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Cost Of Catering – Think of the last special meal you really enjoyed – and multiply it by a hundred or more. That’s it

It pays you to feed everyone at the wedding a good drink. Food is one of the biggest costs associated with hosting a reception, but it’s there

Cost Of Catering

Cost Of Catering

We spoke to five brides from around the country to hear how much they spend on their guests – from reception drinks to dinner and everything in between – and where it was skipped.

Wedding Catering Services Cost In 2023 1979hawaii

“These included welcome drinks, one-hour drinks, and a five-hour open bar during our reception. It was $40 per person, but everything at our place was subject to 6 percent tax. and 20 percent.”

“We were given three options for the meal – $75, $85 or $95 per person – and went with the middle option. This included lunch, bread, salad, coffee, tea, and five dishes passed for cocktail hour: crab cakes, Wellington beef jerky, bacon-wrapped cheese, fries with pesto in phyllo, and Italian crostini For lunch, guests can choose from Atlantic cod, sirloin, or a vegetarian mushroom risotto.

“We have an ice cream bar, cupcakes, and other desserts – no cake, though – donated by a local bakery.”

“For our after party, we arranged to have pizza delivered to the bar. It was very expensive. Dinner was served an hour before, and people were partying hard on the dance floor. ; they were hungry when they got to the bar.”

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“We had alcohol from the time the guests arrived until the end of the event. And since we had the ceremony and reception in the same place, the guests could drink during the worship. five types of wine — two white, two red, one rosé — and two types of beer: Racer 5 IPA and Scrimshaw Pilsner.”

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“The cost was the desserts; the food stations, which sat for two hours and were refilled; and the desserts. The desserts were cheese, fruit, charcuterie, olives, and bread, and the food station offering Hawaiian poke, mini tacos, grilled chicken satay, lamb sliders, steak sandwiches, barbecue pulled pork or naka cheeses, pancetta-gouda pizzas, and gorgonzola macaroni and cheese. We wanted people to be together and eat what they want. It’s normal food, but there’s a ton of leftovers, and most people say it’s seconds and thirds of their favorite meals. When we tried it , we try to eat one of each and feel satisfied.”

“For dessert, there are three options: a variety of macarons, lemon panna cotta, and small cakes. We have never gone into the cake-cutting process and would love for our customers to include desserts in their price.”

Cost Of Catering

“We chose to only do beer and wine, not to cut costs, although that’s an advantage. My husband and I are not big drinkers, and I’m not crazy about people think people are really drunk on alcohol. At our wedding we had four types of beer, including pinot noir and sauvignon blanc, and we were able to pay for all of them from the restaurant that feeding us. put them in buckets around the place.”

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“We have trays of steak and meat served during the drinking hours. We were expecting about 150 to 160 people, so 125 of each – assuming that not all people eat two options or don’t eat.”

“I’ve always thought of long farm tables and family-style meals – and that’s exactly what we had. We served fried chicken with sugar, mashed potatoes, zucchini noodles, sprouts Brussels, and macaroni and cheese. We decided to go with 165 servings of everything to fill us up. This also fed all of our customers and staff working that night, and we had a box of come with us at the end of the night!”

“We actually ended up spending more on our cake than I originally planned. The bakery we used, Sweet Treats, was recommended by our venue. For the wedding cake, we had a combination of white chocolate and the strawberry in the middle. The cake is red velvet. As with our desserts, the supply of cakes available is less than the total number of guests expected. We think not everyone will eat it, and — true — there is little left.”

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“One bar and an open floor from cocktail hour until the last dance. We want our guests to enjoy their evening without paying for drinks.”

How Much Does Wedding Catering Cost — Wedding Food Costs

“Our food is a two-course buffet. pay attention to the DJ. The food is not where our money is spent.”

“We went with twelve pies from a local bakery, including two ‘Cutie Pies’ for the bride and groom. We’re so glad we made the decision to go and pies – but we also got paper cakes for those who were expecting a wedding. The favors were very much in line with our theme, and a line was formed before the work started so that we could people eat a part of their true taste.”

“Our venue wanted to bring in our own liquor. We chose to serve beer (IPA and blond ale), wine (sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon), and signature cocktails that two – a raspberry Chambord Bellini and a Moscow mule. The hard liquor price is $1,600, we also charge a $200 fee to serve the signature drinks. There is also a $650 bartending fee and a $500 fee for the open a bar station again at drinking hour. The rest of the alcohol, so we take the kegs back to the hotel for our next party (probably no keg stand!), and we keep my husband had a bottle of red for our one year anniversary.”

Cost Of Catering

“Three dishes were served during the cocktail hour: fried ravioli, buffalo chicken empanadas, and tomato bisque shooters with lightly grilled cheese. Optional, an additional $25 per plate was charged for guests who desired to a vegetarian meal. But many guests are vegetarians — including myself — so we decided to make one of the vegetarian plates the main meal option. .”

Wedding Catering On A Budget

“A simple 10-inch slice of cake and a variety of desserts — cheesecake bites, brownie bites, lavender macarons, and fruit tarts — were included in the price of the place. My husband and I never wanted to cake , but my mother insisted on having a very small cake to cut for good luck. My father also insisted that we get a Norwegian cake called Kransekake. It’s almost like a cookie and many layers. A lovely lady who made Kransekake for her friends and family for only $80 – including delivery to our location.”

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Sarah Zlotnick is a journalist with 10 years of experience and has been a writer in the wedding space for seven years. Her work has appeared in Philadelphia Wedding Magazine, Washingtonian Weddings, Bethesda Magazine, and the Huffington Post.

Cost Of Catering

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How Much Does A Wedding Catering Cost In 2021

As with most other aspects of the celebration, the cost of your wedding will go up or down depending on a long list of factors. “There are many elements, and each element has options available at different price points.”

Lynn Buono is co-owner and chief culinary officer of Philadelphia

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