Celimpungan Resep

Celimpungan Resep – However, it is not only pempak that is a typical Palembang food. There are various typical Palembang foods that are no less delicious, one of which is Selimpungan. This food is synonymous with spicy taste as the base of the sauce is thick coconut milk.

Mix all the ingredients, such as ground fish, starch, eggs, salt and spices. Then add water little by little until the mixture is smooth and resembles a meatball dough.

Celimpungan Resep

Celimpungan Resep

Shape the dough into a ball. Next, cook the mixture in boiling water little by little until the mixture is cooked as the dough floats. Finally, lifts and drains. Set it aside first.

Resep Mudah Buat Celimpungan, Kuliner Legendaris Khas Palembang

Grind spices like cumin, garlic, turmeric, coriander and cumin. After that, heat the oil and fry the spices that have been ground.

Then, add the coconut milk and keep stirring so that the coconut milk does not break. Add salt, spices, and sugar to taste. Wait for the coconut milk sauce to boil and thicken.

After the coconut milk chutney thickens, add the cooked dough balls. Stir and wait until the coconut milk sauce is absorbed into the balls. Then, switch off the stove.

Finally, remove from heat and pour enough dillangan and chutney into a serving bowl. Add fried onions and chives to taste on top of the selimpungan. Serve.

Lauk Makan Khas Palembang Yang Enak Gurih Berempah

So, are you interested in trying to make Selimpungan? Please try the recipe. Guaranteed that the taste is not inferior to Pampak, you know. If you like it spicy, just add ground chili to make it taste more delicious. Good luck!

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IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform for writing. All written works created are the sole responsibility of the author. Palembang’s typical Selimpungan cooking, how to make? As the capital of the province of South Sumatra, Palembang is famous not only for its enchanting natural beauty, but also for its rich culinary traditions.

Palembang,  – As the capital of the province of South Sumatra, Palembang is famous not only for its enchanting natural beauty, but also for its unique traditional culinary wealth.

Celimpungan Resep

One of the dishes you must try when visiting Palembang is Selimpungan, a typical dish that is charming and captivating. This dish is made from processed fish with selected herbs and spices.

Cara Membuat Celimpungan, Kuliner Lezat Dari Sumatra Selatan

People eat Palembang’s culinary delights for breakfast or lunch every day. At first glance, selimpungan is similar to pempak, but selimpungan is eaten without using it.

Savory coconut milk sauce sprinkled with fried onions makes this dish a delicious meal. For those of you who like spicy food, add fried chili sauce while eating this food.

Like pempek, selimpungan is also a reference for Palembang residents as a home-cooked food that is found when visiting people’s homes. This Palembang dish also seems to increase people’s closeness when visiting each other, and is often a mandatory culinary dish for banquets at many events held in the city.

One of the residents of Pahlwan area, Yuli (41), admitted that Selimpungan is a common culinary delight that is often made. Like during holidays or when there is a celebration.

Resep Laksan Palembang

“The taste of Selimpungan is delicious. Apart from that, this culinary dish is easy to make and is very popular among adults and children alike,” he said.

1. Make the dipping dough by making a round shape. Add the dipping ingredients that have been made round. Boil the dill in boiling water until it floats.

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Celimpungan Resep

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Resep Dan Cara Membuat Celimpungan, Makanan Berkuah Santan Khas Palembang Selain Pempek

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Resep Celimpungan Enak Dan Mudah

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Celimpungan Resep

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Resep Kuah Celimpungan Palembang Enak Dan Mudah

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