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Caterer Jobs – Stephanie Terry once considered herself a failure—divorced, homeless, and separated from her extended family by difficult circumstances. But what was missing in his life, he lacked talent, faith and determination. As the owner of a food company that now provides a living wage for the unemployed, Terry is a successful social entrepreneur who helps others achieve success that she once didn’t have. Terry, owner of Sweeties Southern and Vegan Catering in Durham, grew up in a family that loved soul food but also knew its flaws. Her grandmother, nicknamed Sweetie, came up with recipes that captured the delicious essence of salt, pork and lean soul food. “The women in my family are very aware of the importance of healthy eating,” Terry writes on her company’s website. “I couldn’t let go of the vision of honoring our food traditions while integrating healthy, vegetarian and vegan alternatives. I took my mom, grandma and grandpa’s commitment and understanding to the next level and started Sweets that way.”

However, success in the food service business did not come easy. He worked as a baker and cook in food service operations in Tampa, including the famous Wright’s Bakery. But in 2001, after separating from her first husband, Terri and her four children were living in a squalid homeless shelter in Tampa.

Caterer Jobs

Caterer Jobs

“I know what it feels like to be a failure, just a failure,” Terry said in a video interview with the God of Faction blog. (Note that her daughter’s name is Perry, but she’s remarried since this video was made.) “My divorce felt like a failure…and I couldn’t take care of my kids financially, and I was homeless. It was really hard.”

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Luckily, cooking isn’t her only talent—she also has impressive sales and people skills. She was living in a shelter when she took a job as a sales coordinator for Marriott Hotels. He was so good at it that after being homeless for a year, he used his savings to rent a small place and was eventually able to move his family back to his home state of Carolina. There, she volunteered for Justice United, which advocates for wages for hotel workers, and was soon hired as a paid organizer. In 2009, she moved to Anti-Racism, where she helps coordinate workshops for activists, students, and scholars. As an activist, she even met with then-President George W. Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush to call attention to the often abysmal conditions in homeless shelters. But when the caterer returned from the OAR workshop at the last minute, things really took off. Terry came in and did it himself, and his food—not to mention his organizational skills—was such a hit that his services were soon in demand all around. Terry soon launched Desserts, serving delicious soul food that included both meat and vegetarian options. As an L3C company, Sweeties makes a profit while fulfilling a social mission by providing employment or criminal records to people with disabilities. And it’s been covered in media coverage for a menu that includes everything from red beans, rice, mac and cheese to vegetarian fried chicken and vegetarian barbecue ribs. “Everywhere I go, I tell people this: Vegan is the hottest trend in soul food,” she said in an interview with IndyWeekly. He also tells people that dreams are impossible – even when you feel like a total failure. “If I’m talking to a kid right now… I’ve achieved my dreams, my visions, my goals, so I always say the one thing you have to discover is your strength,” Terry told God Faccia. “On the Wonderful Way, with the help of wonderful people, I learned what strength is and how to be strong. Believing in what you think, believing in what you dream, and then acting from that place will create any experience, anything. There are many reasons to consider a career as a caterer. Here are a few that may be of interest to catering chefs and food servers in the Green Bay area.

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Doing the same old job can get boring. Catering offers something different every day. From desserts, there’s always something new for chefs to prepare. We encourage staff to experiment with recipes. Make a fresh soup with seasonal ingredients or add a savory flavor to a traditional stew. There is plenty of room to grow in your cooking skills. Never cooked in the kitchen before? Don’t worry. We will teach you how to operate a catering kitchen and what to expect.

Caterers experience diversity in the events and venues they attend. Servers are hosted in the best locations in Green Bay. Beautiful parks, banquet halls, pubs, nightclubs – servers go to them all. Private cars are not required. All servers meet at our Green Bay warehouse and travel to an event together.

There are many opportunities to experience different events. From the energy levels to the celebration, a Green Bay food festival is never the same.

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Don’t want to work 8 to 5, Monday through Friday? Green Bay Nutrition offers a career with a different schedule. The chef’s shift is usually from Wednesday to Sunday. Hours vary, but it’s always a daytime job, 2pm to 4pm. In addition, there is no short order work. Gone is the pressure to make every move on a tight schedule with the client. The chefs make what is needed that day without the pressure of the restaurant.

When the chefs work during the day, it might not be good for you. Students, stay-at-home parents, and others may prefer to earn money on their weekends. Our catering server option may be the best option. Servers are available mostly on Friday and Saturday evenings. No experience necessary. We will teach you everything you need to know.

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As caterers, we believe that food makes Green Bay weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and other special events even better. Caterers experience first-hand experience as they serve carefully prepared food and interact with guests. They see the difference food can make in hosts and not worry about how the right food can make a party.

Caterer Jobs

Most of our customers are so satisfied with our catering service that they leave us reviews. When our management team sees one, they immediately send it around the company. They will even invite the team members who made the event amazing. It can be a service, or it can be in the kitchen with a new recipe. Either way, we like to recognize the great work our employees do and take every opportunity to highlight it.

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Still working on nutrition? If you are interested in a career in Green Bay nutrition, contact Renard Nutrition at 920-432-6116. We would love to hear from you.

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