Catered Dinner In Your Home

Catered Dinner In Your Home – Speak with a catering concierge to learn about setting company billing. Your order and we will bill you. Simplify your ordering and billing with Good Heart Catering.

We regularly review our orders to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the food we prepare and that the food we deliver arrives on time for your event.

Catered Dinner In Your Home

Catered Dinner In Your Home

That’s why we have a 99.9% on-time/earliness track record in our surveys and a 99% recommendation to a friend rating.

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Our bakery partner Bread LA has been serving Los Angeles’ finest institutions for over two decades. We are proud to offer your crew our delicious pastries.

Fresh scrambled eggs paired with protein and cheese will bring your team’s energy levels to a maximum. Check out all our options and try something new for your crew.

Our founder has been serving sandwiches at his family’s deli since he was 10 years old. Our combination of sandwich recipes will leave everyone in your group full and energized for the rest of the day.

We have been developing more and more delicious dishes for our menu for over two years and they are an absolute success. Check out our lunch platters and try some of our new offerings.♦ Corporate Events ♦ Business Lunches ♦ Weddings♦ Graduations ♦ School Events ♦ Personal Celebrations♦ Events of all sizes – big or small!

Best Wedding Food Ideas

Our renowned catering team makes it easy for you and takes care of all the details. We deliver our famous “Que” and maintain your “Que” buffet so you can sit back, relax, enjoy and be stress-free.

Famous Dave’s Catering is ideal if you want your event to be delicious, memorable and stress-free. Our experienced catering staff pays close attention to the details – expect award-winning food and first-class customer service.

We offer an authentic grilling experience with meat smoked over real hickory wood for up to 14 hours. And our handcrafted sides and desserts are just as delicious.

Catered Dinner In Your Home

We host all types of events: corporate events, business lunches, training, weddings, graduations, neighborhood gatherings, dinner parties, church picnics and more.

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Special Events Catering

All sizes! No event is too big – or too small – for Famous Dave’s Catering (at least 10 guests recommended for delivery).

It is best to let us know at least 24 hours in advance. But hey, if your event is today or tomorrow, call your local Famous Dave’s immediately and we’ll get started! (Some restrictions may apply.)

Famous Dave’s offers delicious vegetarian options. Ask one of our catering experts or view the catering menu at your local Famous Dave’s for more details.

Yes! With the delivery option, our staff will bring and prepare your feast with all the utensils, plates and napkins you need. (Minimum order size may apply and shipping costs vary.)

Catering — Sweet Moses Brands

Famous Dave’s full-service catering is perfect for large parties, corporate events, and weddings! Our trained catering team brings everything with us – including buffet tables*, tablecloths* and chafing dishes. We set up buffets as needed and can either serve your guests or let them serve themselves. While most of our full-service events are casual and picnic themed, we offer upgrade options for dinnerware, cutlery and linen tablecloths, as well as relationships with local rental companies to ensure you have everything you need to host your event to make it a success. (*Availability varies by location)

One of our catering experts will be happy to assist you. Request a quote online or visit your Famous Dave’s location specific page and call the number provided. Sometimes we have cravings at work, for example for savory sandwiches, roasted meat on a skewer or milk dumplings with honey. For days when you want the dishes for your customers or your team to be prepared and delivered on time, you have come to the right place. Here are the ten best catering restaurants in Los Angeles.

Gaby’s on Venice specializes in rich Middle Eastern cuisine. Expect delicately fragrant rice; creamy, smoky dips; and seasoned meat. If you’re new to the kitchen, start with the beef and chicken catering package. There is also good food, including starters and grilled meat of your choice. Try the juicy kababs or shawarma, which are slices of meat cut from a vertical skewer.

Catered Dinner In Your Home

For over 40 years, Rutt’s Cafe and Catering has been an ode to rich, simple Hawaiian cuisine. The Los Angeles restaurant is best known for serving classic lunch dishes like grilled chicken and beef ribs with a slight sweetness from caramel soy sauce. If you want to delve into desserts, try the pineapple bread pudding or haupia, a coconut pudding.

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Wedding / Catered Event Menus

If your customers or colleagues want something simple and familiar, try Which Wich, which has several restaurant locations in Los Angeles. Its classic American sandwiches are well suited to the diet of vegetarians and meat eaters. We recommend the “Traditional Wich” sandwich tray, a bestseller on the restaurant menu. The selection of sandwiches makes it easy for guests to grab what they want.

