso offers delicious salads, box lunches and wraps for the whole team – and even colleagues with gluten allergies or vegan diets. Try the Poe Salad with fun bleu cheese crumbles and port vinaigrette, or the Annie Oakley Wrap with grilled chicken and ranch dressing. With so many healthy options, your colleagues will be asking for a delivery of MAD Greens again and again.

Spice up your early morning meeting with a bowl of cocktails. AtRush Bowlseach menu item starts with all-natural, pureed fruit. They are then mixed with healthy toppings, juice or milk. Their thick creamy base is poured into a bowl and topped with toppings like crunchy granola and sliced ​​fresh fruit. Specials like apple pie, lemon squeeze, and peanut butter and jelly bowls are so packed with energy, you might not need to order coffee. Need to cater an upcoming event? Order restaurant food in Denver from Aloy Modern Thai! Aloy Modern Thai presents a culinary experience of contemporary Thai and Colorado cuisine from some of Bangkok’s top chefs. Our menu is affordable and healthy, featuring ingredients our guests love. Gluten-free, vegetarian, spicy and seafood dishes will satisfy the needs of all types of eaters. We specialize in parties of all sizes and strive to create a menu to suit your needs and budget. Add some excitement to any event with our extensive catering menu! (All servings feed 5-6 people)

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On-site event options include private and semi-private redemptions. Depending on the size of the celebration, we can rent half or the entire restaurant space. Our dining room can host private parties of 30-120 people. Service for these events may include buffet and/or cocktail service. We have a number of party bar options to match your event.

You may be provided with off-site meals

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