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Chronic Tacos Catering – What: Celebrate #TacoLife on Sunday, September 18th from 11am to 1pm The 20th anniversary tour will include a raffle and a get-together with Jackass Legend and longtime Tacos investor Jason Acuna. “Wee Man.” Stay and participate in the raffle with great prizes such as free tacos for one year, food packages for 10 from Chronic Tacos, Houston Astros tickets, Houston Texans tickets, as well as chronic tacos and gift cards. Make sure you get there on time, it will be fun for everyone!

Chronic Tacos is a California-inspired taco shop that celebrates the authenticity and individuality of guests through #TacoLife. They respect tradition and keep it real. Founded in 2002, the Southern California-based brand has more than 50 locations operating throughout the United States, Canada and Japan. #Tacolife includes undeniable tacos and authentic recipes, So Cal vibe snacks with undeniable edges and only the most personal and friendly service.

Chronic Tacos Catering

Chronic Tacos Catering

Chronic Tacos prides itself on serving the highest quality ingredients with a bold flavor profile made from authentic Mexican recipes. On the menu you will find a variety of traditional Mexican dishes including tacos, burritos, and bowl-ritos, along with some non-traditional items such as California burrito and Chronic Fries. Guests can follow the setup line and see what they are doing while adding all the frying pans they Can imagine. The menu also includes children’s meals, full-day breakfast and gluten-free and vegan vegetarian options, as well as options such as: Carne Asada (Premium, Grass-Fed Steak, Carnitas (pork), Al Pastor (pork). ), Pollo Asado (chicken), Beyond Beef (100% Plant-Based Protein) and Beer-Battered or Sauteed Mahi Mahi (fish) and shrimp.

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#Tacolife is all about delicious, lively food and good experiences, so to take advantage of this, each taco shop has an original art design inspired by the traditional “Death Day” art along with lively music. No matter how long you visit Tacos, you will surely have an unforgettable experience. For more information or to find the nearest Chronic Tacos, visit On Tuesday, February 6, each Yelp Honolulu Elite + 1 guest is invited to Yelp’s Taco Tuesday @ Chronic Tacos. Lots of great Yelpers to combine with.

FYI, Yelp “Elite” is a badge given to Yelpers that actively posts reviews and photos throughout the year. With that badge, Yelp invites elites (and sometimes +1 guests) to attend such parties and first-ever screenings, all free of charge by the business they are promoting and Yelp. I am now 9 years in a row as a Yelp Elite.

Chronic Tacos started 15 years ago when co-founder Randy Wyner moved to Newport Beach, California, and opened the first store in an effort to address the city’s lack of decent Mexican food. Fast forward to today, the new restaurant at the Road Safety Center on Kapahulu Avenue is the company’s 51st exclusive location and the first restaurant in Hawaii. It should be noted that Jason “Wee Man” Acuna of MTV’s Jack Ass fame is also the mainland monopoly owner as well as the company’s corporate promoter.

We were offered a choice of one burrito or two tacos along with samples of their churros. The three taco or burrito styles we can choose from are Pollo Asado “Gringo Style” (light), Carnitas “Street Style” (medium) and Al Pastor “Baja Style” (spice).

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Yelp Taco Tuesday @ Chronic Tacos Free Menu (Don’t go there for free tacos lol)

As illustrated by the large murals in the dining room, the theme of Chronic Tacos is Sugar Skull tattoo art, a Mexican style that represents life and death.

And? As I always say, every time I check out Mexican restaurants (rarely), I really do not qualify to judge what is “good and authentic Mexican”. That said, if you hand me these tacos in a blind taste test and tell me they are made by real Mexicans from Mexico, I would believe you. Especially for the Carnitas version. I really can not perceive any specific ingredients, like most tacos, it is usually a “hot mess” with everything mixed up. Did mixing the whole ingredients together with the hot soft baking powder worked? I will say for sure. I enjoy every bite!

Chronic Tacos Catering

As a fast food transaction, $ 3.75 per taco or $ 10 for burritos (making it a meal with beans, rice, chips, salsa and soft drinks for an extra $ 4.25) would not be able to literally beat the price at Taco Bell. Under. On the streets soon. I will not be ashamed to admit that I love Taco Crunchy Taco, basically Taco Bell. Two that cost under $ 3 at Bell would suit me to get my “Mexican” fix. I think compared to Taco Bell, the higher prices at “Chronics” can be justified in what I think (assuming) is better quality, less processing, better ingredients … and you can not. Put a price on health, so you go. . Then again, after looking at the nutritional value of some of their items, such as Flautas, which has over 1000 calories, more research needs to be done to conclude whether they are healthier than the game. There at it.

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However, chronic tacos are definitely worth a try if you go into Mexico and are looking for new options. As you know, Hawaii is great with “bad” Mexican restaurants. Whether it fits your bill, you will come to test yourself and be a judge. Again, I am not qualified to make that statement. It tastes exactly like “Mexico” as Mexico gets to me. Certainly something I can not say about the American “Tex-Mex” flavor at Bell.

The shop located to the left of Safeway (formerly Game Stop) has a dining room with a small air conditioner in the back if you want to have lunch while my service is very good. As expected, because the entire captive audience on this tour is all Yelpers! Yes! Look at the stars for them better! There is also plenty of parking on the premises, which is always a plus.

All in all, another great Yelp Elite event that enjoys some delicious Mexican food from the new Chronic Tacos. A big hug to Emi Hart of Yelp and the whole team at Chronic Tacos Hawaii!

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