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Contoh Resep – A doctor’s prescription (℞) is a legal document containing a written request from a doctor to a pharmacist to prepare or give a drug to a patient based on test results. After the doctor determines the results of the medical examination or diagnosis, prescriptions should be made based on the needs of the patient. By law, only general practitioners, dentists and specialist doctors can dispense drugs.

In the prescription, the doctor will write the name of the medicine to be taken home, the dosage and the specific method of use. Apart from that, the doctor should also write down the number of prescriptions so that they can be reimbursed if the patient’s complaints persist after the medication is over.

Contoh Resep

Contoh Resep

Doctor’s prescriptions are used as legal medicine to cure disease. The abbreviation Rx’ is usually written on the doctor’s prescription and on the packaging of the medicine to be used. This article is an abbreviation of the Latin word recipe. After the doctor formulates a specific medicine to cure a disease, the medicine is prepared by a pharmacist.

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In addition, doctors’ prescription writing is usually difficult for laymen other than pharmacists to read or understand. This is done because it is related to the amount of activity. The speed of service to be provided by a healthcare worker is not as fast as writing prescriptions with the speed of his fingers, so sometimes it is very difficult for people to read. However, apart from that, pharmacists do not doubt what is written on the prescription because the pharmacist already knows what the patient is to be given as a result of consultation with the doctor.[4]

Standardization of prescription writing should include inscription, signature and subcrypto. The inscription includes the doctor’s name, the doctor’s address, the city name, and the date the prescription was written. A prescriptio includes the name, quantity and dose of the prescribed medicine, the method of preparation or the form of the medicine. The signature is the rules of use of the drug, the name of the drug, the age and weight of the patient. Meanwhile, the doctor’s initials or signature is a subscription, which makes a prescription authentic. Each prescription begins with the words Rx’ and ends with the doctor’s initial or signature. Usually, a doctor’s prescription has a legal form that includes a list of drugs in Latin. The doctor writes this prescription to the pharmacist who is responsible for preparing and dispensing the medicine to the patient after verifying the medical condition or diagnosis. Learn more about examples of doctor’s prescriptions with this article, come on!

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The aim is to ensure that treatment tailored to individual needs is provided for a speedy recovery from the disease.

Generally, a handwritten doctor’s prescription is handed over to another doctor or pharmacist, who prescribes the medication according to the diagnosis.

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In this regard, Indonesia has this time presented a collection of examples of doctor’s prescriptions, which can be seen in the following explanation.

Based on the handwriting in the doctor’s prescription example above, the patient needs 30 Tamofen tablets 1 tablet twice a day and 30 Theragron M tablets 1 tablet twice a day.

For this patient, the doctor’s original prescription contained drugs such as Kenderon 10 capsules, which were to be taken once every morning, and could be given twice as much.

Contoh Resep

Apart from this, there are HTC medicine 25 mg 10 capsules which should be taken once every morning with one capsule.

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The patient was prescribed 20 capsules of Forsorbide 5 mg, which was to be taken twice a day with one tablet each time.

In addition, 10 tablets contain Mefenamic Acid 500 mg. is, should be taken as needed, or half a tablet may be taken after meals if needed.

This example of a handwritten doctor’s prescription includes directions for Tremenza 2.75 mg, which is to be taken three times a day as prescribed.

Alternatively, mix Asvex ⅓ capsule, Langatin 4 mg, Nyret 2, 75 capsules and Codricin ⅓ capsule, grind to 15 capsules and take three times a day.

Penulisan Copy Resep

It is recommended to take 60 ml of Immunpt syrup once a day with 3/4 teaspoon, while 30 ml of Setspan syrup should be taken twice a day at 1/2 teaspoon until each consumption is complete.

Saktika Girl Saktika Girl is a content writer at 99 Group. He has been working as a writer and journalist since 2019. This UPI Indonesian language and literature graduate enjoys writing about ethnolinguistics, politics, human rights, lifestyle, property and architecture. As a common man, you must have gone to a doctor or a hospital for treatment. So, if you get a prescription for a drug, pay attention to the writing. Pretty sure you can’t read very bad writing. Yes, because unless you’re a healthcare professional, writing a doctor’s prescription can actually make you dizzy.

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“Actually, there are no clear rules in the laws and regulations, but when I was in college, doctors said that confidentiality should be maintained and others should not misuse it,” said a health worker. Named Tika for some time.

Contoh Resep

But for those of you who like a challenge and want to read a doctor’s handwritten prescription, here are 15 photos of poorly written prescriptions, summarized from various sources.

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(brl/swh) Recommended by the editor 15 Photos of Dr. Mike’s beauty that won the heart of Miss Universe 2015. It turns out doctors believe health myths too, 5 Most Common Myths 10 Chinese Food Recipes, Delicious, This Handsome Doctor Is Creative, Invite Him On A Date With A Girl While Social Fundraising. This is what would happen if a doctor created these 13 famous logos. 8 everyday cooking ideas to keep you from getting bored and practical to prepare at home. 16 Handsome Doctors Who Drive Women Crazy.” Prescription/prescription/apograph copywriting skills are essential for a pharmacist. So what are the general guidelines for writing prescription copy? What if the medication is only partially taken? What if there are iterations?”

A copy of a prescription is a copy made by a pharmacist and must include all the information on the original prescription: name and address of the pharmacy, name and SIA, signature or APA for drugs, det/detur dispensed to drugs not yet submitted, prescription number and date of manufacture.

For example, a copy of a prescription for Tamofen states that det

If it says det XX, the patient has only received 20 Tamofen tablets and the copy of the prescription can be used to retrieve 10 more tablets (total of 30 tablets).

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Iter means to repeat the procedure. If iter is written to the upper left, all products in the recipe can be repeated, but if iter is written to the left of one of the products, only the product next to the repeat is repeated.

If it is written 2 times, you can give the medicine on the prescription 3 times, where you use the original prescription the first time, the second time using the copy of the first prescription (1st repeat) and the second time you pick it up, you use the copy of the second prescription (first repeat). .

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What if the patient arrives on 2/4 (second pick-up) and finds that the pharmacy only has 10 Tamofen pills?

Contoh Resep

Let’s change the case. For example, a doctor writes a prescription, but what is written is a prescription for a branded drug. However, when the patient came to the pharmacy, it was revealed that the patient was experiencing financial constraints (he could not afford the medicine because he did not have enough money). Considering the patient’s unavailability, the pharmacist on duty prescribed a generic drug. PP 51 of 2009, Article 24 deals with pharmaceutical works:

Postinor 0,75 Mg

“Substituting brand-name drugs with generic drugs containing the same active ingredients or other brand-name drugs with physician and/or patient approval”

Remember! We are only allowed to substitute branded drugs for generics or other branded drugs with the consent of the patient. Hence, substitution of generic drugs with branded drugs is not allowed.

My personal opinion is that asking the patient to initial on the reverse side of the prescription, with a small note agreeing to give it in generic form would be better.

For example, a doctor prescribes an infusion that contains antibiotics, even if other drugs are symptomatic drugs, for example paracetamol or pain relievers. Then the pharmacist called the doctor and asked if the antibiotics were being used continuously so they could be split up. Then the doctor agreed that the antibiotics should be divided. So initially there was 1 product and finally it was split into 2 products.

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Or in another case, for example, the pharmacist confirms to the doctor about the dosage of the drug in the pharmacy, and then the doctor agrees to accept the dosage proposed by the pharmacist.

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