Chipotle Catering

Chipotle Catering – Would you like to try Chipotle Catering? We have a personal review for you. This is my ninth year living in Los Angeles and it was the first Christmas my whole family came to visit. I wanted to make it special, so last weekend I gathered a group of friends and hosted a Tamalada, a tamale-making party. As luck would have it, Chipotle contacted us and asked if we would like to check out their 20-person catering service.

I ordered “The Big Spread”, which included three meats to choose from (chicken, carnitas, steak, sofritas – spicy tofu or barbacoa), two sides of rice, two sides of beans and fajitas. salsa, cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce and guacamole with chips, crispy taco shells and corn and flour tortillas. There was also a large bag filled with bowls, napkins, forks, knives, spoons and serving utensils.

Chipotle Catering

Chipotle Catering

None of us could believe how much food we had. Or how good it was. Some friends had never tried Chipotle before and I was happy to introduce them to one of our family’s favorites. I must admit that we are huge Chipotle fans and eat there whenever we are traveling or need a quick lunch. My kids were so excited to have it at home (and maybe at one of their next birthday parties).

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No one left the party hungry. Many of us had seconds, and my family ate Chipotle for dinner that night and the next night. I also managed to pack leftovers for some of the guests, as well as for Sarah to take on the trip. “The Big Spread” retails for $295 (I got it for free for this review), which seems pretty reasonable considering how much food we received (and bowls, utensils, napkins) and how easy the spread was to put together.

My only complaint was that the order had to be placed 24 hours in advance – 24 hours to be exact. I called Chipotle Catering 800 and ordered at 12:30, but wanted to pick up at 11:30. I couldn’t call the store I was ordering from (or didn’t know how), so I waited about 10 minutes for Chipotle Catering to call the store (there was no guarantee this could be changed). Everything went well and my husband was able to pick up the order at 11:30, but next time I will definitely call at least 24 hours in advance. Apart from that everything was fantastic.

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After drinking a bowl (or two) of Chipotle, we started preparing the tamales. I soaked the corn husks overnight and bought the masa at Northgate Market. Everyone brought a filling, wine or dessert. I cooked pork shoulder overnight in the pot, one friend made Colorado chile, another made chicken with chopped cilantro, and yet another brought roasted green chiles from New Mexico.

It took us several hours to assemble the tamales and everyone went home with at least a dozen.

Meal Prepping With Chipotle Catering Is Kind Of Genius

I served tamales for Christmas dinner (there were 18 of us!) and my family seemed to really like them. To learn more about how to prepare tamales, check out the video I made last year.

The best part of Tamalada was sitting at the tablet and talking while we made tamales and ate lunch. We don’t often meet without children and talk. Thank you, friends, and thank you, Chipotle, for making this day so beautiful. The holidays are fast approaching and with them come the required parties. We usually have a potluck in my office, but after many years of eating the warehouse manager’s rubbery shrimp cocktail, my co-workers and I welcome the idea of ​​our annual holiday party with some enthusiasm.

Sometimes a few of us go catering at a local fast casual restaurant. Just like Chipotle. Everyone’s eyes light up when they see the spread of meats, beans and side dishes they can use to personalize their meal. It’s so much better than Rhonda’s big box store potato salad and Phil’s raw plate!

Chipotle Catering

Chipotle can accommodate parties of 6 to 200 people with 24 hours’ notice. Everyone is familiar with Chipotle burritos, bowls and tacos. They always used real ingredients, prepared by hand, without any flavors, colors or additives. And who doesn’t love tacos? #tacotuesday has this happening for a reason.

Customer Gets Chipotle To Cater Birthday Party—it Cost $700

Doesn’t your party also deserve delicious treats from Chipotle? You know I do! Learn more on the Chipotle Catering website. After receiving your order, simply unpack the boxes and you’re ready to go. The set includes bowls, forks, napkins, serving spoons and tongs.

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You can try Chipotle Catering for FREE because I’m hosting a giveaway! The winner will receive a card entitling them to distribute food for 20 people. All you have to do is write in a comment below this post where you plan to host the free feast. I will select the winner on Monday, November 19 and contact you by email to provide your address so that I can mail the prize as soon as possible. Catering cards expire on December 31, 2018, but that’s plenty of time for Chipotle to serve your event.

*Any products mentioned by name in this post may have been provided by the manufacturer. However, all opinions are . Amazon links earn me $! Please Buy!Newport Beach, California ()  With tomorrow officially being the first day of summer, Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) has announced that its summer catering season is also underway. Whether it’s a group of six for a summer evening or a crew of two hundred for a late-night extravaganza, Chipotle creates custom catering options to suit all types of diets and lifestyles.

With three different build-your-own options, Chipotle Catering allows groups to completely customize their meal to effortlessly accommodate a variety of group sizes and a variety of dietary preferences. Named one of the most allergy-friendly restaurant chains in America by AllergyEats, Chipotle will please everyone except those who are allergic to delicious food.

The Vegetarian Taco Bar

“Chipotle Catering is a truly specialty company that breaks the monotony of standard group ordering,” said Tressie Lieberman, vice president of digital and off-premise solutions at Chipotle. “It gives everyone the opportunity to use all of our real ingredients to create exactly what they want.”

If the whole gang is ready for burritos, Burritos by the Box is also available. Each burrito is individually wrapped, bundled by the box, and ready for any burrito party you have planned. Plus, for every two Chipotle burritos, it comes with a bag of chips, green tomato chili salsa, sour cream, and, of course, guac.

And for those craving a snack this summer, we also have chips and salsa, complete with all four salsas and your choice of guac or queso. After all, summer is the perfect time to dive into… guac with a perfectly seasoned chip.

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Chipotle Catering

If you need more incentive, catering is a great way to earn Chipotle Rewards points and redeem them for free Chipotle. Chipotle Rewards members earn 10 points per dollar spent on catering orders when you order online through your Chipotle Rewards account or by scanning your digital membership code before paying at a restaurant.

Chipotle Catering Is This Busy Mom’s Alternative Hack To Traditional Meal Prep

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE: CMG) works for a better world by serving real, responsibly sourced food, classically cooked, with healthy ingredients, without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. As of March 31, 2019, Chipotle operated approximately 2,500 restaurants in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany and is the only restaurant company of its size that owns and operates all of its restaurants. With more than 70,000 employees passionate about providing great guest experiences, Chipotle has been a long-time leader and innovator in the food industry. Chipotle strives to make its food more accessible to everyone while remaining a brand with purpose as it leads in digital solutions, technology and sustainable business practices. Steve Ells, founder and executive chairman, first opened Chipotle in a single restaurant in Denver, Colorado in 1993. For more information or to order online, visit This holiday season, kick back, relax, and let Chipotle Mexican Grill take care of all your holiday catering needs. Whether you’re ordering for an office holiday party or just want something to eat on hand the day before Thanksgiving, Chipotlecan delivers high-quality food right to your home.

There are many options available, including something as simple as a box of pre-made burritos. But I highly recommend you build your own taco kit. Completely customizable, all you need to do is choose your mounts. Prices are for one, two or three proteins per person. Yes, chips and salsa are included! Once picked up (or delivered!), simply unpack and you’re ready to go.

Chipotle will even provide you with tongs, forks, spoons, napkins and plenty of bowls! The packaging is really better too. In each catering box, each ingredient is divided into spill- and mistake-proof packaging.

Chipotlecatering is a great group

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