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Catering Brooklyn – Creative, time sensitive Harvest & Revelis is a full service catering company located in Brooklyn, NY. Over the past decade, we’ve become the go-to destination for hobbyists and thinkers, event planners, and party planners who care about taste and luxury. We are an alternative grocery store that offers fine dining and creative cuisine with style and character. Harvest & Revel caters for all types of events- from birthdays to birthdays to lunches to dorms to holiday parties to 500-person galas. With every event, our menus are both elegant and approachable, fun and healthy. And with every detail—we create culinary experiences to help facilitate exciting, artistic, and satisfying experiences for every occasion.

We are here to take the effort out of planning your party. Not only do we manage catering – but we can also provide bar packages, drinks, bar packages, staffing, styling & design, and full rental corporate services.

Catering Brooklyn

Catering Brooklyn

With our trusted partners, we can even coordinate venue lighting, DJ’s, floral design, photographers- all included and organized on one bill!

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Since we can handle these details, this leaves the best part of the party to you – enjoy yourself!

We create radical yet elegant dishes that celebrate the flavors of nature. We make a lot of our own bread, syrups, pickles, jams, dressings, and sauces. And if we don’t, we source from professionals who we believe are the most talented and ethical of New York. We steer clear of our culture of industrial farming, excess, and fast food—and instead, work with “slow” ingredients from local farms whenever possible.

It has no set menus because we customize each menu we create, responding to the vision of each customer.

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Guided by this vision, we have drawn on the ingredients and flavors offered by this season to create a memorable and delicious culinary experience – with integrity at every stage of the process.

Food Truck Rental And Catering In Brooklyn

Is a cooperative, women-owned company that operates out of a commercial kitchen space in Long Island City.

Sara Elise is an entrepreneur and health consultant based in Brooklyn, NY. As a transplant to one of New York City’s largest food deserts, Sara was inspired to help transform her community’s relationship with affordable, locally sourced food.

While working in Private Wealth Management after business school, Sara began to discover food as a tool for self-care and healing. Through this research, Sara began to host “Nature Experiences,” an invitation to community members to experience a positive relationship between the intervention, the slowness, and the natural process for the crops harvested to strengthen and restore self, and nation. Continuing the mission of using all natural, organic, local, and seasonal ingredients-Sara will grow to be available.

Catering Brooklyn

They help their clients, and the community, grow into their full selves—one nutrition, and conversation, at a time.

Soul Food And Caribbean Catering Menu| Brooklyn, Ny

Trained as an urban planner and farmer, Sammi’s cooking style is intentional, global and reflects the full spectrum of her life from the Bronx, to Puerto Rico, to Western Massachusetts. Sammi believes in the power of a shared meal, as many of the most memorable experiences exist at the table. She is very interested in food preservation, namely dehydration and fermentation techniques, for the inhabitants of Africa.

From the beginning. As a professional cyclist and community organizer, Amber understands the importance of fueling the human body with the best fuel and believes in the mission and message of

. In the Operations role, Amber brings her expertise in creating healthcare-based strategies + programs to ensure our team and clients’ needs and expectations are met.

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Born and raised in London but based in NYC, Rab has been cooking professionally for ten years – from working in kitchens across London and hosting junk food parties to starting his own venture at Brooklyn. He wants powerful food to drive positive change and create community.

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Originally from South Carolina, Renae has been in Brooklyn for 10 years. A US Navy veteran, Renae used her Montgomery GI Bill to fund her culinary and pastry education at the Culinary Institute in New York. Since then she has worked as an independent chef, independent in the kitchen of experimental food developing in recipes, and food. A lover of color and glitter, her hobbies include budgeting for world travel so she can eat lots of food, dancing, shenanigans, baking, and stir-frying some chicken cutlets.

T has been working with H&R since 2013 as a chef, server, and event leader. T’s parents taught him how to cook at an early age, and how to love food in social, emotional, and spiritual ways. Outside of the kitchen, T is a writer, teacher, and performer. What’s a party without food? At Encore we understand how important food is to any party or event and we offer a full range of catering services for a variety of events. Located right off the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge, Encore is a full-service restaurant committed to making your next event enjoyable. Whether your price is right for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or something else, we’re ready to serve up some of the best food in Brooklyn brought to you and your guests. Call our administrative staff today at 718-745-3355 or just stop by.

Our dinners and parties go beyond the traditional “cating foo” concept and include a seemingly endless variety of dishes. Our recipe was developed by an experienced and professional chef, Chef Alex. We offer a variety of menus to serve all budgets and culinary tastes. Enjoy a full range of delicacies from fresh and light slaw to perfectly cooked New York steaks to mouth-watering pastas like our short rib and foie gras ravioli.

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Catering Brooklyn

We also offer a variety of dishes such as our country potatoes with mushrooms, Asian beef skewers, duck spring rolls, sesame lobster toast with Asian pear, and a plate of local charcuterie with meat and meat and they were brought in. Our goal is to provide you and your guests with quality food that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come. We also offer a wide variety of local and international spirits, wines and beers to make your event special. Just let us know what you need.

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At Encore we know that food isn’t the only thing that can leave a bad taste in our guests’ mouths – they also expect quality service. Our Bay Ridge restaurant offers the best friendly and professional service in Brooklyn. If you need more help than baking our delicious meals, we can help you and ensure your party is a success. Consider us your partner for everything you need when it comes to your big day. You have enough to worry about without worrying about the quality of the food. Let’s hold it.

You don’t have to settle for poor quality food at your next event. Encore is Bay Ridge’s premier restaurant. We invite you to join us for one dinner to get a first impression of the quality of our food and service. When you’re ready to discuss what we can do for you, call us at 718-745-3355. If you need to eat for a party in Brooklyn, there really aren’t any other options.

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