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Catering Van Equipment – While building a food truck may seem a lot easier than building a full brick and mortar location, there is still a lot that goes into it and you need to make sure you have everything you need to successfully run your business.

In our list of Food Truck Basics, we first looked at choosing your food truck. Once you’ve found the right food truck, you’ll want to start working on your food truck equipment list.

Catering Van Equipment

Catering Van Equipment

Your equipment list will vary depending on the type of food you plan to serve, but there are pieces of equipment that all food trucks require. So whether you’re buying a fully furnished food truck or building a brand new one, you should check to make sure you have all the right equipment.

Food Trucks, Carts & Trailers For Sale In Houston

While all food trucks should have built-in counter space, you should add work tables made of stainless steel or solid wood if there is enough space. It is important that you measure the dimensions exactly because if the tables are too big it can mess up the work flow of the truck as a whole. Good examples include a 12″ x 30″ filler table or a 5 foot square table.

Be sure to review the counter space situation in your food truck carefully so that you and your staff have enough space to prepare the day’s meals without constantly scrambling.

Every food truck needs at least one sink for dishwashing and hand washing. There are several options to choose from depending on what works best for your truck configuration.

When you have a small kitchen area, a simple hand sink with side splashguards will suit your needs and will be easily approved by your local health department because the splashguard prevents contamination. For Zac’s Burger Bus, you’ll need a 3-hole sink and a hand sink.

Basic Street Food Cart

In general, food truck experts don’t recommend getting a commercial dishwasher in the hard space of a food truck because it uses a lot of water, but a special ‘access’ dishwasher rack can help you handle those everyday dishes more efficiently.

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While a walk-in cooler is not an option for a food truck, there are various refrigeration units that work well for a food truck. Consider a single glass refrigerator for storing your water, juices and sodas. If you need to store a lot of perishables, then a two-door access fridge may be better, but it will take up a lot of space so keep that in mind.

If you need the ability to freeze as well, you will need one access door to the freezer. Food truck experts advise against getting a double-door freezer for a food truck.

Catering Van Equipment

There are many styles when it comes to refrigerators and freezers as well. Under-counter or countertop versions can really help you save space in your food truck like a “Sandwich/Salad Table” or a low-boy refrigerator.

Refrigerated Vans & Catering Vans

For your Zac’s Burger Bus, you should get a single-door upright freezer and a parallel single-door freezer to store all of your menu items.

For Zac’s Burger Bus, you need at least a 3-foot grill, but we recommend a 4-foot grill for better preparation during busy times throughout the day. You’ll also need a hood that comes out, about 18 inches wide to cover all your gear.

Most other food trucks are equipped with gas ranges. There is a standard stove top and oven combo, the 6-Burner Stove, and then you can go smaller with a 4-burner and oven for tight spaces or if you have a large food truck, you can go as big as a 10-burner stove and – 2 ovens. If the area is really tight you may want one hot plate.

If you choose to operate Zac’s Burger Bus, you will need a milkshake station with a 3-spindle blender. Zac’s prides itself on providing their customers with real handmade ice cream.

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French fries are always a staple on many food truck menus, so be sure to add a deep fryer for French fries to your tool list. In Zac’s Burger Bus, you must have two toasters and a cheese machine to be able to serve cheese fries to your customers.

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Make sure you have a dedicated site for all your transactions. This not only makes things easier for you and your customers, it also opens up new revenue streams from those customers who don’t have money anymore. In our digital age, credit and debit cards are becoming more and more commonplace as a consumer’s preferred payment method.

If you make more than just burgers and hot dogs, you may want to invest in a special cookware and gas range for an Asian wok or pizza oven. If you like using a brick pizza oven, but are worried about space issues, a double oven pizza can also get the job done. If you want to serve Mediterranean fare like kebabs then you will need a gyro rotisserie grill.

Catering Van Equipment

If you have extra space on your counters, you can get an induction burner to keep food warm, a toaster, a waffle iron and a Panini grill. A soup kettle/heating station can make serving easier. You just need to make sure you have enough space on your countertops and storage space (cabinets) for these things.

Catering Vans For Sale

Our food truck equipment list includes just the most basic equipment you will need for your food truck. It’s a good idea to talk to food truck owners now to get advice on other things you might need that will help you run your truck more efficiently. And don’t forget to check your proper fit inside the truck when choosing and setting up equipment.

Burger food trucks are very popular right now. For more information about starting a burger food truck business, contact Zac’s Burgers today.

Zac’s Burgers does not currently sell franchises and does not have a certified franchise document. Zac’s offers licensing opportunities, however, potential licensees must meet all federal and state requirements. Reasons to choose us for your next Concession Trailer or Catering Trailer or Taco Trailer or Mobile Kitchen.

Taco food carts are more affordable than a Taco food truck. Taco trailers are more profitable and easier to start than other complex food options and are a good mobile food option for your catering business. You should never have a shortage of customers if you choose our Taco food truck or Taco food concession trailer.

Ingredients For Building The Perfect Food Truck

We have so many calls for a Taco Trailer here in California that we have designed the cheapest Taco Trailer on the market. This Taco Trailer is the basic equipment to include only Taco Trailer owners need. Of course, we can make a custom Taco Trailer for you upon request.

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It doesn’t matter who you get your Taco Food Truck or Trailer from. It is important that it is efficient, secure, and reliable and is designed to help you make the most money from your site. It’s important that it looks professional as customers won’t buy a cheap or ugly looking food truck or Food Trailer. Your reputation depends on your credibility and image. We will not let you down in that place! We care about your success and plan it strategically.

Our Taco Trailers meet California Code and can meet the codes of ALL other States as well. With a little thought this Taco Trailer can produce more than tacos. For example, it has the capacity to handle anything you can produce on a griddle, a hot holding table and a sandwich prep. (Burritos, Tortas, Taquitos, Chimichanga, and hot and cold sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, etc.) We can add other equipment, such as a fryer, to the Taco Trailer or Truck by expanding it.

Catering Van Equipment

The Taco Trailer type unit is a great start for the beginner. In areas where tacos are popular, the Taco Trailer option can be very beneficial. Community events often require a Mexican food vendor. Taco Trailer Owners is an easy choice for an event organizer.

Food Truck Equipment And Supplies

If you think you want your food business to expand beyond just Taco we are the right choice for your food truck or trailer. Give us a call and let us know what you need.

We ensure that every Concession Trailer, Catering Trailer, or Taco Trailer we sell is Federally Compliant from day one. We also meet your local Concession Trailer, and or Catering Trailer, and or Catering Truck Health Codes upon request.

We are a Leading Manufacturer of Mobile Kitchen and High Quality Permit Trailer. If you are looking for a hot truck, or commercial food trailer, and concession trailer you have come to the right place. A mobile kitchen or a Food Truck are the best commercial options for your restaurant. Whether you’ve been in the food truck business for years, or you’re looking to get started, this list of food truck tools.

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