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Dean And Deluca Catering – The fancy food store’s St. Helena location closed in early July, one of several closed nationwide by parent company PACE Development. Those abrupt closings have left many vendors and employees unpaid, including Sarah Mitchell Hansen of Model Bakery, who says her business is owed about $30,000. The workers have not received final wages and are considering a class action lawsuit. Meanwhile, a new tenant already has plans to move in this fall: Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, a New Jersey fine wine and gourmet food emporium.

In a way In-N-Out has been “unseated” as America’s favorite fast food chain. Chik-fil-A, which is known as much for its chicken as for its support of groups opposed to LBGTQ rights, took this position. It should be noted that California’s favorite Irvine-based burger chain is regional, while Chik-fil-A’s 2,500 locations are scattered across the country, giving it a leg up in a nationwide poll. Raising Cane’s, the Louisiana-based chicken chain, took second place.

Dean And Deluca Catering

Dean And Deluca Catering

In other, more economical, fast food news: Popeye’s has reopened its doors after a brief closure by the health department. For cockroaches. An insult to them. According to Hoodline, it’s already bringing out chicken and biscuits again, so definitely head right over there and eat some cockroach-free fried food.

Th Of July Party Pack

Chef Heena Patel is serving up kathi tacos at neighboring Dogpatch restaurant Harmonic Brewing on August 8 from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tacos are rotis filled with chili chicken or chicken paneer, then topped with roasted peppers, onions, and a garlic chili sauce. There will be beer (duh) and live jazz too.

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