Brambang Asem Resep

Brambang Asem Resep – This afternoon…didn’t eat rice, nothing…but because I was full I snacked on a plate of yam leaves or in Javanese called Glandir. The dish uses Brambang Asem sauce, so it really doesn’t feel like a plate of stewed Glandir vegetables goes straight away. Sambel Brambang Asem Daun Glandir, in Semarang is indeed one of the daily menu. At first I didn’t like Glandir leaves, because if you boil it wrong… it tastes a bit unique… klenyer-klenyer…lol. But if we boil it on time… it’s still fresh and green like the picture above, it tastes really good.

Glandir or Daun Ubi, here… many friends sell it. There are many in the market or in the greengrocer. But in other areas it may not be all available. So if it’s hard to find, you can use other boiled vegetables such as spinach or kale. The method is the same, boil first, then enjoy with this Sambel Brambang Asem. However… the characteristic… Semarang people use Glandir leaves.

Brambang Asem Resep

Brambang Asem Resep

Because I was wondering about this potato leaf that I just ate since I was in Semarang. In Yogya… why are yam leaves rarely processed? Finally I just found out about this vegetable on the internet… and wow… it turns out that it has a lot of benefits, friends. So…don’t look down on this cheap and cheerful vegetable…because it turns out to be effective in treating dengue fever, you know. The method is as follows:

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Sambel Brambang Asem Daun Ubi Jalar

Apart from the benefits above, Glandir leaves are also very useful for increasing breast milk too… so for breastfeeding mothers, don’t miss to practice this leaf regularly. Besides being eaten with Brambang Asem Sambal, in Semarang, Glandir leaves can also be cooked with Sayur Asem. Choose Glandir leaves that are still young and fresh, my friends, so that the taste is still sharp…there is a little sweetness when boiled.

For the Sambal recipe I will write again.. even though I have written before I use spinach. What I made this afternoon was using Glandir leaves or yam leaves. Brambang Asem Sambel is the main ingredient, of course Brambang: red onion, Asam jawa: Asam java, chili, salt and what can’t be forgotten is tempeh. Well… This shrimp paste plays an important role in making this Brambang Asem sambal delicious. Choose good quality shrimp sambal, friends. For me… I definitely use Juwana shrimp… my mainstay.

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It’s hard to find good tempeh…please contact me…lol…I sell juwana shrimp tempeh that is super duper delicious…maybe I sell hundreds of kg of tempeh…and thank God, all my friends those who bought it said it was delicious and suitable…lol. Just yesterday there was an order for kilos of tempeh from outside the city… thank God. OK, let’s go to the recipe, friends…

Sambel Brambang Asem Sweet Potato Leaves Ingredients: 1 bundle of sweet potato leaves 1 teaspoon salt Sambel Brambang Asem: 6 red onions 3 – 5 red chilies (according to your spicy taste) 1 1/2 tablespoons brown sugar 1 teaspoon test Grilled shrimp 5 fresh cooked tamarind seeds 1/4 teaspoon salt (to taste) How to make: Boil water and salt Boil Glandir leaves and shallots Remove, set aside Glandir leaves, take shallots Grind pepper, boiled shallots, shrimp paste and all the spices Stir. good taste to meet your sweet and salty taste. If it is suitable, serve it immediately with boiled Glandir leaves. Delicious! A healthy menu that is still delicious? It really is possible, friends. many traditional Indonesian menus that are delicious and healthy. example..Gado-gado, Lotek, Pecel, etc. If you want to be healthier, boil everything… this is the traditional menu of Central Java, Solo or Semarang, this menu is the daily menu. His name is Brambang Asem.

Makanan Khas Solo Tradisional Yang Wajib Dicicipi

I often post about the use of kale and spinach, but this time I post about the use of yam leaves. Even though the spices are almost the same, but yesterday the picture was clear and shiny like this, shame if I didn’t post it…lol.

Sweet potato leaves are used, just choose the young part so that it tastes sharp and sweet. Do not boil the potato leaves for a long time, boil them with a little salt, just until they change color, they become a beautiful bright green. If boiled for too long, Glandir leaves will become slimy, so it is not tasty.

