Catering Staff Job Description

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Catering Staff Job Description – Being a school meal assistant can be an extremely rewarding job because you will help provide nutritious and valuable meals to children every lunch. Depending on the school and needs, you could also expect other tasks.

The average salary for a school catering assistant is around £17,455. The starting salary for a school catering assistant is around £15,703 but as an experienced school catering assistant you could earn up to around £19,500, although your salary. could vary depending on the responsibilities of the role and the region you are in.

Catering Staff Job Description

Catering Staff Job Description

If you want to learn more about what a teaching assistant earns, check out our school maid salary page where you can find our breakdown!

Catering Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

If you are comfortable with the responsibilities of being a school catering assistant, then you will need to make sure you have all the necessary skills and qualifications for the position and understand what exactly you can do to help you get started as a school. dining assistant

The requirements to be a school catering assistant vary from role to role. Some require basic qualifications in food preparation or food hygiene. While others might just require a good attitude and willingness to learn since this is an entry level position.

Given the variation in requirements to become a school catering assistant, it can be difficult to recommend a qualification but Level 1 in Food Preparation and Cooking would be a great start. If you want further qualifications, Level 2 in Food Safety and Catering would be the way to go. Most roles will either ask or require you to obtain a food hygiene certificate.

You might also need a grade of A* to C at GCSE level in English and Maths or equivalent, depending on the jobs you’re applying for. If you don’t have one or both of these, you should look at taking either a Level 2 Functional Skills English course or a Level 2 Functional Skills Maths course. A functional skills qualification is equivalent to having your GCSE qualification at this level, and can help you get into a wide range of jobs, not just catering.

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Catering Chef Job Description

Need a little something extra for your CV? Our Level 2 Security Course will be perfect for you! Get the knowledge you need to excel in a school setting.

Although not essential, having supporting qualifications can really improve your chances of getting the position you want and help you stand out from other applicants. Obtaining your supporting qualifications will allow you to demonstrate additional knowledge that other applicants may not have.

As a school catering assistant there are a number of supporting qualifications that could be helpful. A protection and prevention course will equip you with the knowledge you need to help protect pupils, as it is the responsibility of everyone in the school. Employers will be confident knowing that you have the knowledge you need to support the organization’s protection responsibilities to a higher level.

Catering Staff Job Description

For any role that is in a school, a Support Work in Schools and Colleges course provides valuable insight into how schools work and the responsibilities of each role. This will make it easier for you to adjust to a school environment and is therefore a great inclusion as part of an applicant’s repertoire.

Catering Chef Resume Example (free Guide)

Already having catering experience can be really valuable when applying for a school catering role. Volunteering as a catering assistant can be a great way to gain the experience you need and shows potential employers that you are dedicated to the work in the role.

Experience working in a school environment can be a great asset to you when applying for a school servant job because you will get to know schools as organizations better. Think about the transferable skills you will bring from another job. For example  having good communication and teamwork skills is crucial when working in a kitchen environment. Checking out our job posting is a great way to start looking for the experience you need!

As a school catering assistant you could work around 14-25 hours a week depending on your school and responsibilities.

You should ensure that your CV includes your most up-to-date information, including any relevant qualifications and work experience you may have gained since you last updated it. It’s important to present yourself as well as possible, because we all know that first impressions are important, and your CV will more often than not be the first thing potential employers see. It is essential that they are done correctly.

Catering Assistant Resume Example & Writing Guide

To make the best impression, you will need to convey the right information and present it well. Given how important your CV is, we’ve created a short guide to help give you the best chance of getting an interview and starting your career in school catering!

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When looking at a position as a school catering assistant, it is important that your CV is of high quality and reflects your passion for the role. An effective CV is well presented, shows relevant skills and experience, and gives your potential employers an insight into who you are.

It is important that you use grammar correctly, that your writing is concise but informative, and that any irrelevant information is omitted. Not following these rules could mean your application is rejected, as employers could see it as too unprofessional. Our school catering assistant CV writing tips are here to help you land that position you’ve been waiting for!

Catering Staff Job Description

Your personal profile is the first section of your CV that employers will read to find out more about you. This is your chance to introduce yourself, sell your skills and outline your characteristics. Personal profiles are a perfect way to persuade recruiters because it immediately tells them why they should hire you.

Catering Assistant Job Description

This section can include relevant experience and achievements, but it is important to tailor this to the job description and what is prioritized there to show your enthusiasm for the role and that you are a serious candidate for the position who has what they are looking for.

There are no set rules about the length of this section, but you should aim for a few short sentences and no longer than 100 words. This way you can keep it concise and effectively highlight who you are to employers without giving them too much information, increasing the chances that they will read the rest of your CV and consider you for the job. Make sure you put your best foot forward and present the things you think make you stand out.

Although your CV should be more focused on your skills and work experience rather than your personality, it can be good to include some relevant personal information such as your hobbies in your CV. What counts as important varies from job to job.

There should be a section in your CV that outlines your relevant skills. This makes it easier for the employer to read and easier to determine if you meet the requirements of the role. You should format this section with bullet points so that it is simple and easy for employers to read. Be sure to include relevant skills that you think make you a good candidate for the position. Like:

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School Catering Assistant Job Description

If you’re struggling to think of skills that are relevant to the job, then it’s a good idea to check job vacancies for some ideas. Start by re-reading the job you’re applying for and what might be useful to mention, but if you’re still stuck, then look at other similar jobs. You should also think about which of your skills have been helpful in any of your past work or study.

It’s important when talking about your skills to try to include both hard and soft skills so you can show some variety. Hard skills are the skills you acquire through experience, knowledge or learning such as through a qualification or after training. Soft skills refer to your personal characteristics and habits that determine how you work, such as being an effective communicator, able to work in a team or organizational skills.

You should outline any past experiences in work or volunteer positions that are relevant to becoming a school food service aide and can best demonstrate to your potential employer the value you would bring to the position.

Catering Staff Job Description

The most valuable experience you can have as a school catering assistant is working in that position before and, if you have it, it’s something you should introduce beforehand. Give details of where you worked, including the dates you started and ended your employment (these don’t have to be specific, usually the month and year are fine), along with your key responsibilities within the role. If you have a lot of related experience, list it from most to least recent. Employers want to know more about what you’ve done recently, rather than years ago, because it’s more relevant to the jobs you’ll be applying for now.

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If you don’t have relevant experience, you should include any previous employment you’ve held and the transferable skills you’ve acquired that will be useful in

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