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Bountiful Catering – Big Scoops Creamery New 23+ years in business Serves Bountiful, UT Our super premium ice cream is made in our shop daily, we make our own waffle cones and bowls. We would love the chance to make your event a success with our ice cream! We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and we love that it takes the stress out of your event by letting us organize it for you. Contact us for a quote. Ask for a quote. View profile. Get in touch to request. + years in business Serves Bountiful, UT We are a Brazilian specialty caterer, we have hosted a ton of events, corporate family gatherings, weddings, so many happy people I love serving people. Contact us for pricing. Ask for a quote. View profile Contact for a quote. quote View Profile Shiro Kuma Snow Cream New 7+ Years in Business Serves Bountiful, UT Hi! We are Shiro Kuma Snow Cream and have been around since 2016. We are a pan-Asian dessert brand selling snow cream and bubble waffles. Snowball is lighter and fluffier than ice cream, but has a stronger flavor profile than snow cones, so we’re not ice cream and not snow cones. At Shiro Kuma Snow Cream, we don’t scoop, we slice our homemade blocks of snow cream into soft, fluffy ribbons. Customers can then choose from several toppings to personalize their snow cream creations to perfection! If you’re looking for a fun and unique frozen dessert option to offer your guests, we can make it happen! Bubble waffle is a delicacy. Contact us for pricing. Ask for a quote. View profile. Get in touch to find out. Our offers are unmatched in the area and thoughtfully selected just for you! Contact us for a quote. Request for proposal. View profile. Get in touch for a quote. Ask. , “Very flexible and lots of variety! So delicious and so much fun to have at our backyard swimming party!” Details Contact us for a quote. Ask for a quote. View profile. Get in touch for a quote. Ask for a quote. View Profile Shylo’s Mobile Cafe4.0 (1) 1 Employed 7+ Years Serves Bountiful, UT Our Chef has been in the restaurant industry for 20 years and can literally create anything you can imagine! We can bring in a food truck, serve mobile apps and dinner from the truck at the same time. We can prepare fancy dinners with servers or simple catering in the office. There isn’t a mountain we won’t climb with our truck (literally and figuratively). Try us! We are flexible, easy to work with, yet professional and efficient. This experience is up to YOU!! Let’s show you what we’re made of! Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed…. Contact us for a quote. Ask for a quote. View profile. Get in touch for a quote. Ask for a quote. View Profile Haole T’s Foodtruck & Catering5.0 (1) 7+ years in business. Serves a lot, UT. CrystalLarremore says: “Extremely friendly and the food is so good.” More details Contact us for a quote. Ask for a quote. View profile. Get in touch for a quote. Ask for a quote. View Profile Silver Moon Taqueria New 7+ years in business Serves Bountiful, UT Silver Moon Catering specializes in serving all types of environments. Whether it’s a wedding for 300 people or a corporate dinner, we love to serve our delicious dishes at any event! Contact us for a quote Request a quote View profile Contact us for a quote Request a quote View profile

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Catering costs between $10 and $35 per person for basic party food or delivery service. On average, caterers charge $500 to $7,500 for 50 guests, $1,000 to $15,000 for 100 guests, and $1,500 to $23,000 for 150 guests. Alcohol or bartending often cost extra.

Bountiful Catering

Bountiful Catering

Formal or wedding catering costs between $30 and $200 per person for meals, buffet or food. Food truck rentals range from $10 to $40 per person, depending on the type of event and whether you are renting the truck for a weekend or holiday. Popular food truck menu options include tacos, pizza, barbecue, and ice cream.

San Diego’s Best Homemade Holiday Catering Company

Catering means providing food and drinks at a party, wedding or other gathering. Some catering companies provide waiters, while others offer self-service buffets or simply deliver ready-made food to the event. Different catering companies offer different types of food and cuisines, including:

Most caterers recommend making reservations at least a few weeks to 6 months in advance, depending on the type of event and number of guests. However, organizing a small party may not take as much time as a wedding, holiday or large corporate event.

Large chain restaurants often provide limited catering services and require less notice than professional catering companies. Some chain restaurants and grocery stores offer same-day meal service only.

Caterers supply all the food for your event, either cooking it on site or preparing it in their own kitchen in advance. Many catering services include the cost of serving dishes, plates, glasses, and silverware. Some caterers also provide tables, chairs, linens or individual servers for an additional fee.

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Basking In This Bountiful Buffet

Usually caterers serve meals from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the time of year and the number of guests. Setup usually takes 1 to 2 hours. Ask your caterer if they will include set-up or clean-up time in their estimate.

Some restaurants include a 15% to 20% tip in your bill, which is split between the servers. Before adding a cash tip, ask your caterer or check the contract to make sure a tip isn’t already included. If you choose to give cash tips directly, pay each person between $15 and $50.

HAWAIIAN ICE is great!!! Blake arrived ready to make our holiday amazing! He went out of his way to make sure every guest had PERFECT shaved ice! It came with lots of options and had the best price in town! I absolutely think HAWAIIAN ICE is more than a fair price and Blake is great to work with! In this new world of COVID, HAWAIIAN ICE was the PERFECT choice for our event! The entire operation is clean and easily performed using social distancing protocol. Blake was wearing a mask and gloves and EVERYONE felt very comfortable and safe at our event! HAWAIIAN ICE is extremely TASTY and WONDERFUL in any weather. It’s great in hot weather, and even when the weather turns cool (as it did at our party), our guests still go crazy over this AWESOME treat! HAWAIIAN ICE was very much enjoyed by ALL our guests, young and old! Blake is extremely reliable, trustworthy and conscientious!!! I highly recommend this AWESOME company for any event!!!Red Corner China Diner 5x Rewards 4.8 (555 reviews) $$ Delicious Asian food $100 minimum $20 delivery fee

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Bountiful Catering

Business catering must be correct, reliable and safe. Browse our Bountiful catering menus – you can filter by dietary requirements, custom packaging and more. Check out Bountiful’s Chinese caterers above or expand your selection to Bountiful’s best caterers below.

Plates & Palates

Macaroni Grill 5x Rewards 4.7 (541 reviews) $$$ Traditions and Innovations $50 minimum $30.00 and up shipping fee

With a variety of menu options, filters, and ratings and reviews, it’s easy to find the best restaurants for everyone. Find an office favorite or try something new for your next office food delivery at Bountiful.

Whether you’re feeding 5 or 500, our Bountiful catering network has you covered for your next meeting or event. Search for your address to find corporate catering in Bountiful that meets your needs, view the most popular products, and place an order. That’s it, you’re done and you have a new website for Bountiful Catering.

If you have any questions about ordering Bountiful catering, we are happy to help. Chat online, call 1-800-488-1803 or email support@.

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