Cara Buat Es Krim Pop Ice

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Cara Buat Es Krim Pop Ice – Because of its unique and beautiful appearance like the blue sky, the ice cloud drink recipe is being talked about a lot these days. The drink was similar to cloud bread, and at that time it was quite viral. In terms of taste, it is sweet and fresh and has the ability to appeal to our taste buds.

Behind the beautiful appearance, the method is not difficult, the necessary ingredients are very reasonable, because the butter can be made by yourself with reasonable ingredients, of course, it is very suitable for a family snack or a business idea.

Cara Buat Es Krim Pop Ice

Cara Buat Es Krim Pop Ice

1. We first prepare a container, which can be in the form of a large bowl or bowl, then pour 30 grams of powdered sugar, 30 grams of full cream dry milk, 40 grams of sweetened condensed milk, 10 grams of sp and add cold. water. Next, beat the mixer on high speed until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is fluffy and dry, the duration depends on the power of each mixer, if I shake with my own mixer, it only takes about 6 minutes.

Resep Membuat Es Krim Pop Ice

If it feels thick and there are traces, turn off the mixer, the texture will be thick and creamy, but not as hard as the instant cream you buy. Then put the dough in a triangular plastic container and store it in the refrigerator. Next, we make an ice blender, prepare the blender, then add 500 grams of shaved ice, and then add vanilla blue pop ice flavor according to your favorite flavor. then turn on the belander until the ice is smooth.

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3. If mixed and smooth, when all the ingredients are ready, immediately pour into the glass, do not delay, because later the blender ice tends to melt in the glass. Don’t like using mirrors, you can just skip it.

4. Next, add the Belander mixture to the whipped cream, first adding ice pops and then making a cloud-like clump.

Here’s a recipe for a fresh ice cloud drink. Besides just the vanilla blue version, other flavors can be made, for example, mango or chocolate versions and many more.

Resep Es Awan Segar Dan Manis, Cara Buatnya Mudah!

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– Do you remember your childhood snacks, such as ice lollies? When you were in elementary school, you cried and begged your mom for ice cream and snacks. Most of what is sold now is Ice food and various forms.

Cara Buat Es Krim Pop Ice

Popsicles are a childhood snack. Many children like this snack because it tastes good. Often vendors do this with pop ice. This is because the powdered drinks of this brand have many different flavors. If you want to start an ice cream business, this is the best place for your business, because the ingredients and the way to make it are simple, !!

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Cara Buat Es Krim Buah Untuk Anak Yang Kaya Nutrisi

You can also rely on your refrigerator to make this ice so you can sell it. Then you can split the results with snacks for the kids or extra money for the kitchen. And considering that many children love this product, there is speculation that the money will turn around quickly.

1. Combine the water, sugar and cornstarch in a saucepan, stir until the cornstarch dissolves and no lumps form, then bring to a boil. Switch off the flame and leave it till the hot steam comes out.

3. While hot, add different flavored ice pops to each serving, stir until melted, and leave until the hot steam has dissipated but not hardened.

4. Using a funnel, pour the ingredients into the mambo ice plastic, then seal the end. Do this until all ingredients are used up. Once iced, store in the freezer until ready to enjoy.

Resep Es Cream Pop Ice

These are secret tips to brighten your face so you can get rid of dark spots, just use Kelly powder + rose water at night, here’s how!!

How to make face cream with olive oil and kelly powder for a glowing and white face in no time

Fair & Lovely transforms into a radiant, beautiful skincare treatment that instantly brightens, brightens and brightens skin. 8 Benefits of Glow & Lovely. Must know!

Cara Buat Es Krim Pop Ice

Effectively use Viva rose water mixed with lemon juice to lighten the face to remove dark spots and get a permanent white glowing face in Indonesia. As we know, this dalgona drink has spread on Tik Tok.

Warung Pop Ice Bang Ilul Cafe, Depok

Dalgona drink is a typical South Korean coffee drink. But this time, I tried to make dalgona drink without coffee, instead I went with pop ice drink powder, which is easy to get in Indonesia.

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The ingredients are very simple and the recipe is also really easy. You can make this dalgona drink without expensive tools. This recipe makes 3 servings. Come on, here are the ingredients that need to be prepared.

1. 3 packs of pop ice, I used 3 different flavors i.e. pink and dogger flavor. melon-flavored green and blueberry-flavored purple.

6. 3 cartons of 115 ml UHT milk, I used 2 cartons of vanilla flavor and 1 carton of strawberry flavor.

Es Krim Buah Naga Homemade (hanya 5 Bahan)

3. After that add ice water. Because in this recipe I use cream, you need to use ice water so that it expands to the maximum.

6. Well, the picture below has the texture of a thick dough and it expands to a thick consistency. If it expands, it’s a success.

7. Do the same thing with other ice pop flavors. as below. Melon flavored green ice pops and blueberry flavored pink ice pops.

Cara Buat Es Krim Pop Ice

8. Once the mixture of 3 different colored and flavored ice pops is thick and fluffy, it’s time to mix the dalgona ice pop drink. The first is to first prepare a serving glass and then add enough ice.

Cara Membuat Es Krim Oreo Ala Mcd Yang Mudah Dan Lezat

Once everything is done, the Dalgona Pop Ice drink is ready to serve. How to make it so easy, right? You can easily mix this viral drink at home without the need for expensive tools or ingredients.

Introducing Nurul Hidayah Haaaiii, my name is Nurul Hidayah, I live in Gresik, East Java. Daily teaching, writing articles, being a housewife. Cooking hobbies, cooking activities and recipes are regularly updated on the website as well as various recipes of “Nurul Hidaya” on the YouTube channel. I hope the recipe and video tutorial I made will be useful to everyone who reads and watches the video.

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