Cara Mendapatkan Resep Dokter Palsu

Cara Mendapatkan Resep Dokter Palsu – – Recently, a photo of a recipe from a massage parlor in the Mojokerto area went viral on social media. Can prescriptions be written by someone other than a doctor?

Cure through the administration of this medication is the final treatment after the patient has consulted a doctor and the doctor has diagnosed the disease from which the patient is suffering according to a prescription (Joenoes, 1994).

Cara Mendapatkan Resep Dokter Palsu

Cara Mendapatkan Resep Dokter Palsu

A prescription is a paper containing a written request from a doctor to a pharmaceutical institution, namely a pharmacy, to prepare, prepare, mix and deliver medicines to patients (Syamsuni, 2006).

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A prescription in accordance with Regulation No. 1197/MENKES/SK/X/2004 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia is a written request from a doctor, dentist or veterinarian to a pharmacist to provide and deliver medicines to those concerned in accordance with applicable law regulations.

Doctors are obliged to write the patient’s drug prescription completely and clearly so that there are no errors between the prescriber and the pharmacist when reading the prescription, which lead to errors in the administration of the drug, the drug dosage and the timing of administration or use of the drug administered could result in mistakes made by the pharmacist towards the patient or prescription giver, or even errors that have serious consequences for the patient’s life. If the prescription is unclear, the doctor’s writing is not legible, or the administered dose does not agree with the pharmacist’s calculations, the pharmacist is obliged to confirm the prescription with the doctor listed in the prescription (Katzung, 1997).

Mentioned in the Order of the Minister of Health No. 26/Menkes/Per/I/I/ 1984 that recipes must be very clear, legible and complete with all parts. In addition, the Decree of the Minister of Health No. 280/Menkes/SK/V/1984 also states that a prescription must contain all parts of its structure, namely: (1) name and address of the prescriber (doctor) and number of the practice permit ( 2) Date of preparation of the prescription (3) Mark R/ in the section on the left of each prescription (4) After the R/ symbol, write the name of the required drug or its composition (5) The signature/initials of the prescriber ( 6) The name of the animal, its species and the owner’s address for veterinary prescriptions.

Each part of the structure listed in the recipe completeness has its own function, which is very important in obtaining information about the recipe. The most important thing that must be fulfilled in the prescription structure is the doctor’s name, initials and SIP of the doctor, because the presence of these three things in a prescription shows that the prescription is genuine, there is no tampering and will be held responsible if misused can be pulled.

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Particularly for doctors who open a general or private practice, issuing a SIP or medical practice license must be included in the prescribing structure, as this proves that the doctor is legally recognized as a professional doctor.

In addition, the prescription issuance date also serves the patient’s personal safety with regard to the administration of medication, whether the redeemed prescription can still be used at the pharmacy or whether a return to the doctor is recommended. The patient’s name and address on a prescription are also important to avoid confusion between the medication and other patients who are also purchasing medication from the pharmacy at the same time.

One thing that is often overlooked by prescribers is the provision of the patient’s address, which represents one of the patient’s personal identities. The age of the patient specified in the prescription now plays a role when calculating the medication dose, since in addition to the body weight, the patient’s age is usually also taken into account in the formula for calculating the dose, whereby the patient’s age is also related to the respective dosage form given together, be it powder, pills, capsules, tablets or syrup.

Cara Mendapatkan Resep Dokter Palsu

Missing even a portion of the overall prescribing structure harms patients and creates problems with prescription abuse, particularly for drug classes that include narcotics and psychotropic drugs. Even though there are many technological advances in the world that really help people, especially in detecting counterfeits, it will still be difficult to detect counterfeit prescriptions, and it will become increasingly difficult as the number of drug offenders in a country increases abuse in different ways.

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The Drug Abuse Information Network for Asia and the Pacific (DAINAP) stated that in recent years the number of cases of abuse of benzodiazepines and codeine, which act as sedatives and painkillers, has increased and that this number continues to increase many times.

Recipe changes are one of the main suspicious signs. For example, there are improvements compared to the previous article. Prescription falsification can also occur when drugs are added to or removed from the prescription. To ensure that it is a fake, pharmacists can also check the similarity of the writing to other medicines mentioned in the prescription, the ink used, the size of the letters written and also the spacing between the medicine’s writing. If this is actually the case, the pharmacist is obliged to consult the prescriber listed in the prescription.