If you boil it for a while, it tastes like sweet cress, and is very suitable to mix with this Brambang Asem chili sauce. It tastes really good, fresh and sweet and spicy…delicious. Use delicious shrimp sauce, friends, the important thing is that the sauce tastes better. I always use Udang Juwana.. there is no doubt about it… lol. One of my best sellers is also Terasi. Yesterday, at the beginning of the month, I sent 20kg to one of the big restaurants outside of Java.. thank God, the shrimp that I sell is suitable for use. Alhamdulillah everyone who bought it said it was delicious. If you want to try, you can just WA 089654712500, friends.

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Brambang Asem Resep

Sambal Brambang Asem Recipe Ingredients: A bundle of yam leaves, boiled briefly in boiling water with a little salt (or you can use spinach) 3 red chilies, 3 red peppers 4 red onions, baked or boiled 5 tamarind seeds 1/2 seeds small spoon of grilled shrimp paste 2 large spoons of brown sugar (according to taste) 1/4 small spoon of salt How to make: Mix all the chili sauce ingredients, adjust the taste, it must have a sweet, sour and fresh taste, friends. Serve with boiled yam leaves. In Central Java, chili sauce is more than just emphasizing the sensation of spicy taste. There is also a typical Central Java chili sauce that tends to be sweet, although it does not leave the obligatory spicy need. Here are five special chili sauces of Central Java that are rarely found in other regions.

Brambang Asem Pedas Menggigit Nikmat

This first special Central Javanese sambal comes from Wonogiri District. Uniquely, this sambal cabuk is wrapped in banana leaves that are flat and elongated like pepes in general. The color is pitch black.

This chili sauce has a delicious spicy taste and is quite strong. In Wonogiri, this special chili sauce from Central Java is usually used as a side dish for tiwul or as a complement to rice.

Cabuk chili sauce is made from sesame seeds that have been roasted and then finely ground into flour. Sesame powder is steamed and mixed with londo, black powder from dried banana leaves or strawberries that have been roasted and pounded and then dissolved in water.

The spices include chilies, shallots, basil leaves and grated coconut. The thick dough is then wrapped in banana leaves and baked over charcoal until slightly dry.

Resep Brambang Asem Enak Dan Mudah

As the name suggests, this second Central Java chili sauce is a must in the lotis menu. Lotis is a food consisting of raw fruit that is sliced ​​quite large and eaten with sweet chili sauce.

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The sweet and spicy lotis chili sauce is made from java sugar, chili, salt, kaffir lime, and so on. According to the online version of the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), lotis is also called rujak which is seasoned with sugar chili sauce.

Sambal letok or sambal tumpang is also a special chili sauce in Central Java. The main ingredients of this chili sauce are fresh tempeh, rotten tempeh, and coconut milk. The spices include chilli, red and white onions, galangal, bay leaf, galangal, brown sugar and salt.

Brambang Asem Resep

How to make it, boil fresh tempeh, rotten tempeh (serangit) and other spices until soft then drain. Mash the tempeh, then set aside. After that, grind the spices that have been boiled then stir-fry until fragrant. Add bay leaf and galangal.

Brambang Asem Khas Jawa Tengah Sedap Menggoda, Nih Resepnya!

Add the pounded tempeh, stir-fried spices into the coconut milk. Add brown sugar and salt. Let it boil until the flavor is absorbed.

Sambal letok is usually served by pouring it over boiled vegetables, so it is called sambal tumpang (riding on top of vegetables).

Sambal asem brambang is a special sambal from Central Java, especially from the city of Solo. This sambal, whose basic ingredient is brown sugar, is served as an accompaniment to brambang asem or plencing, a stew of a number of vegetables such as yam leaves and others.

Brambang Asem chili sauce seasoning consists of tamarind, brown sugar, curly red chili, red pepper, red onion and salt. Soften all the spices then add water and stir until slightly liquid.

Diah Didi’s Kitchen: Sambal Brambang Asem…segerrr..^^

Pour this chili sauce into brambang asem or plencing as a snack during the day. In Solo, brambang asem is also commonly served with the addition of bacem tempeh gembus.

As the name suggests, this fifth special Central Java chili sauce is made from fried tempeh or baked tempeh. The spices include curly chilies, red cayenne pepper, shrimp paste, garlic, galangal and salt.

However, there are also those who make chili tempeh sauce more simply than spices. That is only using red pepper, garlic and salt or what is known as chili onion sauce.

Brambang Asem Resep

Easy to make, just grind all the fresh spices. Once the sauce is ready, add fried tempeh or baked tempeh and mash gently.

Brambang Asem, Makanan Sederhana Kesukaanku

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