While Los Angeles restaurant India’s Grill offers a huge selection of appetizers and entrees, its most popular catering dishes are infused with intoxicating spices. The chicken masala is coated in a creamy, spiced tomato sauce. For less heat, try the ginger saag paneer, a vegetarian dish made with soft cheese and velvety spinach. Make room for the dessert called Gulab Jamun. The fried milk dumplings are dipped in saffron honey syrup.

If you’re tackling a large project and only have a few minutes to plan a menu, Almaza Fine Mediterranean Cuisine may be one of your best catering options in Los Angeles. The restaurant’s preset packages and combo meals make ordering quick and easy. For a handy lunch, don’t overlook the spit-roasted chicken sandwich served as a side dish. For a more substantial meal, try the Mediterranean Package, which includes your choice of meat and delicious sides to soak up the juices.

If your office gets bored with the changing menu, opt for the dynamic flavors of Chinese food. New Moon delivers a bounty of intense, fragrant stir-fries like sticky-sweet honey-glazed chicken, spicy Kung Pao chicken and thick-sliced ​​Mongolian beef. which gets its intense umami flavor from soy sauce.

Catering & Take Out Boxes — The Historic Old Bermuda Inn

Need to host the note takers at your next lunch? Choose the portable sandwiches from Togo’s Sandwiches. The themes are filled with classics like the creamy chicken sandwich, sprinkled with a sprinkle of almonds for crunch. Another popular sandwich, the Greek Vegetable is finished with pickled pepperoncini peppers and crumbly feta.

Sepan Chicken is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Los Angeles. From juicy fried chicken to lemony tabbouleh salad, the catering packages make ordering easy. Simply count your group (are you feeding 4, 6, 8 or 12 people?) and then order the appropriate catering package.

If you want to treat your team or clients to a nutritious meal, try Marsa Lounge, one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Los Angeles. The menu includes tasty grilled meats and vegetables; and fresh, lemony salads, dressed with a drizzle of olive oil. If there’s still room for dessert, try the delicate baklava, which tastes strong of nuts and honey.

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Catered Dinner In Your Home

Heirloom LA’s beautiful catering packages will remind your VIPs how special you think they are. The restaurant’s typical healthy dishes are super delicious. Try the Heirloom LA Dinner Package full of well-prepared classics: the braised beef brisket is topped with an herby salsa verde sauce. The roasted fingerling potatoes are simply divine. And the whitefish is coated in a lemony cream sauce. Chef Sweet is passionate about bringing your culinary visions to life. We adapt each event individually to your needs. and all dietary requirements. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner for two, planning a specially catered event, or looking for personal chef services, here at Sweet Moses Brands we want to make your vision a reality.

The 8 Best Caterers In Los Angeles

The chef and staff will come to your home and prepare a delicious 4-course meal for guests aged 2 to 12, served by a trained waiter.

Why invite her to dinner when you can bring the chef into the intimacy of your own home?

Whether at your home or at one of Dallas’ premier venues, let Chef Sweet and her team bring your culinary vision to life. Call today to schedule your Event Vision appointment, where you’ll customize your menu selections and schedule your tasting so you can experience firsthand what the rave is all about!

Are you looking for a fun night out with the girls or a couples date night at your home? Are you hosting a game or fight night at your home? Do you want to impress your favorite person with your new cooking skills?

Harrisburg Catering And Event Planning

Need a reality TV chef to entertain you at your charity event or event? Call us and let us make a “foodie dream” come true.

Don’t have time to prepare weekly meals, have special dietary needs and need a solution? Let us do the work for you. We come and prepare the meals for the number of days you require, do the shopping, package them with reheating instructions, and leave your kitchen spotless. Contact us to schedule an assessment to determine your needs and find out how we can help you.

Our staff includes a certified fitness chef who can come to your home to teach you or prepare your meals for you. For our private customers, Boka Catering Group means “trust”. From dinners at home to surprise birthday parties and celebratory parties, Boka Catering Group prides itself on discretion and attention to detail. Our highly trained staff understands the level of care that needs to be applied to someone’s home

Catered Dinner In Your Home

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