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Many errors occur with prescriptions filled in pharmacies, especially when it comes to dosage. If the dosage of the drug in the prescription is too high or does not correspond to the age or weight of the patient and other calculation results, especially for drugs that are frequently abused, the pharmacist is obliged to ask the buyer or the name of the doctor about the prescription the authenticity of the recipe. For example, a pharmacist finds a prescription in which paracetamol/codeine 500/8 mg p.r.n. is requested and is requested to provide 100 tablets of the medicine for use within one month. Of course, the number of doses requested is very unusual and their authenticity must be questioned.

Writing prescriptions on plain paper is something a doctor doesn’t typically do. Size, color, and quality of prescription paper are also important factors in detecting fake prescriptions, although it is difficult to find them based on these criteria alone. Government hospital prescription papers are of standard format and size printed with serial numbers. However, it is common for blank prescriptions to be stolen from a clinic or hospital, making it difficult to determine the authenticity of the prescription. Also, it is difficult to determine whether the prescription is from a private hospital or not as there is no standard prescription format there.

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Patients feeling restless, aggressive, or unwilling to make eye contact are other signs of medication abuse. The final point in caution against misuse of prescriptions is that the pharmacist must pay attention to the patient’s posture and movements when filling the medicine, as people who commit crimes are usually clearly visible by their posture. And patients who come to the pharmacy too often with the same prescription and the same dosage can also be a sign of a case of prescription fraud.

It is clear from the recipe that the recipe is a fake recipe. This can be seen in prescriptions that are not medical prescriptions, since doctors, dentists and veterinarians have the right to issue prescriptions. Additionally, there are many parts in the recipe structure that are not listed, such as:

In order to avoid widespread misuse of prescriptions and distinguish fake prescriptions from genuine ones, the role of a pharmacist in this case is very important and necessary, and pharmacists must always be vigilant and careful and read prescriptions carefully even when they are busy or at home busy situation. A busy pharmacy because a carelessness can harm many involved., Bandung – Police arrested two suspects for forged doctor’s prescriptions at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung City in the early hours of Thursday, October 7, 2016. One of the forgery suspects turned out to be a nurse who works there. RSHS.

Cara Mendapatkan Resep Dokter Palsu

Head of Criminal Investigation Department of Bandung Police, AKBP M Joni, who was accompanied by Head of Criminal Investigation Department of Sukajadi Police, AKP Rudi Gindriansyah, said that the arrest started with the suspicion of the pharmacist who issued the suspect’s redemption medicine with the initials M.

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M ordered medication that contained an unusual amount of morphine. She pretended to be wearing a nurse’s outfit so that the pharmacist wouldn’t initially suspect her. However, suspicions increased when the pharmacist confirmed M’s order.

“This man ordered three vials of pethadine containing morphine. Normally, surgeons only use one vial,” Joni said at Bandung Police Headquarters on Friday, October 7, 2016.

Joni said that M was an order from F, an RSHS nurse who also posed as a doctor and ordered him to take the drug. Since this was denied by the Kana A room, he continued, the two suspects were arrested by security forces and reported to the Sukajadi police in Bandung city.

“F is a nurse who told M to take the medication. Then F also posed as a doctor who ordered the drug for surgical purposes,” Joni said.

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Based on the confession, Joni said the two suspects forged a doctor’s prescription to take the drug containing morphine. They, Joni continued, admitted that they were calmer after being injected with drugs intended to reduce pain in laboring mothers.

‎”Brother F admitted 20 times, but from the August data it appears that it was reasonable to only perform 18 surgical procedures, in September there were 58 times. So there was an excess of 40, which was supposedly performed by Brother F as Nurse was bought there,” said Joni.

Joni stated that the two suspects were charged under Section 263 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code for forgery and use of a doctor’s prescription. Nevertheless, his party will coordinate with the narcotics investigation regarding the narcotics law.

Cara Mendapatkan Resep Dokter Palsu

“We are now being charged with forgery and using a letter, with the threat of five years in prison. However, we are coordinating with the drug investigation agency and we could be charged as drug users under the law,” Joni said.

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